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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th January 2021 Vibhu tells Tiwari that he saw him romancing with Angoori in balcony, Tiwari says actually it was Angooris wish, Vibhu wow you are so nice, Gupta walks to Tiwari and apologize says his compounder had misplaced reports and Tiwari is fine all fit
Tiwari says what will i do now i have asked Supari bhai to kill me.

Angoori in kitchen cooking, Vibhu walks to her and says i am very happy, Angoori says i can see that, Vibhu says Tiwari is free bird i am so happy your prayers work, i feel like dancing, Vibhu says only if you accompany me, Angoori says sure abd both dance

Tiwari as Ram pyari meets Supari bhai, Supari says there’s time for your husband to be killed, Ram pyari says cancel his killing, Supari asks why so, i never go back when i say i will kill i will now on 29th Jan, Ram pyari requests him, Supari bhai says on one condition that you have to spend night with me, Tiwari says it wont work its me, Supari says this all doesn’t matter i will kill you,as i have two principles i dont kill party in my house and his house,Tiwari says great i won’t leave my house.

Angoori sees Anu in balcony and greets her, Angoori asks ger what book is she reading, Anu says poetry, Angoori says i like poetry a lot, Anu says let me narrate you one, says its topic is “mann ki chitti”, Anu narrates her poem, Angoori says so nice and deep, i have never listened such poem, Anu says you have motivated me i will write more abd narrate you, Angoori says do write and then we will keep a session of your poetry. Anu says okay.

Vibhu cleaning, says i am just a maid in my house but i am topper from chapra University, Tiwari runs to Vibhu and says its me Manmohan Tiwari, and tells him his about meeting with Supari, and he will kill on 29 and his principles, and asks Vibhu to save him.
Angoori walks in and scolds Vibhu seeing him with a woman and calls him cheater, Vibhu says you are wrong she is my elder sister Manmohini, Angoori greets her and asks whats wrong, Vibhu says she has face reaction, Angoori says i hace a cream, Vibhu says give me medicine i ill help her, you go rest sister.

Tiwari on call at his house with Gatte Guruji and tells him about Supari bhai, he disconnects call, Tiwari says all hace disconnected call what will i do now and calls guards. TMT walk in, Tiwari asks have you heard about Supari bhai, TMT say yes, Tiwari says he is behind me its a big story will explain later, you have to save me, TMT says Supari bhai is very dangerous, teeka starts coughing and says i am.falling sick i am going Jaipur, Tilu says i will go Rampur to meet Saiba, Malkan says i will go meet my love in Delhi. Tiwari scolds them and says they hace signed contract

Happu on streets sees no one and says there is good news and i see no one, Vibhu asks whats the news, Happu says have sweets first, and says news is Supari bhai is dead, Vibhu asks how, Happu says i killed him somewhat, Vibhu asks what somewhat, Happu says because Pappu singh killed him and by mistake appreciation letter got printed in name of Happu singh, Vibbu says shame on you. Happu leaves.
Vibhu says he gave me good idea to play with Tiwari.

Vibhu walks in home says Anu must be asleep let me sleep down or esle Anu will wake up and make me hear her poems, Anu walks to Vibhu and says i wrote such good poem today i was waiting for you. Vibhu says i am tired, and have head ache, Anu says my poem will cure you. Anu says so my poem is titled ” na jeene dungi na marne dungi”.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says to Angoori that to test if your husband truly loves you,have to fake fall on road and see if your husband runs to you. Angoori falls on road and says help me Tiwari, Tiwari inside the gate throws her a rope and says catch it and get up

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Telecast Date:27th January 2021
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