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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2020 Episode Angoori on call, advices someone not to fight and keep merry with neighbours, Vibhu visits Angoori to write a complain, Angoori asks what was stolen, Vibhu says its an old matter, Angoori says why didn’t you tell before, anyways tell me, Vibhu says my sleep, my peace, all is stolen, Angoori says okay and writes down the complaint, Vibhu says you didn’t ask me who do i suspect, Angoori says sure i will tell me, Vibhu says i can’t say name, Angoori says i cant do this you giving no information, its so difficult, Vibhu says you and your innocence and leaves.

Tiwari is stopped by a man in helmet and asked is he is officer Angooris husband, Tiwari says yes I am and if you want me to help you with some work you can give me some gifts, he says i will and starts hitting Tiwari and then leaves. Vibhu sees Tiwari and asks why are you lying on road think about bhabhiji she is an officer, Tiwari says im being hit because im her husband and scolds Vibhu, Vibhu says cmon dont worry there will be few bad instances.

Angoori gets home and sees Tiwari in pain, Tiwari tells her about incident, Angoori says no worries, he might be in bad phase we should wish him good, Tiwari says you wont understand anyways please apply some ointment. Angoori says okay. Angoori sings for him and applies ointment. Boys at tea stall, Malkan says this book tells about how to do crimes, lets practice pick pocketing, Malkan tries with Teeka, Tilu says you are so bad at it, Tilu says i have one idea, lets steal someone’s car, we will make a master key and then steal a car and then take it away, Malkan says but i cant drive car, Teeka says even im not good, Tilu says me neither, lets steal owner, Teeka asks what nonsense, Tilu says we will kidnap some rich man and then ask for money, Teeka says done we will try Ghanshyam he is very rich.

Vibhu asleep, thief enters his house, thiefs phone rings, Vibhu still asleep, he checks Vibhu, Vibhu is fast asleep. thief opens cupboard, Vibhu sleep talks says bhabhiji you look so pretty in wet hair.

Boys reach Ghanshyams house, Malkhan asks why are we at book door, Tilu scolds Malkhan, Malkhan says look doctor, Doctor asks what are they doing here, Malkhan reveals all plan, Teeka says doctor ignore him, this car is my friends, Malkhan keeps spilling clues, Gupta tells them I was here to treat Ghanshyam but unfortunately he died. Boys shocked, Tilu says why are you kidding, Gupta says im not and leaves.

Vibhu tells Helen and David that they will get the stolen belonging, David scolds you didn’t wakeup even one’s, and couldn’t you lock your house. Vibhu says i have lodged complain calm down, Angoori walks in, Helen and David shock to see her.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari scolds Vibhu, Tiwari says we have to pull her back into the house.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2020
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