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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2021 Vibhu washing clothes in garden. Angoori whistle and calls him. Vibhu says is that you bhabhiji, I feel relaxed after seeing you and flirts with her and imagine they both singing and dancing. Angoori throws water on Vibhuti. Vibhu says this is reality and ask were you shopping, you brought so many clothes.

Angoori says these are dirty clothes I brought to give you so that you can wash them, when you are washing already so do mine too today I don’t feel like doing anything, so please wash them iron them and send it okay, I have to leave now wanna make pakoda for Tiwari.Vibhu says I’ll not wash Tiwari’s clothes and throws them away.

Tiwari walks to tea stall and ask for tea he drinks it and spit out, shouts on seller how many yimes I told you not to put sugar in tea. Vibhu walks to Tiwari and says why are you fighting with him, you like sugar. Tiwari says I hate sweet now. Seller says you sit I’ll make another one for you. Vibhu says please make one for me without sugar.

Tiwari says you too. Vibhu says yes I’m coming from temple and this is first time I didn’t offer sweet I offer them kachori, I hate sweet. Tiwari says so you are also involved in 10 years plan. Vibhu says I cooked tasty lady finger for her but she didn’t liked it and she put everything in dustbin, I got angry but gave him orange juice. Tiwari says same thing happened to me my uneducated wife threw away my important papers. Vibhu shouts and says never ever disrespect a woman.

Tiwari says I was angry so much but reacted like I came out of fridge. Saxena walks to them and ask what you were doing in fridge. Vibhu says don’t you say anything it’s all happening because of you and your 10years itch. Tiwari says we have become so much sweet that sugarcane juice is flowing in our body. Saxena says who told you to be that sweet are you jaggery, if you wish yo fight then do it.

Vibhu says you are double standard first you told its 10year itch and now this. Tiwari says what if we got divorce. Saxena says don’t feel bad I have seen many crual things in my life but today I’m in tears I didn’t know worlds biggest ediot and cruel people are in my colony sitting beside me. Vibhu gets up and kick him. Saxena says thank you for the kick but I never told you yo be that sweet to save your relationship, fighting is one the important factor in relation if you will not fight then there will be no spice and Spark in that so ho home and fight with your lady and make a strong bond with your partner and give me fees for my advice. Tiwari and Vibhuti slaps him and leaves.

Anu with a Kalwati from Chant Saheli, she says we believe men and women are equal and respect men, Anu says you have good thought process, she says here is our new edition, Anu reads a article, she asks Anu to keep a gromming session for her magazine ladies. Angoori walks in and says Tiwari left without eating these Gulab Jamun, Kalwati eats one and says how dare he, didn’t you fight with him, Angoori says no we have to be good right,

Anu says actually we are in 10 year itch and so we aren’t fighting with our husband’s. Angoori says I get so angry at times, then I wait for him to leave and remove my anger on wall, Kalwati says who asked you to do this, Anu says your magazine, Kalwati says you don’t read properly, I said behave sweet only when there is salary, Anu says its selfish, Kalwati says see our research says if there isnt fight between husband wife there is no love.

Angoori walks in bedroom and again sees wet towel on bed and scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says just shut up and go dry it, Angoori says enough, Tiwari says if I have to work why are you here, Angoori says you talking wrong, Tiwari says you are bossing me, Angoori says I was requesting you, Tiwari says just shut up or else, Angoori says behave or else I will whistle, Tiwari says go ahead, Angoori whistles, Amaji walks in.

Tilu as woman walks to Saxena, Saxena asks how can I help, Tilu says I am a helpless woman and if you won’t help me I will kill myself, my husband has divorced me and threw me out of the house, Saxena says you must be in pain right, Tilu says I will for my kid, I am pregnant, Saxena says but you don’t look pregnant, Tilu says I am poor and so my baby is thin but I will educate him and make him lawyer and fight against his father,

Saxena says so emotional and inspirational, but your baby you need to take care, lets go visit doctor and conduct your sonography, Tilu says I won’t show my baby to anyone, Saxena insists, Tilu says baby is not in my stomach, I mean not yet, today I will go to my husband with divorce papers and since I am his ex he will fool around with me, but I want a new start for which I want someone to give me 5 lakhs, Saxena says you are alone, so am I, lets marry and I can also give you 60 lakhs.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu reading marriage counseling book, Vibhuti asks her to switch off lights or he will put on radio, Anu says just try

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Telecast Date:21st October 2021
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