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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2020 Episode Angoori says i have accepted an responsibility I won’t quit, Vibhu says cmon bhabhiji it was so nice, we use to greet every morning, the plants miss you too, Angoori says I will water them before going to duty but wont quit, i have promised commissioner, Tiwari says you had promised me too, Angoori says so did you, so let’s split but i wont quit bye.

Commissioner says to Angoori what have you done, you have insulted police force, you helped bank robbers, Angoori says i didn’t know they were Thieves, Vibhu says she is right, Comissioner says there is something called as common sense, Angoori says i thought they were mask because they came from birthday party, even i went for a kids party dressing like an potato, Comissioner says why dont you understand the seriousness, and we will have to report your action, they have stolen 10lakh and you helped them. Happu says this is what happens when you appoint wrong person, Comissioner says you are right its my mistake, happu take charge and Angoori you are fired, Angoori says I’m going home then, comissioner says you cant you will be put behind bars till we find thieves, Vibhu overreacts, Tiwari begs comissioner to release her.

Commissioner says arrest them too, Angoori says don’t i surrender. Vibhu at tea stall crying, Tiwari says calm down, Vibhu says how she must be staying there, Tiwari says my wife is jailed why are you over reacting, Vibhu says im guilty because i convinced you two, Tiwari says you are right and will be never forgiven, lets do a thing bribe happu, Vibhu says comissioner is handling the case. Vibhu says we will flea bhabhiji from jail, Tiwari says and yes move to a place far away, Vibhu says not possible police will find you, so you will stay in this colony, Tiwari says stupid Angoori, the thieves must be enjoying, Vibhu says let us give comissioner 10 lakh and he will gove bank and release bhabhiji, and trust me if i had i would give, Tiwari says this is all because of you.

Angoori comes home and is crying, Tiwari and Vibhu trying to cheer her, Angoori says because of me Tiwari faced 10 lakh loss, im so bad, Tiwari says im lucky to have you, im not upset with you, im happy you are back, Vibhu says so am i, Angoori aays i promise i shall never do such thing again, grocery store owner walks in asking for 25,000₹ bill, Angoori says i asked him to distribute grocery to poor so i can have their blessings. Tiwari gets very angry.

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking, Vibhu ask why are you drinking, Tiwari says in love, bhabhijis love, i mean your bhabhiji, Vibhu says but she is already yours, Tiwari asks what do you mean, marriage isnt enough, Vibhu asks meaning, Tiwari says she is little dumb and doesn’t understand few things, you tell me why you drinking.
Vibhu says your bhabhiji, Tiwari says she earns, is independent, is beautiful, why drink then, Vibhu says everyone has their own expectations. Vibhu insists Tiwari on having some more alcohol, Tiwari says we had yesterday too and all this is my money, Vibhu says let me have a job and then have as much as alcohol as you have, Tiwari says god knows when that day will arrive.

Teeka Malkan having alcohol, they start narrating poetry to each other, Teeka says theres dry day in kanpur fir coming 3 days, Malkan says how will we live 3 days without alcohol, Teeka says i have 1600₹, Malkan says i have 700 and some of tilus money, lets get stock.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu drunk sees Angoori and says why is Anu looking like bhabhiji, Tiwari enters Amy’s bedroom and says why are you looking like bhabhiji

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Telecast Date:27th July 2020
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