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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2022 TMT brings tea for everyone and gives a pack of to Vibhu. Ammaji asks for biscuits too and asks Angoori to bring something to eat. Anu asks Ammaji if her purse is okay?

Ammaji replies, she cannot feel anything now. Gyanchand brings a technician with him and tells him to take a look. Technician takes the measurements of drain hole. Malkhan asks him, why is he taking Ammaji’s measurements? Gyanchand tells him not to disturb him and let himdi his work. Gyanchand greets Vibhu.

Vibhu greets back. Gyanchand tells him to keep up the good work. Angoori tells Gyanchand to take severe actions as soon as possible, cause’ he’s not doing any work just wasting time and gossiping around.

Gyanchand tells her that he’s bot a superhuman, he cannot pulls her out with half of his force. Anu says why don’t he bring any crane or something. Gyanchand replies, that this technician is a crane operator only, let him do his work.

Technician takes all the measurements and tells everyone that she cannot be pulled out by any machinery if we use it, she might die aswell. Technician suggests them that, they should let her rest in there for few days and when she’ll lose some weight then we can pull her out easily. Vibhu says that it’s not going to happen.

Angoori is preparing food for Amma ji. Anu greets her from her kitchen and tells Angoori that she got an idea to take Ammaji out. Angoori asks her, what’s that? Anu tells Angoori not to give Ammaji these fatty foods, she’ll get overweight and gonna make it even harder to take her out. Angoori says that Pandit Ramfal told her to give her these foods.

Vibhu is sitting in his house and reciting poetry regretting why he got the job. Anu sits beside him and tells him to do something. Also, tells him to stop Angoori from making food that are high in fat. Vibhu says, what can he do in that? Tiwari walks in and asks Anu how is she doing? Anu replies that, she’s not doing great just because him.

Tiwari apologizes, and puts the blame of Vibhu. Anu disagrees with him and tells him that he’s responsible. Anu also asks Tiwari to stop Angoori. Tiwari listens to her and leaves. Anu tells Vibhu that she needs her paper anyways. So, she tells Vibhu to steal Angroori’s kachories.

Angoori is preparing the last Kachori but, goes inside her house to pick up the call. Vibhu comes to the kitchen window and steals all the Kachories. Angoori sees him and shouts for help. Happu Singh sees him steal something and catches him. Happu uncovers Vibhu’s face and gets disgusted by seeing him stealing food items. Vibhu tells him to shut up. Happu takes him to Anu.

Anu is sitting inside her house and Happu brings Vibhu in. Happu tells her that he caught him stealing food items, and also tells her to keep an eye on him, because it’s not a good thing to steal food items from anyone. He also tells Anu to find him a job. Anu tells Happu Singh that, she ordered Vibhu to steal Kachories for her. Happu gets shocked. Vibhu says that she likes stolen Kachories. Happu agrees and leaves them on their own. Vibhu shows Anu the Kachories.

Ammaji calls Angoori to get her food. Tiwari tells Ammaji she might be doing something wait for some time. Angoori brings Halwa for Ammaji. Anu and Vibhu also comes outside with fruit salad. Vibhu asks Tiwari if they are trying to kill Ammaji by making her eat halwa? Vibhu and Tiwari starts to argue.

Happu also shows up and asks them why are they arguing. Angoori gets angry on Happu and asks him why isn’t he doing anything in this situation? Anu also agrees with Angoori. Happu Singh tells them not to get worried. Suddenly, Ammaji starts laughing and says something is tickling her. After a while she starts screming and says, now something is biting her, something like crocodile.

Ammaji gets pulled out automatically and everyone gets surprised. Anu takes her bag back without wasting any time. A hand peeps out of the gutter. Vibhu asks to check whats in there. Pelu comes out of the gutter. Everyone gets shocked. Vibhu asks him what is he doing in there? Pelu gives him a slip in which it was written that these gutters are made since a very long time, and he has spent much time in there. So knows, every inch of gutter. Everyone starts to celebrate.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ammaji says to Tiwari you don’t have to fight or get in any argument with anyone or someone bad will happen, are you listening to me.Vibhuti teases Tiwari saying you even don’t know who is your real father. Tiwari get’s angry and push him.Tiwari is being prepared to get hanged.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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