Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2022 Angoori in her hall cleaning trunk says it’s so dirty, what’s all inside it, open it and see these are my anklet bells I use to wear it during my dancing classes and see an old photo album and start seeing it says Dad use to look handsome and see his grandfather’s diary.

Angoori gets call from Ammaji pick and greets her. Ammaji greet her back and ask how are you. Angoori says I was cleaning trunk and I got diary of my grandfather. Ammaji says your revolutionary grandfather Nathulal bawonder.

Angoori says yes who killed General Kayar. Ammaji says I know that already and I want you should read and obey it ane make your life successful. Angoori says I will read it and disconnects call. Angoori start reading his grandfather diary.

Next morning Angoori busy reading diary in garden. Vibhu walks to her and says hello. Angoori ask who are you say hello. Vibhu says to you. Angoori says say namashkar my revolutionary grandfather use to say do not use English.

Vibhu says good every person should have patriotism in him. Angoori busy reading dairy and talks about bomb and attack by that bomb. Vibhu says what are you talking are you alright. Angoori says my grandfather attacked Britishers with bomb then they said that he is a big hurdle for us to rule. Vibhu says our country is free from last 75 years and now people start loving eachother.

Angoori says from pove I remeber dadajis story and tell him story. Vibhu says what are you saying. Angoori says I love my Dadajis story and leave. A man come to Vibhu give him stick and tie a cloth around his face take selfie and run away. Happu Singh come and stop him says wait don’t try to run or I’ll shoot you.

Vibhu are you mad why you will shoot me. Happu says I have seen in CCTV footage how you are beating people with this stick and I have seen you beating me. Vibhu says I did nothing a man came give me all things and run away. Happu says you are so innocent. Vibhu says trust me, I was talking to Angoori from long time. Happu says I don’t believe you call Angoori and say her to say only then I’ll believe. Vibhu says okay and says I’ll bring her police. Happu says come fast or else I’ll not leave you.

Angoori reading diary. Tiwari walks to her say give me something to eat I’m hungry. Angoori busy reading diary. Tiwari ask what are you reading. Angoori gets scared and says this is diary or my dadaji he was a freedom fighter. Tiwari says will you say something or will be busy with diary is there something to eat.

Angoori says artillery like bomb, bullet etc. Tiwari says are you out of mind. Angoori says this was not for you and start telling him story of her dadaji how he defeated Rodger Harper. Tiwari shouts breakfast I’m hungry. Angoori says I remember on more thing and start telling story. Tiwari says I’m hungry and get something for me to eat.

Angoori start telling about his dadaji story. Tiwari says get me something I’m hungry. Angoori says my dadaji use to stay hungry because he was freedom fighter so he use to eat paratha amde from grass. Tiwari says I think soshe won’t stop saying get’s up and walk away. Angoori says he behave like my dadaji.

Anu on in her hall talking to Gufdi on phone saying I’ll a bit late for my calss and please keep letter from letter box of Singapore University on my desk and ask Gufdi to clean mark from his wall from petrol. Tiwari come and greets her. Anu disconnects phone and says to Tiwari what happen you are going so early for shop.

Tiwari says till now I did not have breakfast because Angoori is busy with her dadajis diary. Anu saya it means you are hungry. Tiwari says yes. Anu ask what would you like yo have. Tiwari says I’ll have aloo Paratha. Anu says I also didn’t have from many days go and cook there is the kitchen, when you will cook only then I can have with you. Tiwari says aren’t you coming. Anu says you proceed I’ll be back after a phone call.

Tiwari in kitchen says I don’t know how to cook. Anu says no problem I’ll give you instructions first you have to get ready batter. Tiwari says I cut all the masala now what to do. Anu says now keep 2 potato to boil.

Tiwari put potato to boil. Anu gets call ask did you get, what you got kerosene good do as I say. Tiwari ask now what to do. Anu says put all things in fry pan. Tiwari says now what I need to do more. Anu says now put kerosene in it. Tiwari gets confused but still do it then Anu ask ti light fire. Tiwari says what is this and he light fire. Anu on cal disconnects call and walks to him says what you did. Tiwari say I was obeying you as you said.

Master and Gupta out drinking tea. Masterji says sister in law is coming and I need to go station to get her. Gipta says why your wife is sending you alone to get her. Masterji says my wife is also going hut you are right whenever some senior citizens come to our house she send me alone but when my sister in law come she always go with me yo get her what is this. Gupta says I’m having same kind of issue I’m unable to do checkup of female patient, my wife installed CCTV in clinic.

TMT walks yo them and greet them. Gupta says to them you were going for an interview. Malkhan says it’s not new for us. Tillu says nobody it will be benifit when someone understands our talent, I feel like no job is been made for us. Masterji says don’t worry you will get job one day.

Malkhan says when we will get old ore age of getting married is also running away. Teeka says if we don’t have job then no girl will marry us. Tillu says if you have job then you have everything. Gupta says this mean you are useless. Saxena walks to them says there is nothing which is useless, give me an example of someone which is useless. Gupta ask Master. Master says slurry flowing in Kanpur’s drainage system whats is it’s use.

Saxena says you are wrong during holi in Kanpur slurry is used more so TMT try to understand your talent nobody is made useless you have future. Teeka ask what’s are future. Saxena says that time will tell and he grabs a burning coal in his hand keep it on table and sit on it.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori reading diary of his grandfather and gear voice. Angoori says who is this. Grandfather says I’m here.Angoori see Vibhu and Happu as Britishers. Grandfather says to Angoori beat them. Angoori start beating them with stick

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