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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th September 2021 Vibhu crying says I saw Anu with someone else. Tiwari says this is truth for our whole life. Vibhu says you are right we have to drink this truth and asks do you have drinks. Tiwari says I gave order will get it by evening. Vibhu switch on TV and sees Saxena shows.

Saxena says welcome to everyone and tells we have two Bhabhi maa with us Angoori and Anita, last time we talked about extra marital affairs with men this time we will ask from women lets see what are there thoughts first we will ask from Anita. Anu says we before I was very old fashioned you know something like you can love only one time and cannot see someone after you are married but Vibhuti my husband come to your show and his thoughts made me stunned and thought lets try this too.

Angoori says you are right Anita I also loved my husband so much but then I realised why to have boiled rice when I can have chinese food outside. Anita says Vibhuti told us we need to widen up our thoughts. Angoori says so we started thinking and we feel happy after doing this all. Anita says thanks to Vibhu we got new path to live. Angoori says I’m thanks to Tiwari who gave me new path to travel and every women should do who loves there husband so much. Anita says to Saxena we have only four days to live 2 on the name if husband and 2 gor yourself with whoever you want to live. Saxena applauds and says nice thought.
Vibhu says I’ll break Saxena’s face and says Tiwari give me hug.

Anu in her house. Vibhu come from kitchen and says yes baby. Anu asks Vibhu how am I looking. Vibhu says your are looking just fine but where are you going grooming classes or to meet your friend or kitty party. Anu says no we have no decided yet will tell you when we decide where are we going. Mr.Gupta come and greets Anita and asks did I make you wait. Anu says no not at all but if you make me wait its absolutely worthit, meet him he is my husband Vibhuti, and says to Vibhuti meet him he is Kaamesh. Vibhu says never heard your name and by your name it looks like you do so much if work.

Anu says he is branch manager in BBCD bank. Vibhu says such a wierd name of your bank. Mr.Gupta says to Vibhu you never heard Kaamsh also. Anu says this bank is fir rich people and imagine he gets 6 digit salary over there and asks can you make some tea and paratha for us. Anu calls Romeo ( Mr.Gupta). Vibhu says but you told he is Kaamesh. Anu says to Romeo, Vibhu is like wife he take good care of house. Romeo asks don’t he do work. Anu says for that you have to score well in studies but he didn’t get much and ask Vibhu to make tea and paratha. Romeo says to Anu you look beautiful in this dress. Anu says thankyou so much babu.

Vibhu in Kitchen crying and says to God why you doing this to me, what I did wrong that I have to see this day in my life. Saxena’s talk show ruined my life. Saxena come to window says you took my name and I’m here. Vibhu says why don’t you do one thing take a long flight and never come back and show me your face just get lost from here. Saxena says what I did. Vibhu says you destroyed my married life. Saxena says congratulations now you have become perfect candidate for my new episode for talk show. Vibhu says I’m warning you. Saxena says my next episode is for peopywho have destroyed there married life and not able to control thir wife. Vibhu beats Saxena with utensil

Angoori in her house with Romeo dancing. Tiwari come and see them. Tiwari gets in and start beating Romeo says how dare you. Angoori says leave him this is wrong, first you teach me love and all and now all this, look at him he is mine Romeo and he is so romantic I’ll do extra marital with him and you are my side business. Tiwari gets angry and beat him with slipper and make him run. Tiwari says I should be your main business. Angoori says okay you become my main business he could be my side one.

Tiwari says are you gone mad what will happen if Ammaji will get to know. Angoori says okay tell her I’ll do whatever she will say. Tiwari calls Ammaji and greets her. Ammaji says what happen you called me today. Tiwari says I called for Angoori she is having an extra marital affair. Ammaji says thank god she took time but got brain. Tiwari gets shocked. Ammaji says these things are good some enjoyment come to life now look at me now a days I’m making plan with Gangaram to watch movie let her do what she want, don’t control her and hungs up. Angoori says to Tiwari you are getting old and my Romeo is handsome.

Vibhu in garden listing song and drinking. Pelu in rickshaw listing song. Tiwari come out of his house and goes to Vibhu and ask him to sit. Vibhu says to Tiwari I got to know about a baba who do black magic. Tiwari says tell me Vibhuti to get my wife back I have to take help of baba. Vibhu says you can satisfy your ego or can save your married life. Master come and says to Vibhuti you are drinking here. Vibhu says so where should I drink with your wife. Master says I saw Anita eith someone else running towards taxi, I think she is going to Mumbai.

Tiwari and Vibhuti shouts and Tiwari says Anu cannot do this she will not leave Vibhuti. Vibhu says why did you do this Anu. Master leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari I cannot breath properly. Tiwari says asks baba do his magic work in long distance. Gupta come and says Tiwari you are sitting here I was looking for you and says I saw Angoori with someone else holding hands and was catching train. Tiwari and Vibhuti shouts in pain. Gupta says look after you and take care of yourself and ge leaves. Tiwari says why did you do this. Vibhuti says to Angoori I didn’t expect this from you, why did you do this.

Tiwari says what’s wrong in me. Vibhu says in your case you are below average looking person and believe me imagine left a good looking handsome person like me and went with a person whose face look like chimpanzee. Tiwari says what I did wrong. Angoori and Anu come and Angoori says how it was not your fault. Tiwari and Vibhuti gets up in shock. Anu says you made fun of an holy relation of marriage on tv show so you have to punished. Vibhu says you came back. Angoori says we never went. Tiwari says Master and Gupta told us things. Anu says we told them to give you soem shock.

Vibhu says to Angoori and Anu what you got after playing with our hearts. Angoori says if you do its all right and if we do its wrong, tit for tat. Anu says we just want you to make realise that marriage is a big deal you have to be loyal to your partner, you cannot see anyone else its marriage not prank can do anything. Angoori says we felt bad when you said nonsense in Saxena’s talk show and for that we did this drama. Vibhu says everything was lie. Anu calls Romeo and says he is sale’s man and we included him in our drama. Romeo says bow you will buy our soap.

Angoori says come tomorrow and he leaves. Anu says now you two are on your track. Tiwari says yes we are and thankful too our married life is save. Vibhu says sorry to Anu and I love you. Anu says nothing will work only with sorry. Angoori says you have to promise that you won’t think something like this ever. Tiwari and Vibhu promise them that we will not bring these kind of words in there mouth. Tiwari and Angoori leaves.

TMT in Jail. Rusa shouting on them says you should be ashamed of yourself I didn’t know you have monster inside your. Tillu says to Rusa there is an misunderstanding, we three don’t have any monster inside you. Teeka says we were shooting commissioner’s video. Rusa says this is more dangerous, we never thought after seeing you three, that you have some hidden behaviour in you. Commissioner come and says they were clicking your photo nor mine I hired them for secret mission, a mouse entered our house and that mouse ripped off wire of my car and insurance people asks for evidence.

Rusa says so they three know this then why didn’t they told me. Commissioner says because it was an secret mission. Rusa says I’m so sorry. Commissioner says Manohar is sitting outside ask him to sign release paper. Rusa goes out. Tillu says to commissioner when did this mouse came. Malkhan says why are you so thankful. Commissioner says I have a doubt that my wife is having an affair with someone so you have to spy her.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :TMT in Anita’s house says we won lottery that to of 30 crore.Tillu at Tiwari’s house says you have any idea for business. Saxena come singing 

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