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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd March 2020 Episode Start With Anu checking Vibhus bills, and scolds him for repeating expenses says am I fool, Vibhu says that is extra light bill due to your new lamp, Anu says one lamp wont, you used that money, if you haven’t show me the bill, you can fool the whole world not me.

Vibhu gets a call, he puts phone on speaker as instructed by Anu, its Ramgulal uncle, he asks Vibhu how he is doing, and says I called you to tell you Reshma is young Vibhu says what do you mean, Uncle says if you accept her I will give you 50 crore, im coming with her.

Anu asks Vibhu who is Reshma, Vibhu says I don’t know anything, good night. Angoori on call with Bhori, Bhori tells her that she thinks her husband is having an affair and starts crying, Angoori says don’t cry I will talk to daddy and we will find some solutions don’t cry, go to sleep now. Tiwari asks whats wrong, Angoori tells about Bhoris situation, Tiwari says these men, even after having such beautiful wife how can they do this, Angoori says im so happy to have you, Tiwari says my love will keep increasing for you.

Angoori and Tiwari hear dog crying, Angoori says this doesn’t sound good, Tiwari says I know, how scary it is. Its actually Saxena acting as dog and making weird noises. Boys see Saxena tied as dog, and crying like dog, Malkan says its saxena whats wrong with him, Saxena says im trying to feel dogs pain, a dog has so much pain when he cries, im trying to feel that, Malkan says what will you get from it, Saxena says the day when you will find answer to what pain gives, you wont be normal, only a mad can understand the enjoyment a pain gives.

Vibhu makes coffee for Anu, Anu asks where is your uncle, Vibhu says enough don’t insult my relatives now, Anu says all your relatives are good for nothing, one we have David uncle who keeps talking about 20 Cr and now this uncle with Reshma and 50 Cr, and he thinks I will give you for 50 Cr, two men walk in, he says hi im Ramgulal, Vibhu says hello uncle, Anu Vibhu take his blessings.

Tiwari watching Anitas picture and says she looks like a butterfly whom I wont to trap in my garden, Angoori says I will get you tea soon, Tiwari says I do have one stupid butterfly in it but want an intelligent one like you, but you never listen. Angoori says look I got you samosa with tea, Amma walks in, Tiwari takes her blessings, Amma asks Tiwari to get her water.

Uncle says Vibhu my Reshma is innocent, Anu says if she stays with Vibhu she will die, Vibhu says how come he is paying me 50Cr, Anu says greedy you, Vibhu says im not accepting her im just saying, Anu says we don’t need Reshma, Vibhu walks Anu aside says I just see 50 Cr, Anu says firstly I don’t believe that he has that amount, and im not greedy, Vibhu says we have lot of cases if your greediness, Anu and Vibhu starts quarrelling.

Amma asks Angoori is everything fine between her and Tiwari, Angoori says yes all very good, Amma says this means Pandit Rampal is very right, Tiwari walks with water and asks what did he say now, Amma says don’t take it lightly hear me out, he said that Tiwari will remarry, Angoori starts crying, Tiwari says I wont, Amma says in future you will, and solution to this is Tiwari has to marry a buffalo.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Uncle says this is Reshma(Buffalo), you have to marry her to some man.

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Telecast Date: 23rd March 2020
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