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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st January 2022 David asks Prem what was he discussing with Vibhu, Prem says I gave him house keys for security, David says Vibhu is Jewel thief, he has personality disorder, Prem says this is why he kept calling me Peter, David says now no one knows what will happen to your house

Angoori tells Amaji, she is stressed, Amaji says you are strong don’t worry, Tiwari says yes just do as planned, they hear Vibhu’s voice and Tiwari, Amaji go hide.Vibhu walks in with Saxena, Vibhu says to Angoori, Mona I am mad in love with you,tell me why you called me,

Angoori says my father Ghanshyam wants me to marry somewhere else and my father’s happiness is mine, So I said yes, Vibhu says correct, your father is cheap, useless but listen to him and marry but I will have an affair with you. Tiwari and Amji shocked.
Angoori says how can I do that, Vibhu says I like married woman and don’t want to see you upset.

Anu makes David coffee, he hates it, Anu says if you want good coffee, make Vibhu right, David says I hate it when he calls me Chotu, Tiwari walks in cursing Vibhu and asks Anu if I was in Vibhu’s place would you dance for me, Anu says I would for your life, Tiwari says will you sing, Anu says yes,

Tiwari says go watch film with me, go garden, Anu says yes, Tiwari says and if I would say marry me, Anu says I would for your life, Tiwari asks where is this Jewel Thief movie, Anu asks what, Tiwari tells him about his plan and how Vibhu said he still wants to be with Angoori.Anu gets angry listening to this, Masterji walks in and tells the truth to everyone. Anu says now Vibhu will beg for forgiveness.

Rhussa walks to TMT, and says its special day today because I want you three to meet my Jiju Commissioner, but before that I want police records, TMT says we have bo complaints at all, Manohar walks in and says its just about you three all over the records, Tikka says what nonsense are you talking, Manohar says when I will whack you, you will know and you are under arrest, Rhussa asks what did they do uncle,

Manohar says don’t call me that but these three stole Masterji’s footwear from temple, Malkhan says we were there, Tilu says shame on you for lying, Manohar says I have proof and shows Rhussa CCTV footage, Rhussa gets angry and says you three will never understand, Tikka says listen, Rhussa says I hate you, slaps them and leaves.

Vibhu and Saxena, talking to TMT, Vibhu says TMT you insulted me, Tikka says we are insulted because of that CCTV footage, Tilu says this is all because of you, Tilu rants to Vibhu for his behaviour and says we are doing this for Anu, Vibhu asks Katleena to attack them, Angoori walks to them and says my father Ghanshyam, gave you fake jewellery,

I heard him talk to Amaji about fooling you, Vibhu says he tried fooling me I won’t leave him, Angoori says I will tell you where real gold is don’t do anything to him and whispers him the location of gold, Vibhu says you proved you love me.

Vibhu walks in with TMT and see Tiwari lying on floor with knife stabbed, Angoori walks in with Happu and others, Angoori says I gave you the location but you killed my father, Vibhu says I didn’t do this, David says whats done is done now, Anu says right police has seen too, Happu says he will be hanged to death, Vibhu says TMT tell them truth, Tikka says we won’t support you in this, Vibhu says I haven’t murdered,

Anu says s Angoori, surrender now, Happu says you are under arrest, Vibhu says I didn’t kill I am Vibhuti. Tiwari opens his eyes, Vibhu says he is alive, Anu says before I hit you, why did you do this, Vibhu says because you insulted me because of Tiwari and wanted to show whay could be the result and this is it, Anu says I am sorry for yelling infront of Tiwari, Angoori asks Tiwari to apologise, Tiwari says sorry, Vibhu says sorry to Angoori. TMT yell at him too.

Vibhu walks to Anu in bedroom, Anu asks what were you doing in bathroom so long, and I am in pain so massage my hands Ramlal, Vibhu asks who Ramlal, Anu says you, start now, Vibhu flirts with her and both spend romantic time.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori finds her grandfather’s diary, Amaji asks Angoori to read it.Angoori imagines her grandfather talking to her.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
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