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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2022 Anu tells Shukla that she need funds for her business. Shukla interrupts her and tells Tiwari that his business is interesting. Angoori tells Shukla that every man in Kanpur is wearing briefs off Tiwari’s business. Shukla says that he has also seen a lot of briefs from his brand.

Tiwari tells him that almost 60 percent of the shops in Kanpur has his brand. Shukla asks him, how many production units does he have? Tiwari say’s current he have 2 units, and if he gets good investor he will take that number to 5. Shukla tells him that he will invest in his business. Anu gets enraged. Angoori congratulates Tiwari. Anu stares at Tiwari infuriatingly.

Vibhu and David are drinking together. David tells Vibhu that his body is aching a lot and needs massage. Vibhu says that he also needs massage. David and Vibhu starts to argue that, who’s going to give the massage first. Anu comes in and sits with them. Anu is annoyed and asks Vibhu that, why did he invited Tiwari for the dinner? Vibhu says that he only invited Angoori.

Anu asks Vibhu if he dumb, because if he invites Angoori, Tiwari will also come with her obviously. Vibhu claims his mistake and apologises for it. Anu says that Tiwari took her investor and blames Vibhu and David for that. David tells he didn’t invited nobody.
Anu appreciates David’s cooking skills and says the food was delicious. David thanks her. Anu asks David, when did he learned to cook? David starts crying. Anu apologises and asks him, what happen?

David tells Anu their family to be a great confectioner. Vibhu gets surprised. David tells them that they used to have a business name ‘Mishra Chaat Bhandar’. He tells them them that it was the landmark of Kanpur, and everyone used to queue to have their dishes. Anu asks David that why did they stop?

David tells that there was a competitor named ‘Tiwari Chaat Bhandar’ and they started to get jealous of them, so they started mixing unhealthy substances to their dishes, which led to their downfall. Vibhu shakes David’s hand. Anu says that she wants to continue this legacy and tells David that they will reopen their business. David and Vibhu gets shocked.

Teeka and Tillu and goes to tea seller and asks him if he got any work for them? Tea seller denies. Teeka and Tillu starts crying and says that they don’t they will get any work. Vibhu and David also shows up and sits with them. Vibhu asks Teeka and Tillu that why are they looking stressed? Tillu tells them that they are going through a lot. Vibhu says that they must not be getting alcohol in the evening.

Teeka says, no. Vibhu tells Teeka and Tillu that he has work for them. Teeka and Tillu starts laughing. David tells them that he really have work for them. Teeka and Tillu gets serious and asks them, what’s the work? Vibhu tells them that they are opening a food stall named ‘Mishra Chaat Bhandar’ and will need few worker for that. Teeka and Tillu says that that they are ready to work. Saxena also shows up with a big belly and asks tells David that his internal pregnant woman in craving ‘chaat’ and tells him to open it fast.

Angoori is preparing food in her kitchen. Vibhu shows up and greets her. Angoori greets him back and asks him that what’s new? Vibhu tells Angoori that he belongs to a confectionery family and now they have decided to bring back their business. Angoori asks Vibhu about the menu. Vibhu names a lot of dishes. Angoori starts tempting for it. Vibhu asks Angoori if she likes ‘chaat’? Angoori tells him that loves it.

Tiwari is talking on a call and tells his friend that he got a investor when he went for a dinner to Anu’s house. Anu shows up and tells Tiwari that she’s disappointed by his behaviour. Tiwari tells Anu that Vibhu invited him again. Anu tells him to stop lying. Tiwari says that Angoori forced him to come with her. Anu says, okay but asks him that why did he behaved like that with the investor? Tiwari says that the investor was interested in his business, he did nothing and tells Anu that he will try to convince him Shukla to invest in her business too. Anu tells Tiwari that she doesn’t want that and leaves.

Everyone has gathered for the opening of Mishra Chaat Bhandar. Anu says that she’s very proud that she is continuing the legacy of Mishra family. MasterJi asks Anu about the menu. Vibhu says that David will tell the menu. David names a a lot of dishes. Vibhu says that they will even have desserts. Rusa says that she now only eat at Mishra Chaat Bhandar. Tillu tells Rusa that she doesn’t need to go anywhere else. Rusa asks them if they are business partners of Vibhu?

Vibhu replies that they are servants. Prem says that the prices are very high. Anu tells Prem to let them do their business. Dr.Gupta also agrees with Anu. Saxena asks Vibhu if he will use sweet sauces in his dishes. Vibhu says it’s the main ingredient. Vibhu tells everyone that this business is revived just because of David. Everyone starts applauding David. Saxena asks Vibhu if their red chillies will be spicy? Vibhu tells him to shut up!


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Income tax officers raids Tiwari’s house. Tiwari gets scared.

Vibhu gives Angoori ‘Kachori’ and tells her that she has to eat it. Vibhu proceeds to feed her with his own hands.Anu is dressed up to go somewhere and Tiwari gets mesmerised

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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