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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2021 Angoori calls Raju, Vibhu picks call abd asks her how is she doing, Angoori says i was waiting all day to talk to you, Vibhu narrates a poem, Angoori says wow you can narrate a poem too, such a sweet goat, Vibhu says treat me like a human like your sweet neighbour Vibhu i like him so much, Angoori says you know him too, Vibhu says he is the only one who cares for you think as of if i am him, Angoori says no you are my Raju and did they take you inside Heaven, Vibhu says we are in discussion, and they said if Angoori keeps talking for 1.5 months we will allow you, Angoori praises Tiwari, Vibbu abuses him and says last time you know what he did he slapped me now you do that too in front of everyone, Angoori says i cant he is my husband, Vibhu says slap him or kick him but do it, Angoori says whats wrong with you, Vibhu says okay dont do it but once he forcefully fed me and i poisoning you do that too to him, or else heaven people will send me to hell and i dont want to, Angoori says okay dont be upset i will feed him grass tomorrow in breakfast.

Tiwari asks Angoori for breakfast, Angoori gets him pakodas, Tiwari says is it leafy vegetables pokda but you cooked so it will be delicious, Angoori says before you eat give me punishment, Tiwari says i will eat whatever you give, Tiwari eats a bite and asks Angoori what is it, and takes another bite and says it’s so confusing, Angoori says its grass. Tiwari spits and yells at her. Angoori says its your karma. Tiwari gets angry and leaves.

Vibhu waiting for Tiwari to come out so that he can tease him, Tiwari comes out, Vibhu says did you go to jungle or park, you have grass on your lips, Tiwari says I didn’t, Vibhu says its alright everyone has different cravings. Tiwari gets angry and leaves.

Tiwari visits Anu, and tells her that Angoori gave him grass pakodas, Anu says look i am in no mood, stop crying, Tiwari says i was just trying to calm down, Anu says i have my own stress you make her swear on you and she will tell truth. Tiwari says good idea and leaves. TMT walk in, Anu asks where is video, Tilu says we were about to record but camera didnt work but we have her back photo, Anu sees photo and says oh god so ugly, Malkan says you are so right she was Highly ugly, Anu says forward me this photo, i will kill this girl and Vibhu i wont spare him, Tilu says calm down. TMT leave.

Tiwari walks to Angoori, and says tell me the truth why dod you throw water on me and made me eat grass, Angoori says i am not lying and if you feel so i am ready to take any punishment, Tiwari says okay come here in front of god and tell the truth, Angoori tells Raju asked me to do this, and tells whole truth. Tiwari scolds Angoori for her stupidness and that Vibhu is fooling her, Tiwari says i will show you the proof.

Vibhu on call with Angoori as Raju, Angoori and Tiwari walk in front of him, Anu walks to them, Tiwari says look at his nonsense, he was fooling my wife, she was upset for her goats dead she was close too, Anu says how did you believe it, Angoori says he made fun of my emotions, Anu asks Vibhu why did you do it, Vibhu says i wanted to share her pain, Anu says so sweet, Angoori says sorry, Tiwari says then why pull me into it, Vibhu says because you were behind my wife telling lies about me, Anu says why didnt you tell me, Vibhu says mommy always said don’t show off your good deeds and kindness, Anu says my modest Vibhu but who was that girl with you TMT told me about, Vibhu says ask them to get her, Angoori thanks Vibhu.

TMT out spying, Tilu says i think we are near Vibhus house no one will catch us, Saxeni ma walks to them and they run away.

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Telecast Date:22nd January 2021
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