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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2020 Tiwari says to Amaji why create differences between neighbors, Bhorilal walks in says good news i took your revenge I teased Helan, Amaji says good job, Tiwari sayz what is difference between him and David now. Amaji slaps Tiwari. Amaji thanks Bhorilal.

Boys selling pots, Tilu says we wiol first sell master then others, Angoori picks call, David asks her to hand call to Bhorilal, Bhorilal and David get in argument and challeng each other ti meetbin colony. Vibhu says why are you pulling this topic, Helan says they are we aren’t, David walks out, Bhorilal says to Amaji dont be upset i will go set him and then we wilk have candle light dinner.

David and Bhorilal yell at eachother, and abuse, they use boys pots to hit each other. David gets hit by pot, Saxena passing sings song asking them to give away anger and ego and live with love. David and Bhorilal leave, boys look at their loss.

Helan applies ointment to David, Vibhu scolds him, Helan says you are coward atleast David is daring he fought for me, just like his father coward. Vibhu says i am not, i feel angry when i see helpless people, David says you can just talk, Vibhu says Tiwari saved my life you have to understand i can’t do this to him, Helan says there must be some way, you save his life, Vibhu says all cant suck poison, i will die. David says i have an idea, get a non poisonous snake get Tiwari bitten and act as if yiu have saved him.

Tiwari reading news, Vibhu walks to him, Tiwari says such ungrateful person, why don’t you tell your uncle, Vibhu slowly leaves snake on Tiwari, Vibhu says i know you saved me, but Bhorilal started it, Angoori walks out and asks Tiwari to go bathe, Vibhu says why so, Tiwari says because i need to and ask your uncle to behave and leaves.
Vibhu asks Angoori to go inside as well, Angoori denies, Vibhu says i will save her if she gets bitten, Angoori gets bitten, Vibhu gets call that the snake is poisonous, Tiwari runs out listening her shout and sucks out the blood. Vibhu shouts in pain, Angoori says i think he is bitten again by snake, Tiwari says oh god another favor.

David asks Helan when is she leaving, Helan asks when will you, David says when you will I will go, Helan says I will go after Anu comes back, Vibhu walks in and says i beg you finish this fight, Helan asks what happened, Vibhu tells whole story. Helan says don’t worry i will help you get out.

Boys making pots, Tilu says because of those two old men we faced loss, Teeka says forget that think about better future and work.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti plans Tiwari’s kidnap with David and Helan. Angoori gets kidnapped instead of Vibhuti.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2020
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