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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2022 David tells Anu that he thinks that his property in London, now worth 40 crore instead of 20 crore. Vibhu comes in and says that it’s a win. David tells him that if he won’t interrupts him for few years, his property’s price will be around 50 crore.

Anu tells David to stop imagining these things and also tells Vibhu that she has a client who is also an investor, and is now interested in investing in her business. Vibhu asks Anu, what is the problem in that? Anu tells him that he will be coming tonight for dinner, and tells him to make delicious dishes so he agrees for the investment. Vibhu laughs and asks David if there are people who agrees to invest in a business just be having delicious food?

David says, yes there are few idiots. Anu tells David that he’s not idiot, he loves delicious dishes. Anu takes out the list of food item she wants Vibhu to prepare. Anu names a lot of food items and Vibhu is just listening to her. Vibhu says that he’s not a machine, he can not make this much food alone. Anu tells Vibhu that he’s alone, David can only help him. David gets stressed.

Angoori and Tiwari are sitting together in their house. Tiwari is talking on a call. Angoori shows Tiwari a new saree of her. Tiwari asks Angoori if she bought a saree? Angoori says, yes, and tells him that it’s only worth 15000. Tiwari gets shocked and shouts at Angoori. Angoori tells him that this sarees is a masterpiece. Tiwari tells Angoori that they can get raided by income tax officers anytime.

Angoori asks Tiwari if he doesn’t pay income tax? Tiwari says, no. Angoori gets angry tells Tiwari that he’s stealing money, and always pay it. Tiwari asks Angoori why is she talking so unnecessarily? Angoori asks Tiwari if they cant even utilise their money in their own way? Tiwari gets stressed and Angoori goes inside to try her new saree and tells Tiwari that she will also buy some jewellery next.

Vibhu and David are preparing dinner. Vibhu orders David to cut vegetables. David says that he’s not a helper, he will make the food. Vibhu tells David that if he will make the food, the investor won’t eat anything. David tells Vibhu that he has never seen his inner chef skills. Vibhu tells David to prepare it to test his skills.

Angoori shows up in her kitchen. David tells Vibhu to let him make the food and talk to Angoori for some time. Vibhu pushes David back and tells him to make puri. Angoori asks Vibhu, if she’s looking good in her new saree? Vibhu starts appreciating Angoori’s beauty. David tells Vibhu to focus more on the food, or Anu will kill him. Angoori greets David. David also greets her back.

Angoori asks Vibhu if there are any guests coming over? Vibhu says, yes and also invites Angoori to the dinner. David also agrees with him. Angoori says that she will surely come with Tiwari. Teeka and Tillu asks Angoori that where is she going? Angoori tells them that Vibhu is inviting her for dinner and leaves. Teeka and Tillu asks Vibhu if they can also come to the dinner? Vibhu tells them to leave or else he will break their face. David also tells them to find some work. Teeka and Tillu asks Vibhu and David if they can get some job for them.

Anu comes back from market. Tiwari shows up and asks Anu, what is she shopping? Anu tells Tiwari that there are some guests coming over that’s why. Tiwari says that he will surely arrive. Anu tells Tiwari that it’s a professional dinner, not get together. Tiwari says he can entertain at the time of dinner. Anu again tells him that he’s not coming and leaves.

Vibhu and David are sitting together. Vibhu asks David if every dish is okay? David says, yes. Anu comes in and asks Vibhu if every dish is delicious? Vibhu tells Anu that she also tasted it. Anu says that she’s very nervous. David says that no governor is coming to their house. Anu says that this deal is very important for her. Vibhu and David says everything is alright and tells her to not be anxious.

The investor arrives and Anu welcomes him. He greets everyone that his name is Investor Shukla. They are talking to each other. Tiwari and Angoori also arrives. Anu gets shocked. Tiwari and Anu sits with everyone. Anu tells Tiwari that she’s surprised to him, even though she told him not to.

Tiwari tells Anu that Angoori invited him, and Angoori says that Vibhu invited her. Anu gets angry in Vibhu and says that he should have shared with her. Vibhu says that he didn’t got time for that. Anu introduces Investor to Tiwari and Angoori. Tiwari greets him and starts talking with him in well spoken english. Everybody gets shocked. Anu tells Vibhu that she wants to Shukla about the business and tells him warm the food. Vibhu goes to the kitchen and Angoori also goes with him to help him.

Angoori asks Vibhu if he made all the dishes? David comes in and tells her that he made all the food and Vibhu assisted him. Anu asks Vibhu if the food is ready? Vibhu says that it’s ready.

Shukla is having the dinner and finds it very delicious. So he tells Anu that he wants to invest his money in the her business. Anu thanks him and tells him that she wants to change a lot in her business by introducing nee faculties. Tiwari interrupts and tells Shukla that he also made changes in his business. Anu finds it very infuriating.


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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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