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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2020 Gupta and Saxena tell Angoori someone hit them hard, Tiwari sees Saxena and Gupta and asks who hit you hard, Angoori say behave yourself, we know you are bad man, Vibhu walks to them as beggar and says this man is god, Saxena says but he insulted you, Beggar says he did this so that i understand that i can work and i took this advice of his and started working at juice stall. Gupta and Saxena praise Tiwari, Angoori as wife says look i told you my husband is good man, Angoori as chair person says he is still someone who teases women lets go.

Boys at tea stall, Saxena and Gupta walk there, Malkan says looks like 3 boys hit them, Gupta says how come you know its 3, Tilu covers says we have been hit so hard we understand, Teeka asks are we getting any role, Saxena says yes, Tilu asks what is the character, Saxena says on one condition you will hit us hard, Gupta says i have to go, Saxena says we are committee members so we will be equally hit, boys hit them both hard.

Vibhu eating chips and having alcohol, Tiwari says control, Vibhu says let Dusshera take place then we will drink together, Tiwari says i don’t think so and who was that girl who defamed me, Vibhu says it was me, Tiwari throws alcohol on him, Prem walks to them, Vibhu says you have to help us, Prem I will be. girl and you wilo have to eve tease me and Tiwari will save me this will get him his character back.

Angoori asks Saxena and Gupta why are they hit again. Vibhu as girl and Prem as bad man who is misbehaving with her, Angoori says she is same girl Tiwari misbehaved with, Vibhu calls for help, Tiwari rushes to her and saves her. Vibhu as girl calls Tiwari women saver, god and says sorry I misunderstood you last time, please forgive me, Tiwari says its okay. Gupta praises Tiwari, Angoori as wife says look he is so good. Angoori as chair person says Tiwari is allowed to shoot arrow in Dusshera function.

Gupta and Saxena at tea stall, boys look at them and ask whats wrong, Saxena says the truth is i purposely I asked you to hit us and i wanted to understand who were the people who hit us last night and i am sure it was you three, Gupta says i agree. Saxena says but i am very professional and so have decided to give you main role, Tilu asks which character, Saxena says main Rakshas.

Angoori visits Vibhu and thanks him, and says im proud of you, you have done so much for Tiwari, Vibhu says i have done all this for you, Angoori says cmon you two should stop fighting and be friend’s now, Tiwari comes and hits Vibhu with arrow in his bum and says sorry i missed it.

Angoori listening to music on earphones, Tiwari asks for water, Tiwari remove ger earphones, Angoori asks him how was his health check up, Tiwari ways i am Protein deficient, Angooru asks him to have food cooked by Nourish products.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari on call with Amaji on call asks who is his father. Amaji says your face looks like Chuman lal and nature is like Pandit Rampal.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
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