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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2021 Tiwari says to Angoori that he wants to talk to her and she wont utter a word of English in between, Angoori says okay, Tiwari says you have seen nothing, regarding Tilu, Angoori says but I did see you troubling Tilu, Tiwari says I mean if someone asks you if I did, you have to say no and Tilu is lying, Angoori says why will I, I have seen you torturing him, Tiwari thinks god what will I do and says Angoori I swear you on me you wont say a word, and if you tell someone you will see my dead face, Saxena walks in, Tiwari asks him he is an advocate? Saxena says whole Kanpur knows me, Tiwari says this case is little complicated, Saxena asks what is it, Angoori about to tell truth, Tiwari says Tilu has lost it a little and first he demanded salary 25,000/- and when I denied he with Anita’s NGO sued me for 3 Cr, Saxena says simple case and I promise in first hearing case will be on your side.
Teeka excited for 3 Cr, Tilu says our life will be set, Teeka says but will Tiwari give, Tilu says he will for sure, Anu bhabhiji has trapped him so well that till he gives 3 Cr he wont be out, Teeka says why didn’t you ask 4-5 Cr, Tilu says too much greediness gets nothing, Anu walks to Tilu and asks is he alright, Tilu says I am in pain, Anu says poor guy and now we have to set ourselves for fight ahead, Teeka asks why, is Tiwari not ready for settlement, Anu says the scene is some people are happy only when their whole face is revealed so lets drag him to court, and let me tell you when we will eb court, court will ask Tilu questions equal to torture, Tilu says I am scared, Anu says don’t be, just be firm and answer all questions, Tilu says no worries if I have you by my side, Anu says then we will surely win.
Mishras and Tilu visit Commissioner and explain their case against Tiwari, Happu says I don’t see Tilu innocent or hurt, Vibhu says some injuries are internal, Anu asks commissioner to keep Happu away from case, Vibhu supports her, Commissioner says calm down, Tiwari’s walk in with Saxena, Angoori asks Anu why is she doing this, Anu says to Angoori first ask Tiwari why he did this to Tilu, Tiwari says Tilu is lying I didn’t do anything, Tilu asks why will I lie, first I don’t get salary plus get tortured, Anu says he pinches him with hot tongs, Tiwari says is it show marks, Tilu says you use pain tongs so there are no marks, Anu says to Tiwari give him 3 Cr and settle this matter, Tiwari says I don’t have so much money, Tilu whisper to Anu get me 15,000/- and I will go Nepal and set a business, Anu says just shut up, Commissioner says this is colony matter and bhabhiji are reputed women and we don’t want them to be a topic so lets close this topic in the colony itself and get to conclusion.
Everyone at Mishra house, Teeka Malkan betting ask Prem to join, Prem says shame on you. Anu gets Tilu and asks him to be strong and not be scared, Vibhu explains him that some questions will be related to case and some not, Tilu gets scared, and says I heard these are very personal too, Vibhu says there are no limits, Anu says don’t scare him. Tiwari’s walk in with Saxena, Angoori asks will we win the case, Saxena says whole Kanpur knows that when Advocate Saxena fights a case, he is surely a winner. Commissioner as Judge along with Master.
Vibhu says my lord myself Vibhuti from Chapra University, Saxena says objection there is no Chapra University, Vibhu says objection he has no general knowledge, Saxena says okay tell me ten who discovered Harappa Civilization if you have general knowledge, Vibhu asks do you want to have a cup of tea with him, Vibhu says first answer me on 30th April 1947, when Hitler shot himself, just 5 minutes before a lady comes and whispers something into his ears, tell me what she said? Saxena says she said, you are going but after you, there will be a bigger scoundrel than you, and if you would be alive, he would have sold you as well, and he is Vibhuti Narayan Mishra. Crowd cheers.
Saxena asks Vibhu to answer, what was Meghnaths aunts name, Vibhu says Nakapattu, Saxena says what, Vibhu says if it is wrong prove it, Anu says stop it, are we here to discuss general knowledge, and my lord please order them to come to the point, Master says I want to but commissioner was enjoying it.
Vibhu says this Tiwari, is husband to this beautiful woman but is very bad man, Saxena says objection, Vibhu says look at him he is not normal man, he is come out of an ostrich egg, Saxena says objection I don’t like it him dragging an innocent bird into this, Tiwari says whats wrong with you. Saxena says poor bird cant even fly, Angoori says so sad.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori in court says if something happens to Tiwari I will suicide in this court, Vibhu says you cant I will fight for him. Anu says I don’t need a Lawyer like you and now I will fight for Tilu

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Telecast Date:24th February 2021
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