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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2020 Episode Vibhu says to Angoori you are a homemaker dont be upset and if i was your husband i would never insult you, and would keep her like a queen. Angoori says o dont understand what you say and why does Tiwari do this i do this for his sake, Vibhu says try doing something for others then, Commissioner walks in, and greets everyone, says todays news has insulted Police department and now common man is scared of this and we don’t want that we want a friendly honest image with public and so want to appoint a new officer, Vibhu thinks its him, Commissioner says im talking about Angoori bhabhiji, she is honest kind and only she can help us, Vibhu says this is the best chance bhabhiji say yes, Angoori says how will i but, Commissioner says you can, Vibhu says you have that personality say yes. Angoori says yes.

Tiwari wakes up sees Angoori missing and calls her, Angoori says hands up, Police has eyes on you, Tiwari asks whats wrong with you, Angoori says I have a job offer from police department, Tiwari makes fun of her, Angoori tells him the whole scenario, Tiwari says no need of going there, Angoori says i said yes and i have to join duty from tomorrow, Tiwari says deny, Angoori says i have given my word, Tiwari says i said no means no, Angoori starts crying.

Vibhu sees Angoori upset in garden and walks to her asks whats wrong, Angoori tells him, Tiwari denied for her letting to join police department, Vibhu abuses Tiwari, Tiwari walks to them, Vibhu says Angoori bhabhi wants to serve nation and you cant deny, Tiwari says who are you to interrupt in our personal matters, Vibhu says a male who fights for women rights, Tiwari asks Angoori to leave and says to Vibhu that see i dont want to trap her she is very innocent, and you know how department is, Vibhu says dont you understand this is profitable, Tiwari says Angoori will never get into bribe etc, Vibhu says i know, but you if you only say you are her husband, you will be gifted with cash, gifts and free grocery, Tiwari says you are right and calls Angoori.

Angoori in police department, Commissioner says Angoori yiu are first female officer here, Commissioner says we will greet you witj garland, Vibhu says she is looking so cute, Commissioner says bhabhiji salute me, and Happu will teach you so Happu salute bhabhiji, Happu says Mkhava does better, Commissioner says right Malkvana is better police officer, Happu says no i am and salutes her. Tiwari says I’m feeling a little weird. Vibhu says you are so negative. Commissioner says bhabhiji you will behave with public with love and kindness and Happu you will not beat anyone. and Angoori bhabhi would you like to say something to your husband, Angoori says ues, papad is on terrace, keep it inside before it starts raining and wash clothes too, white and color separate. Commissioner says learn from her, applaud I like her approach.

Vibhu imagines, Angoori walking in uniform and he singing for her. Tiwari shooks him and says let’s go.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem tells Angooris photo is in newspaper, Vibhu gets very excited, Tiwari gives him cold looks.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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