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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2022 Investor says to Anu first order cancel. David gets up and thanks him. Investor says I feel like playing and throw a tennis ball. Vibhu says to David go fetch he is asking you to bring ball. David act as dog and bring ball for him. Investor says I feel like to do something and ask Anita to tell her servant to belly dance. Vibhu and David dance for him.

Angoori in market talking to Bhoori about mangalsutra. A man hear her walks to her says what will happen with pic, give me that mangalsutra and I’ll show directly to third party and then will return. Angoori says go from here. Man says give me that mangalsutra and threatens her with knife.

TMT walks to them and ask him to give back. Man says if not what you will do. Tillu says I won’t leave you. Malkhan says I’m enough for you. Tillu push Malkhan to him. Man slaps Malkhan and start beating TMT. He hear police siren and run away. Angoori says why did you come in between. Tillu says we came to save you. Angoori says what was the benifit he beat you and took my mangalsutra.

Malkhan says don’t worry here is your mangalsutra and she wake up from dream. Tiwari ask what happen did you see any nightmare. Angoori says no I saw a flashback, it was about mangalsutra and TMT helped me to get it back. Tiwari says so what you also give them food to eat and scolds her. Angoori get’s angry and leave.

Anu and Vibhu in bedroom. Vibhu discussing about earlier event when she made both of them servant and says you can atleast thanks her. Anu says why should I thanks you because what I’m doing is for both of us and you will also enjoy that money. Vibhu what kind of enjoyment I have to beg you to drink my brand. Anu says whatever accessories you carry with you that all come in luxury. Vibhu says if doing all the chores is luxury then thanks for that, I genuinely hate this. Anu says I’m scared, don’t trouble me and I’m very sleepy so go away.

Angoori outside her house using phone. Vibhu come out of house says how much more I have to live like this, her thoughts make me angry and says I have to take out this anger and calls TMT, he hear the voice not and see Angoori, she walks to her and greet her. Angoori greet him and ask how are you.

Vibhu trying to express her anger and flirt with her. Angoori get’s call from Ammaji and she walk away. Happu walks to Vibhu and says what happen Anu kicked you out. Vibhu ask why are you dressed like a beggar and mocks him. Happu Singh mocks him back. Vibhu says please go from here.

Happu says I’m on mission to catch a goon. Vibhu says look your face in mirror and your mission will be complete and ask him to go away because he is angry. Happu Singh don’t show someone else anger on me and ask him to go Himalaya like your father and play there. Vibhuti slaps Happu Singh and says I’m feeling better now. Happu says you are under arrest. Vibhu says I think I made a mistake and slap him one more time.

Anu with Tiwari in garden. Anu says to Tiwari I’m very upset because of Teeka I scolded Vibhu so much infact I disrespected his family too. Tiwari saya forget that he deserves that. Anu ask did you see him I’m scared that he might have run. Tiwari don’t worry he won’t go and Vibhu walks to them. Anu ask where were I was looking for you.

Vibhuti says after the fight I was looking for TMT to calm myself but I find Happu, I calm myself and he arrested me. Tiwari says you should feel ashamed she was looking for you and you were beating people. Vibhu says I’m sorry for that but TMT is responsible for this. Anu scolds him for his behaviour. Tiwari says I also have same problem I also do the same. Vibhu says this won’t be possible now because they will leave. Angoori walks to them sad and ask did you talk TMT stop them from going America.

Tiwari says they won’t listen. Angoori says stop them if they will go then all the vibe of modern colony will be gone. Vibhu says I have an idea let’s throw a fairwell party for them. Angoori ask what will happen. Vibhu says we will emotional blackmail them then they won’t go. David walks to them. Anu apologise to David, Vibhu says you won’t go anywhere. David says I’m going to get this suitcase repaired and leave.

Master and Gupta near tea stall talking about TMT and praising them for there work and talking about there memories. Tea stall vendor says if you two are missing them so much then why are you letting them go. Master says we are talking and says let’s talk to boy’s. TMT walks to them and talking in English.

Gupta says to Master they are practicing english. TMT greet them and ask what are you doing. Gupta and Master emotionally blackmail them. Teeka get’s call he talk and disconnects. Teeka shouts in happiness says congratulations American agency called us. TMT get’s excited. Tillu saus we are going to fly America and run away. Malkhan says I’ll sit on window seat. Teeka says I’ll sit in cockpit and run into wall. Teeka and Malkhan walks to him and ask what happen. Teeka talks nonsense.

Everyone in fairwell party. David ask Vibhu where is Anu. Vibhu says she went to buy guft for boys. Teeka says excuse me everyone and says this is our last night in this country. Malkhan says we will miss this country. Tillu says we all will always miss you. Master start crying. Malkhan ask Teeka to record Masters voice so that they can listen him daily. He says I don’t have Tillu guve his phone and they record his voice.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti says to TMT if you will go everything will be surrounded by sadness. Anu says if they will not go then there future will be in dark. Angoori says so what I’m here to take care of them. Anu ask, everyone will take care of them.

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