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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2022 TMT in Anita’s house. Anu telling them difference about western and Indian culture how different lufe style they follow like drinking is in there lifestyle it’s normal for them. TMT says we like that lifestyle. Anu says don’t be happy they also have a way to finish there one glass,

they take 4hrs to finish one glass. Malkhan says in 1hr we finish 4 bottle. Anu says this is the problem you need everything and more quantity. Teeka ask don’t they eat. Anu says yes they eat how much you do, in every 2hrs they eat something and drink wine too little, now I’ll tell you about table manners.

Tiwari walks to Anu and greet her. Anu says wait a minute and teel them how to use napkins, in English culture they eat with knife and fork. Tillu saya wait I’ll show you and brutally cut the samosa. Tiwari says what are you doing. Anu says to Tiwari I’m teaching them it’s my grooming classes and I’ll teach them, you are disturbing me a lot I’m busy go take care of your undergarments.

Tiwari says I was going towards Daalmandi. Anu says TMT want to go America and I have to train them before that. Tiwari was walking by but Tilly poke him. Tiwari slaps him and leave. Anu says to Tillu behave and tell them to eat with close mouth and ask them to show me.

Khosla at police station. Happu Singh ask Manohar to get file and says to Khosla I have made all the original certificate of boy’s. TMT walks in police station and greet him. Happu says I’m also sitting here greet me too I’m feeling bad now. TMT says how are you BC. Happu ask what do you mean by BC.

Tillu ask Malkhan to explain what is BC. Teeka says I’ll say it means Best Cop. Happu says okay. Khosla says to Happu boys are talented but you judge them wrong. Happu says no they are very loving everyone in colony live them, just see these certificate I have done so well. Manohar says yes only you did everything I was not available.

Happu says I was about to tell your name too we both did great job and says to boy’s go have fun. Khosla says now I’ll leave. Happu why are you leaving empty handed. Khosla says DG is my friend, here take money and ask TMT to leave. Happu praises them. TMT thanks and bye MC. Happu get’s happy. Manohar says this time they abused you.

Angoori talking on phone with Bhoori discussing about Arab city and says if your install a shop there he will earn too much. Tiwari walks to Angoori. Angoori says I’ll call you later. Tiwari ask her about the raw material for undergarment, did you see. Angoori says Tillu know that. Tiwari ask where is Tillu then.

Angoori says I don’t know you kicked him out. Tiwari get’s irritated. Angoori says why don’t you call him and ask him. Tiwari calls him and hear a voice not of Tillu, whoever you may be don’t disturb me I’m going to America, he bash hin hand in table and hurt himself. Angoori ask is it paining a lot. Tiwari says yes and call Chandu to message his hand. Chandu massage his hand. Tiwari praises Chandu and says servant are not always like Tillu. Angoori says he was not that bad.

Vibhu in kitchen makeing chutney. David walks to him. Vibhu says I made chutney for pakoda. David says good now listen to me where is Anu. Vibhu says don’t know she is busy with phone.

Anu walks in kitchen talking on phone and disconnects phone and ask Vibhu for help, says one of my invester is coming and this is the opportunity to expand my business. Vibhu ask what I have to do. David mocks him. Anu says I’m serious David and says to Vibhu we should like we look super rich, that I have servants in house and like to spend money. Vibhu says call TMT.

TMT with Rusa having lunch, Teeka get’s call from Vibhu. Teeka puts phone on speaker and says yes who is this. Vibhu says be in your limits, why were you not picking phone. Tillu says we were chilling. Vibhu says Anu has a job for you she was asking you to become waiter. Rusa says to TMT ask for 500rs per head.

Vibhu says she will give 400rs per head. Malkhan says do you even know we tipped 1000rs to each waiter. Teeka says we just started party. Tillu says don’t disturb and disconnects call.
Vibhu says they are not ready to listen me. Anu says when outsiders ditch you then only family support you. David and Vibhu looks at Anu and realise.

Angoori weeping says Tillu is leaving country, I’m missing him already, he use to treat me as sister. Tiwari walks to her ask why are you sad. Angoori saus I’m missing Tillu, he was brother to me. Tiwari mocks Tillu. Angoori says he was like a brother to me and you don’t know what kind of relationship I was having.

Tiwari says I’ll bring brother for you and calls Chandu and says to him you have to be brother of my wife so become. Chandu start writing something. Tiwari says I have seen one thing in his habit he always note something in his diary, same my grandfather had behaviour of writing good memories in diary. Chandu ask Tiwari is your grandfather was also servant. Tiwari says don’t get in details and make her wish true of becoming brother. Angoori ask where is rakhi.

Anu with her investor having dinner. Anu ask Chachji to serve him more vegetables. Investor says wao what a culture you call your servant as Chachaji. Anu says afterall he is old so we should respect too. David and Vibhu praises Anu sarcastically. Servant ask do you pay them extra to praise you.

Anu says no not at all it’s out of respect. Invertor says I know people like you first you praise a lot and then you loot your boss. Vibhu says no we are honest people. Anu says yes they are very loyal I trust them a lot. He drops vegetable on floor. Anu ask what are you doing. Investor says ask your servant to pick this vegetable and eat.

Anu says what are you mad. Investor says if you really want me to invest in this project then order your servant to eat it. Anu says servant eat that vegetable. Vibhu whisper to David go and lick it. David says is this my respect in house. Vibhu whisper it’s drama and I swear you on Khajuri. Investor says this is proven that they don’t listen you. David says we listen to her and I’ll lick it.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori says to Tiwari did you talked to TMT or jot please stop them from going America because if they go then whole morden colony will not be happening anymore. Vibhu says I have a plan let’s keep Farewell party for them.Everyone in farewell party. TMT take blessings of Anita

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Telecast Date:25th May 2022
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