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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2021 Tiwari in his bedroom sleeping. Angoori sitting nearby beats him with pillow says he is not waking up need to do something big. Tiwari start saying something in sleep. Angoori throws bowl in her room, Tiwari gets up and Angoori act like talking to someone on phone and being romantic. Tiwari come to Angoori and ask who are you talking to. Angoori says I was talking to my relatives, who came to my marriage with curly hair called me.

Tiwari asks why so late. Angoori says because she sleeps in morning, did you hear what I was talking. Tiwari says no. Angoori prays to god and says it was lady talk not good for men ear and goes to bed. Tiwari hear door bell. Tiwari open door and see a man getting shock from doorbell, asks him who are you. Man says I’m from courier service, I came to give this parcel. Tiwari takes it and ask him where to sign. Man leaves and says repair your doorbell.

Tiwari says its sweet box and a letter from Dadu. Tiwari reads letter saying hope everything is fine with you toda its been 7 years since Kamla Mami died. Tiwari says to himself what’s happening, who was on call with Angoori, is she messing around with me. Read letter further and says why did Angoori lied to me, what’s happening.

Vibhu and Anu having paratha. Vibhu asks Anu why are you not eating. Anu says I’m having. Vibhu says I made there parathas with lots of efforts and you are not eating. Anu mocks him and says do you want me to becom fat after having these paratha and won’t be able to do something outside. Vibhu says so you wanna be slim to do something outside. Anu says I’m getting late let me have coffee and go.

Vibhu says you can go in bedroom and have some rest its Sunday which is romance day. Anu asks Vibhu tell me when we did romance on sunday and speak softly romance can also be done outside bedroom. Vibhu says to want to do romance outside home. Anu says I’m getting late let me gom Vibhuti says where are you going, you don’t have any class today. Anu says why are you investigate me like police, I have enrolled myself in extra classes and run away. Vibhu says need to know what’s going on or else this pain will not go.

Tiwari says to himself I don’t understand why Angoori said lie to me, don’t know who was on call is she cheating on me, I don’t know. Angoori come singing. Tiwari flirts with her and says you look beautiful. Angoori says today I’m looking beautiful and what about daily. Tiwari says sorry and gets annoyed, says to her I realise that I’m unable to give you time. Angoori says now you are realising that you should give time to your wife after so many years you realise this. Tiwari says yes finally I realised so I’ll take you for shopping and will watch movie too. Angoori says today won’t be possible I don’t have time because I have to do shopping for Kamla mamis anniversary and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu meets outside there house and ask eachother you seem to be in hurry. Tiwari says I thought of having ice-cream so going to buy it. Vibhu says Anu also want to have ice-cream so goin to buy it. Saxena come and greets them. Vibhu says tell fast I’m in hurry. Saxena says to Vibhu well you are in hurry but you don’t have nay business so nothing will go wrong if you get late by half n hour and same with you Tiwari, you have shop to open nothing will happen if it get late by half an hour.

Tiwari says tell fast I’m already getting late. Saxena says good news is everyone liked you on talkshow and want to see you both together again. Vibhu says ok tell us topic we will work out on that. Saxena says topic is why some hopeless husband doubt their wives. Vibhu says you got this topic only. Tiwari says why are you teasing us. Saxena says why you both also come in hopeless category. Vibhu and Tiwari slaps him.

Anu in market near pani puri stall with Mr.Gupta says where is Vibhu even while chasing he is late and its so hot. Mr.Gupta says I like your idea of extra marital affair of teasing your husband, if you want to make it more real and take it to another level I won’t say no to you. Anu says well its a splendid idea and in the end me and Vibhu will get along but in these cases someone dies so you’re okay to be dead right, I like your idea, why are you thinking about death just enjoy.

Mr.Gupta says everything is fine lets not take this to another level. Anu says that’s fine and says Vibhuti is here and start acting with Mr.Gupta says thank god I got ready for extra marital affair or I would miss this feeling. Vibhu seeing everything. Mr.Gupta says how did you agree I was trying for last 10 months. Anu says all thanks to my husband Vibhu I got inspired because of his talkshow on extra marital affair which make me happy. Vibhu start crying and says why are you doing this Anu, I tried my best and leave. Anu says to Romeo he is gone now go towards fruit stall Angoori will be waiting for you there go fast.

Angoori says to herself where is Romeo he is not gere till yet and Tiwari is also on his way. Romeo come running. Angoori asks where were you. Romeo says I was with Anita. Angoori says Tiwari will be here you know what you need to do. Tiwari come and Angoori start acting with Romeo, having fruit plate. Romeo ask what are your wishes. Angoori says I want to do scuba diving and I like horse riding and many adventure sports, I would like to do everything with you.

Romeo says you should have met me before so that we both will be married. Angoori says who does marriage there is nothing in marriage my husband is also good but want to have an affair so came to you. Romeo says how lucky I’m that I find you. Angoori says don’t let Tiwari get to know about us, I’m happy getting love outside and inside house and says lets go I need to have icecream.

Tiwari goes to TMT detective agency. Teeka asks Tiwari what can I do for you. Tiwari says I brought a case for you. Malkhan says we are here for you but first guve advance before telling job. Tiwari give advance and says listen don’t let anyone know, come closer, I think so my wife is having affair with someone. TMT shouts and Teeka grabs Tiwari says what are you saying about bhabhi. Tiwari says I have faith in my wife but I saw it from my eyes. Tillu says then get ready and TMT start beating him. Tiwari run away.

Vibhu come and asks what happen. Tillu says we cannot tell you other people secret you says how you come here. Vibhu says I come for my case and here is advance. Tillu asks what’s the case. Vibhu says its personal and I think Anu is having affair with someone. TMT shouts and start beating Vibhu.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Vibhuti you said its fine to have extra marital affair and your these thoughts inspired me to have an affair. Vibhu says its enough.Tiwari asks Angoori what is your relationship with him. Angoori says he is my live. Tiwari says how can you do it. Angoori says you inspired me to do so

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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