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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2020 Vibhu says look at Angoori Saree and her blouse is torn, Angoori says it’s a design, Tiwari says her each saree is 10,000. Vibhu and Saxena start laughing, Saxena says we just appointed a maid and her hanky is 20000, Tiwari says are you here for lunch or insult. Angoori says forget it talk to him. Tiwari says lend us money we will return in instalments, Happu walks in and says I heard you are millionaire, Vibhu says don’t worry we will help you as well, Happu says okay my money which you loaned, Vibhuti says we will pay you and says Tiwari pay him 20000 I will adjust in 2 Cr, Angoori says agree to it this will strengthen your relation with him.
Angoori says I made Kofta for you have it.

Malkan and Teeka fall in Vibhus feet, Vibhu asks who are these people they will ruin my expensive suit, Saxena says these are old people help them little, Vibhu says okay give them one lakh each, Saxena writes in a paper, Vibhu signs it and hands that to boys, Teeka says this is a piece of paper, Saxena says it’s a guarantee, our money will come here by next week, so come by then.

Angoori walks to Vibhu and requests for paying Tiwari money, Vibhu says I don’t have any money, Tiwari and anyone insulted me a lot, even you did, but it’s fine with you not the society, a Angoori says this means you are still unemployed and poor, Vibhu says yes, Tiwari hears that, Vibhu says please don’t tell this to anyone especially Tiwari. Tiwari thinks I have heard all.

Teeka and Malkan at tea stall, discussing about having money, master walk to them, master asks them to help him with 15000, Malkhan and a Teeka agree, tear and little paper from each and says here’s 7500 share from each of us, master asks what is this, Teeka says this is given by millionaire Vibhuti. Tiwari says he is lying to us, Teeka asks why will we agree to you, Tiwari sees Helan and says I have an idea.

David calls Helan and says to Vibhu that she is missing since lot of time, Saxena says my mom is missing since morning call commissioner. Saxena gets a call from Kidnapper( Tiwari as kidnapper Helan there with him and Angoori laughing). Saxena says he is threatening. Helan says put the phone on speaker let us hear, Vibhu says to kidnapper I don’t agree my mom is string she will scare you, Angoori says change your voice and talk to him, Helan says vibhu my son save me im so scared.
Vibhu tells David mom is kidnapped and asks for 10 Cr.

Helan and Tiwari ask Angoori to keep quite and tell nothing to Vibhu. Vibhu says I’m missing my mom, David says so am I, Vibhu says then go look for her.

Helan asks Tiwari to call Vibhu again, Kidnapper asks Vibhu did you arrange money, Vibhu says I will but my mom should be fine, David says give them money you anyways have 110Cr.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu tells Tiwari about wall clock issue and she said I told Vibhu but he didn’t listen, Tiwari says I will do it for you. Vibhu says to Tiwari you can support but I will work, hamper falls on Tiwaris head

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Telecast Date:24th August 2020
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