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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th December 2021 TMT in market arguing about bucket. Malkhan says we need to go for checkup we are constipated from last 3days. Tillu says listen Christmas is coming what are your plan. Teeka says I have decided to go on long drive with Babli. TMT see Rusa jogging towards them and start exercising. Rusa greets them and says what’s your plan for Christmas, she says hild after seeing at your reaction it feels you don’t know anything about Christmas.

Malkhan says I know that a fat old man land on earth and gift people. Rusa says Santa Claus is my favourite I wish he give me gift this time. Teeka says your heart is still like akid. Tillu says we love to become kid with you. Teeka says to Rusa tell what guft you want. Rusa gets excited says I need Yphone 14 tgis Christmas and gets call from Commissioner, says I’ll be home soon bye and says to boys we will meet at Christmas with Yphone 14 now bye, carry on stay fit and leave. Tillu kick Teeka and says are you out of your mind what was the need of telling her that we will gift her Yphone 14. Teeka says I got emotionally carried away.

Angoori walks out if her house. Vibhu see her and walks to her and greets her and how are you. Angoori says I’m good how are you. Vibhu flirts with her and ask you know what festival is coming. Angoori says yes the old man one Christmas. Vibhu says you know Santa Claus gift to there favourite person what they wish for.

Angoori says it’s all hoax there is nothing like that. Vibhu says believe me on Christmas night santa come and gift to all the people. Angoori says I don’t believe in you. Vibhu says okay do one thing write your gift on your slip, santa will come read that slip and give you your gift and you can get that gift on Christmas morning. Angoori says okay I’ll do this time and leave. TMT hear everything.

Anu in her hall eating. Tiwari walks in and greet her. Anu gets scared and says do you need peanuts and says winter is my favourite season and it’s good yo have it in winter. Tiwari says the you must love Christmas too. Anu says I love Christmas my father use to become santa for me and gift me. Tiwari says then I should also be santa for you and want to gift you something that you will remember your life long and will be useful for you. Anu says that’s a very generous offer I’m good don’t take any stress, I don’t want anything. Tiwari mocks Vibhu and says tell me what you want or it will break my heart.

Anu says okay just for your information I want Yphone 14, my phone is old it’s time to get new phone. Tiwari says okay I’ll get it for you. Anu says no forget it it’s costly. Tiwari says this is first yime you asked for something from me don’t say no or else I’ll get angry. Anu says okay if you want to gift me then you can give me I’ll take it. Tiwari says okay I’ll keep that phone as a tradition of Christmas and you can get your gift outside your door on Christmas morning as you use to get your gift earlier and says can I have some tea. Anu says okay.

TMT outside Tiwari’s house. Malkhan says to Teeka and Tillu it’s so cold out here when Bhabhiji will come. Teeka says have patience. Angoori come out and keeps her slip and see TMT hiding behind boundary, walks to them and ask what are you doing here this late night. TMT says we were walking after dinner. Malkhan says it was cold so we were hiding behind your boundary wall. Angoori says don’t say anything. Tillu says tell me what are you doing this late night outside.

Angoori says I was leaving a slip for Santa Claus then he will leave gift for me. Tillu says can we know what you ask from Santa Claus. Angoori says I wished for bindi. Teeka says is he Santa Claus or Santram Chaurasiya shop of Jhakarkatti who sell ladies item. Tillu says why did you ask for so cheap gift. Angoori says you don’t know, Vibhu will be my Santa Claus and he is already not earning anything and if I ask for something expensive then it will effect his pocket. Teeka mocks him. Malkhan says you have a big heart you think a lot for others. Tillu says we are leaving now and you should also go it’s getting too cold out here. Angoori says goodnight and leave. TMT go to her door and looks at slip and put there slip with Yphone 14 and leave.

Vibhu come out of his house read the slip and says she ask for Yphone 14 why does she want that she is so greedy I never thought and walks away.

Vibhu sitting near tas stall. Prem walks to Vibhuti says why did you call me in morning and listen I’ll not loan any money to you. Vibhu says you think I did friendship with you because of money. Prem says I cannot see any other benifit of me I don’t have good face and I’m black from my heart I just have lot’s of money. Vibhu says I need 1.5lakh rupees from your money. Prem says okay take 1.5rs now and Lakh rupees afterwards. Vibhu says I’m not in mood of joking.

Prem says then call me when you want to make fun because I’m in serious mood and when I’m serious I don’t lend money and leaves. Tiwari sit with Vibhu with Yphone 14 and ask for tea says you look sad did bhabhiji kicked you out. Vibhu says please don’t disturb me it’s a request and looks at box of Yphone 14 is it for bhabhiji. I’m taking for my Bhabhiji, your wife gifting her on Christmas because she demanded her. Vibhu ask when you will gift her. Tiwari says after 12:00 midnight when Christmas will start with a slip so when she will open her door in morning she will know Santa Claus came last night. Vibhuti says nice.

Tiwari in night go to Anita’s house and read slip saying Anita my child your father use to give you guft as Santa Claus this time your neighbour gifting you Yphone 14 merry Christmas bhabhiji and walks away inside his house. Vibhu get out and take phone says you helped me a lot Tiwari now Angoori will get this phone instead of Anu, Vibhu keeps phone on her door says congratulations on your Yphone 14 bhabhiji you won’t get bigger santa Claus then me and go inside his house. TMT go and take Yphone 14 for Rusa.

Angoori in her lawn giving water to plant. A man come and wish her merry Christmas. Vibhu coming towards Angoori, Man wish him too and leave. Vibhu mocks him and flirt with Angoori. Vibhuti says tell how was your gift. Angoori says what gift. Vibhuti says the guft you demanded for Yphone 14. Angoori says don’t says anything why will I ask for so costly gift I know your condition and why I’ll ask for so costly gift I’m happy with my phone. Vibhuti says but on slip. Angoori says I wrote Nagin Bindi one packet, I know it will be you my Santa Claus and I know about your pocket that’s why I ask for Bindi but you didn’t bring that for me and leave

Anu and Tiwari jogging. Anu says to him you should jog regularly. Tiwari says I wish to jog daily with you it feels good. Anu says jogging is done to be fit and you require that a lot. Tiwari and Anu reach to there house. Tiwari says to Anu please give your Yphone 14 lets click a picture show me where it is. Anu says I didn’t got your gift whuch you promise. Tiwari in shock says what are you saying I kept it last night with red ribbon.

Anu says shutup you are lier I told you it’s expensive but you were stubborn to gift me that phone so where is the gift and ask Vibhu what are you doing here come fast I need coffee. Tiwari says to Vibhu did you take that Yphone 14. Vibhuti says keep quiet I don’t steal things mind your language. Rusa jogging stop to greet them. TMT walking on street see Rusa. Rusa get her phone out says look at this my new Yphone 14. Tiwari says commissioner gifted you this. Rusa says no my friends gifted me and you them very well. Vibhu ask who. Rusa says TMT look they are coming and says boys tell them that you gifted me Yphone 14.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says to Angoori I’m giving you chance to stand for election and I’ll make you win. Tiwari says to Angoori you want to stand in election. Angoori nods her head saying yes.Angoori says to everyone I’ll try to make morden colony one of the best and will give jobs to everyone who are not working

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