Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2022 Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th May 2022 W

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2022 Everyone at fairwell party. Malkhan ask Teek to record Masters voice. Tillu give his phone and ask Master to speak. Master start crying. Happu make fun of Master and says to TMT you are going but this colony will be do quiet without you boys.

Vibhu says when everyone is saying no then why are you going. Happu says my openion is different. Tiwari says boys use to trouble him a lot that’s why his opinion is different but boys please don’t go. Everyone start emotionally blackmailing them. TMT start crying. Rusa walks in. TMT greet her.

Rusa congratulate them and says don’t forget me you have to stay in touch and I’ll call you in my marriage. David make fun of TMT and says please someone stop them from going America and make fun of Tiwari’s mom. Tiwari get offended. Vibhuti make fun of Pandit Ramphal and they both start arguing.

Anu and Angoori walks in and stop them. Anu says why are you fighting like kids. Angoori says atleast see the location and environment before fighting, see those boys are leaving this morden colony.

Anu says they are doing right Angoori and ask everyone what is wrong in that. Angoori says whole morden colony will go quiet without them. Anu says but if they won’t go then it will affect there career. Angoori says but I’m here to take care of them. Anu says to Angoori nothing will happen only if we two will take care of them and ask everyone will they look after TMT and take care of there food and everything.

Everyone ignore her question. Khosla walks in. TMT greet him. Khosla says you don’t have to worry about boys, I’ll take care of them, I request you please let them go with me. Happu start singing emotional song for TMT. Anu also sing for them, Vibhu joins her. TMT remembers all the good and fun time with everyone. Angoori start singing and Tiwari join her.

Next morning. TMT waiting for Khosla. Malkhan says 11a.m he ask us to get ready by 8a.m. Teeka says he must be stuck in traffic. Malkhan says Khosla is a good quality person. Tillu ask them to call Khosla.

Teeka says I tried calling but he didn’t pick phone. Khosla walks to them says please forgive me, now you three can’t go because I took a loan from bank, I was unable to pay that loan and they declared me as bankrupt, so now I don’t have a single penny. TMT ask now what we will do. Khosla says I don’t know what will happen of me. David hear everything. Khosla ask do you have a rental house for me. TMT walk away.

Tiwari, Anu, Angoori and Vibhu sitting together discussing about TMT and missing them. Angoori says there is no point in discussing now when they left for New York. Tiwari says we could have planned something else if our farewell plan didn’t work. Vibhu says nothing is left to discuss now.

Anu says whay are we thinking so much, it’s about there future but we are discussing for our benifit. Angoori says I’m also feeling the same, think as if when in future they will get married then they will call us America and we can go dance there. Anu says you are right and says to Vibhu now stop your acting.

Vibhu says I’m really emotional. TMT walks to them crying. Vibhu says boy’s are back. Angoori get’s excited. TMT says we were unable to see you sad so we came back. David walks in says they are lying, what they were saying that they came back because of you all, it’s all lie there boss Khosla got bankrupt that’s why they are back. TMT walk away.

Tillu having tea at Tiwari’s house. Angoori says I’m feeling happy that Tillu is back. Tiwari to Angoori ask him to drink hot tea carefully or else he will burn himself. Tillu massage Tiwari says don’t worry now I’m down to earth and I’ll eat whatever Bhabhi will give me to eat. Angoori says I’ll cook special dishes for you.

Tiwari says because of this behaviour servant don’t listen, did ever Chandu demanded you to cook something special for him. Angoori says I never saw him eating anything. Tiwari says because of you I’m sacrificing Chandu. Chandu walks to Tiwari greet him. Tiwari gets happy after seeing him, he give him his salary and says go enjoy.

Chandu says thankyou for my salary and what about extra work I did. Tiwari ask what extra work. Chandu reads the diary and tell all the extra work. Tiwari says but all this come in work. Chandu says my job was to cook food not all the other work. Angoori says so I asked you to water plant was that also not in scope of work.

Chandu reads the diary and tell further extra work. Tiwari says my Tillu also use to work for me but he never demanded for extra work. Chandu says he is ediot not me. Tiwari says listen take 1000rs more and leave.

Chandu says total comes out to be 75,000/-. Tiwari says are you out of your mind. Chandu says if you will not give me money then I have other ways too to take money from you. Angoori says to Tiwari he is giving you warning. Tillu says to Tiwari if you say should I handle this.

Chandu says whenever you will be out of this house and says if have asked 1500 people from the union that uf I’m late a little bit then they will come in morden colony and start breaking things now you decide. Tillu ask Tiwari so what have you decided to give cash or check. Tiwari says I have nothing from both the options. Chandu says if you don’t have cash then I’ll take this sofa. Angoori says to Tiwari you have hidden so much black money in this sofa. Chandu says so I’ll take sofa with black money.


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