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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2021 Vibhu in his hall sad and drinking. Anu come from outside. Vibhu says to Anu I wrote a poem will you listen. Anu says okay actually I’m in a good mood. Vibhu says poet is expressing his sadness from this poem. Vibhu reads his poem. Anu asks are you done. Vibhu says its left and start saying.

Vibhu says I know Menal didn’t went to London and the person you are talking on phone is not Menal its a man, I know you go and meet that man. Anu says you scared me I thought don’t know what you got to know new, well its just an affair you only told extra marital affair are been over rated so much, I inspired by you and oepn my thoughts my heart… Vibhu says enough what I did wrong.

Anu says I was getting bored, I just wanted some exciting in my lige and you don’t need to be scared if I have 2-4 affairs in the end I’ll come back to you. Vibhu says but this is very unfair. Anu says I want to thankyou, you shared your thoughts on extra marital affair, I’m too tired and leaves. Vibhu says why is she tiered what you did. Anu says I did so much.

Tiwari in hus house sad and having drink. Angoori come in singing. Tiwari asks her to sit and says you look happy. Angoori says yes that’s my nature. Tiwari says tell me how was your shopping with Kamla Mami. Angoori says I loved it so much I enjoyed a lot. Tiwari shouts and says you were having fruit chaat with a man. Angoori says what you were doing. Tiwari says I was watching you how you making me fool.

Angoori says sorry and if you want to have fruit chaat you could have join me. Tiwari says tell me what’s your relation with that man. Angoori says I’m having extra marital affair with him he is my lover. Tiwari says how can you do this. Angoori says I’m inspired with you what you said in talk show. Tiwari says that was for man and these all nonsense doesn’t suites women from good background. Angoori says it means men can do what they want and women cannot, this is not good you opened my eyes, you thought me to love again, now I’ll go I’m feeling sleepy have to go tomorrow again and leaves. Tiwari sobes.

Angoori in garden singing and watering plants. Vibhu standing in middle of road. Master come and ask what happen why are you standing here and you look a bit tensed. Vibhu says I’m angry so much and shouts on him go from here. Master leave and Vibhuti goes to Angoori and greets her. Angoori greets her back and ask what happen you look so tensed. Vibhu says life sucks, I cannot understand should I be happy or sad that you care for me a lot but I cannot tell you anything if I wish to. Angoori asks why am I nothing to you, tell me what happen. Vibhu says I cannot tell what you are to me.

Angoori says I’m your neighbour and its our job to share everything with eachother, express whatever you have inside. Vibhu says I don’t know how will i tell you, actually Anita is seeing someone. Angoori gets shocked and says what are you saying I cannot imagine in my dream that she will have an affair. Vibhu says I also never thought. Angoori laugh and says she is lucky, can do whatever she want, love anyone, she become my inspiration, I would also like to be like her so that can have an affair other then Tiwari and leaves. Vibhu says this is like viral and leaves.

Tiwari and Anu doing morning workout. Anu says do something. Tiwari trying his best to do workout. Anu says you have gone weak. Tiwari gets up and says I’m done, I’m broke from inside, cannot tell whats happening with me. Anu says if you want can share your problem with me. Tiwari says I’ll tell you but you won’t judge me for that and says Angoori us have extra marital affair with someone.

Anu says wow that’s unbelievable, but I really hope she must have chosen a handsome guy. Tiwari what do you mean I’m not handsome. Anu says what don’t overthink so much and if you’ll see Angoori deserve more handsome guy then you. Tiwari what are you saying there was time and girls use to like me alot. Anu says there could be time. Tiwari says I still look good.

Anu says yes you look good infront of some guys like Pelu, Teeka, not Malkhan and Tillu is cute, this is not important how handsome you are I’m happy for Angoori atleast she will get some exposure will rome around and get educated will get street smart, you don’t want her to be street smart. Tiwari says yes I want but her way is wrong she is married. Anu says so what you know what you said in talk show and Angoori is doing same, infact she is so inspiring I should meet her. Tiwari gets sad and start singing in tears.

TMT spying Commissioner in his house from windows. Commissioner on phone with Manohar says I’ll be there shortly and calls his wife saying I was going to take shower should I go. Wife mocks him. Tillu recoding everything in his camera. Teeka says I have plan and shoot him while taking shower and can blackmail him after wards. Tillu praise Teeka for his idea and says I already haven seen where washroom is and go to execute their plan. Commissioner asks his wife where is towel.

Wife says are you blind or what its over there. Rusa come and asks Commissioner are you going to take shower. Commissioner says no I’m going to police station and says a joke. Rusa says can I go first because I have an important work to do. Commissioner says okay you can go first I can do my work afterwards.

TMT goes to backside of his bathroom. Tillu says here is the backside of bathroom, teeka says now here we can set the camera and then blackmail commissioner on this video. Malkhan says after showing this video we will impress him, police will sit and we will do the work. Tillu says now I’ll set this camera to shoot. Commissioner come and tap Malkhan asks him what’s going on. TMT get scared and try to say something. Commissioner says I know how bad people are you but didn’t know you will shoot my sister in-law video which taking shower, you are under arrest.

Vibhu in his house sitting sadly on sofa. Tiwari come and puts hand on his shoulder and sit beside him. Vibhu and Tiwari start crying. Vibhu ask why are you crying. Tiwari says you are also crying and start discussing about there wife’s extra marital affair and exchange there pain.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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