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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th December 2021 Anu and Vibhu sitting in there hall. Vibhu ask Anu when are you going to Lakhimpur Giri because this is time when you go. Anu says yes it’s time yo go, I’m thinking to go and wind-up everything in Lakhimpur Giri. Vibhu says you gonna kill me. Anu says if I wind-up my from there then you will be dead what do you want I should not wind-up my work and never come back to Kanpur you want me yo stay there only. Vibhu says when did I said like this.

Anu says you have talent you can do anything and then says when did I do this. Saxena, Master and Gupta enter Anita’s house saying long live Anita. Anu says guy’s what I did that you are raising slogan for me. Saxena says I’m sorry but congratulations we have choosen you as morden colony president.

Anu says without any elections how is it possible and I want to says that I may not be able to surve the purpose if president for morden colony. Gupta says please don’t demotivate us. Anu says see most of the time I’m in Lakhimpur Giri and I cannot leave all the responsibilities on Vibhu so I would like to suggest someone else name who is more available for you. Saxena says you only suggest the other name. Anu says ask Angoori she will be best candidate. Vibhu says Bhabhi is good idea long-live bhabhiji and they all leave.

Door bell rings. Angoori says wait I’m coming and ooen door see Saxena and Masterji getting shovk from doorbell. Masterji says to Vibhu you told thet doorbell is repair. Vibhu says yes I thought it might be. Angoori says we repaired it but I think this need more attention. Everyone greets Angoori and ask everyone to vome in and sit. Angoori ask so what happen everyone came to my house today.

Saxena says this thing is that. Vibhuti interrupt in between says now it will happen in morden colony, I want you to give you chance to stand in election. Saxena get’s angry says to Vibhu who are you, what do you have, are you feom politics. Vibhu says if I’m saying to Angoori for election then why re you feeling jelous. Saxena says did your forefathers told you to step in between of everyone work. Vibhu says I’m trying to convince her. Saxena says we will do it we know more about this.

Vibhu says I’m trying to help bhabhiji I have good connection in Kanpur. Gupta says to Saxena Vibhu is right he got hold in market. Angoori says what kind of hold. Vibhu says just one time you stand for election then see how ill help you to win elections. Angoori says how is it possible to stand without any prepration, first I want to get ready. Vibhu says don’t worry I’m here. Saxena says to Vibhu what do you know about politics first we need to train Angoori about politics and you don’t know anything for sure. Vibhuti slaps Saxena. Angoori says first I’ll talk to Tiwari before going in politics, I’ll talk to him and tell till that time sit I’ll get something to eat.

Angoori in her bedroom seeing something in laptop. Tiwari walks in and ask what are you watching. Angoori says I’m watching about Bihar’s politician Gilhari devi. Tiwari says she is the smart one politician of Bihar. Angoori says don’t you think that more people like her should come in politics. Tiwari says only few politician are born like her. Angoori says that’s right but if I stand in election then can’t I become like Gilhari devi because elections are being held for president of colony so what do you think should I stand. Tiwari thinks if I said no then she will call Ammaji and he says yes you can stand for election. Angoori says really thankyou I know you wouldn’t say no because you are very nice person.

Everyone in rally to support Angoori for election. Saxena says voting speech to help Angoori win elections. Vibhu says please everyone come and vite for Angoori. Gupta ask Angoori what is your manifesto. Angoori says what is manifesto. Vibhu says you have to tell what you will do after winning election. Angoori says okay take mic and says I’ll make morden colony the cleaner one and will give job to every unemployed person in morden colony because this Vibhu every morning disturb me for atleast 2hrs.

so he will be busy in morning which will help me to complete my morning work fast. Saxena says on mic Angoori is here to help every people live Vibhuti. Everyone leaves except TMT and Vibhu. Teeka ask Vibhuti what do you think she will give us job. Tillu says she is not lier and don’t belong in that category. Teeka says if she won then our job is done. Vibhuti says who care about job say some flirty line and leaves.

Saxena, Angoori and Anu discussing about Angoori’s Manifesto and construction of road and lowering down price of milk. Anu says good but who gave you this idea. Saxena says its Angooris idea. Anu says this is the skill you know the pain point and win heart of people what else do you got in manifesto. Saxena says next point is she want to cover all the naked wire hut what I’ll do people like me who love shock.

Angoori says don’t worry I have taking care for that and other manifesto is that I’ll give job to all who is not working. Anu says good but what are the sources of job. Saxena says many people have contacted us. Anu ask what will be salary for that. Saxena says it will be 90,000. Anu says please keet this post secure for Vibhu I’ll do anything, I’ll provide every kind of support to you. Saxena says we will keep that job but Vibhu will not go. Anu says don’t worry he will.

Tiwari on phone talking to contractor about not coming in marriage and give him info about medicine for piles. Angoori walks in Tiwari disconnects phone and ask her what happen. Angoori says I think I’ll win this election because everyone like my planning but thek I think what if I faild. Tiwari says no worries and says a poem. Angoori confused after listing poem and irritate Tiwari and says in my kingdom no horse will sleep empty stomach. Tiwari says wo good thoughts.

Angoori in lawn. Vibhuti looks at her greets her and ask what happen you feel sad. Angoori says Saxena called me and said Bharadwaj is standing in my opposition. Vibhuti says let it be the. Angoori says but he is bug politician he will have good chances of winning. Vibhuti says don’t worry he is old but you are youth one ane upcoming politician and everyone will love and say long live Angoori.

Angoori says it feels good now stop it. Vibhu says this is nothing in few days you will become prime minister and you will be the ultimate power and after few time America will contact you and you will be world famous. Angoori says I don’t know English for now please care of morden colony election and leaves.

TMT, Vibhu sitting near tea stall. Vibhu says someone told me that if you want to win in election then emotion is the key to win it’s one of the important aspect. Malkhan make fun if Vibhu. Tillu mocks Malkhan. Vibhuti says good I like that and TMT discussing about girls. Vibhu micks them. TMT says if we are ediot then why do you talk about inspiration and all. Teeka says we only know girls.

Vibhu says listen to me now, we want to make Bhabhiji win elections. Tillu says we also want that. Malkhan says everyone want that bhabhi should win elections. Teeka says only one person don’t want Angoori should win and he is Bharadwaj. Vibhu says we need to take care of Bharadwaj. Teeka ask do you have any idea. Vibhu says don’t worry I have an idea.



Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti giving slogan against Bharadwaj. Two man come and beat Vibhu.Anu says if opposition did something like this to you that mean Angoori will win and if she win then it’s gonna be benifit for us too.Vibhu going out of his house with luggage

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