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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2020 Angoori walks to bedroom and asks Tiwari why is he standing with his hands raised, Tiwari says aunty I have punished myself, Angoori says I’m your wife not your aunty, Tiwari asks what is wife, Angoori says after marriage a woman becomes wife, Tiwari asks what is marriage, Angoori says when you take 7 rounds around fire, Tiwari asks why, Angoori says so that they can take family forward give birth to child, Tiwari says but an eagle drops kids why marry, Angoori says even I use to think same then after marriage I learnt kids aren’t dropped by eagle but given birth forget it, why are standing like this, Tiwari says so that you don’t hit me, because I opened the radio, a heard a woman singing inside it and she shouldn’t suffocate so I opened it, Tiwari starts crying, Angoori says calm down, Angoori gets call from Amaji.

Amaji asks how is Tiwari doing, Angoori says he is still a kid, pandit ramphal said we will have child, but Tiwari turned to child, Angoori says he is my husband what should I do, Amaji says a woman has lot of powers it’s in your hands now, show your Karisma, Angoori says okay and plays romantic song and walks to Tiwari and tries to woe him, a Tiwari changes song and teases Angoori and starts dancing, Angoori in garden, Vibhu walks to her but she scolds him, Vibhu says it was just an accident, Angoori says it’s all your fault, my husband keeps calling me aunty, Vibhu says you are young pretty forget him, Angoori says quiet, Vibhu says I apologise, Tiwari comes running to him and says come let’s play, Vibhu says sorry, Saxena says Tiwari come play with me we are best friends from today.

Vibhu in call, and ball hits him, Tiwari Saxena walk in asking for their ball, Vibhu says go somewhere else and play, Tiwari and Saxena make fun of Vibhu and run away, David walks in, Vibhu asks him what bad news you have, David says here are will papers and won’t tear it I have controlled my anger, sign these papers now, here is ink pen, dip in the bottle and sign the papers, Tiwaris ball comes in hits the ink bottle, Tiwari rushes in and says uncle our ball, they pick the ball and run away.

Vibhu walks to Angoori in kitchen, she gets angry seeing him, Vibhu says please don’t be upset, Angoori says I hate you, I don’t want to see you, Vibhu says I accept my mistake and I’m very sorry, Angoori says even I will hit you with hammer and you turn kid and sit on my laps and have biscuits, Vibhu says it’s a fantasy anyways tell me what should I do to repay, Angoori says I want my husband back, Amaji calls Angoori and asks is Tiwari fine, Angoori says no he isn’t, please come to help me, it’s so difficult to take care of him, Amaji says sorry I can’t, Angoori says he never listen he is so stubborn, Amaji says pandit Rampal has asked you to go hanuman temple and this help Tiwari cure.
Vibhu suggests Angoori to drop Tiwari at his place and she can pick him later, Angoori says so that hurt him again, Vibhu says I said I was sorry I’m trying to help, Angoori says okay.

Angoori says go with Vibhuti uncle, Tiwari denies, he says I don’t like this uncle,Teeka and Malkan watching them, Angoori gets emotional says because of you I’m having motherly feelings towards him, Vibbu says don’t worry i will handle and dances for Tiwari, Tiwari says is he mad, Vibhu says come let’s play, Tiwari says will you be horse, camel and donkey for me, Tiwari says yes.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :David gets new papers. Vibhu tells Anu that they got papers he signed them they are rich now. Vibhu goes to living room and doesn’t find papers, tiwari and Saxena making paper planes

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Telecast Date:27th August 2020
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