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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2021 Angoori doing aarti in gerden. Vibhu watches Angoori and greets her. Angoori greets Vibhu and asks how’s you. Vibhu says tell me hows everything going. Angoori says to Vibhu did you hear about Saxena he has open new local cable channel. Vibhu says he came to and told if you need any female model for your channel then there is one and only our Angoori bhabhi. Angoori says you always praise me like this. Vibhu flirts with her. Tiwari and Anu walking in market. Tiwari flirts with Anu. Anu and Tiwari come and greets Vibhuti and Angoori.

Angoori asks them so you done with your jogging. Anu says yes and Tiwari made my find fresh after saying that I should talk to Saxena for his channel. Angoori says to Anu same to same Vibhuti also told me. Anu says to Vibhu don’t make people dream and same thing applies to you too Tiwari. Saxena come and says to Anu and Angoori if channel is of you son then your dream can become true. Tiwari says this mean you will give them chance. Saxena says they are my mother’s but I came here to talk to you two, there is an talk show on my channel on topic extra martial affairs, so thought you both can talk on this topic very well because you both are good husband. Angoori and Anu thanks Saxena. Saxena says I’m your kid so I’ll go and prepare for my show. Vibhu slaps Saxena and he leaves. Anu gets excited and says to Vibhu now we will wear new clothes. Vibhu says ok I’ll give an order to stitch new suite. Anu and Angoori demands there husband for new clothes. Tiwari there are many old saare wear them. Angoori says no I need new one.

TMT near tea stall fighting for bananas. Rusa come and asks what are you doing. Malkhan says we were fighting because of you. Rusa asks how. Teeka says we had a bet who ever will win, will go out with you. Rusa says you bet on taking me out on date as girlfriend but you know if my commissioner jija get to know about this will put you in jail. Teeka says we are working on winning your heart. Rusa says you need to win commissioner’s heart do something related to his profession that he will be impressed with you. Tillu says mean we need to work as police that is we need to spy so lets open a detective agency. TMT detective agency.

Saxena’s talk show begins with Vibhu and Tiwari as guest and says we have Kanpurs two wierd people and we will talk about extra marital affairs, introduces them as, Tiwari as lingerie vendor and Vibhuti as highly qualified unemployed.
Ammaji calls Angoori to watch show. Angoori says I was making snacks for you and joins her. Ammaji says to Angoori today I’m sure Saxena is mad who calls Tiwari as guest for his first show. Angoori says Tiwari is smart.

Saxena aks Tiwari are you happy with your married life. Tiwari says yes I’m happy and lucky to have Angoori as my wife.
Anu say my Vibhu is looking smart. Meenal says lets see if he talk smart. Anu says he is expert. Meenal says lets see today’s topic is extra marital affair. Anu says Vibhu hates extra marital affair.

Saxena asks Vibhuti are you happy with you married life. Vibhu says I’m very much happy. Anu is the best partner one can have. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says to Tiwari except your wife. Saxena asks Tiwari what are your thoughts about extra marital affair. Tiwari says I beleive in marriage but sometimes it become difficult to control emotions. Angoori gets emotional says what is he saying. Vibhu says I agree with Tiwari, human can’t control there heart, extra marital affair is considered as taboo, sin its time to move on.

Meenal says to Anu look what Vibhuti is saying, we cannot have faith in men. Vibhu says look how western people are so evolved. Tiwari says our wife should think on this. Vibhu says wife should be understanding that there husband will came back. Saxena says I like Vibhuti’s thinking do you like it.Meenal says look what he is doing. Anu says to Meenal its getting late and Anurag will be home you should go. Angoori start crying and says what is he saying. Ammaji says no need to worry I’m here for you.

Vibhu in his bedroom looking at his talkshow says hiw handsome I look no wonder people call me lady killer. Anu come and says I think of hitting you. Vibhu asks what I did. Anu says I called all my friends and told them how Vibhu will teach lesson to one who are in extra marital affair, I want to know is your thinking same as you told in talk show. Vibhu says ofcourse what’s wrong in this you should be proud of your husband how evolve he is says if someone is having cold so he will ask for tea and if you give him cold drink he will run for tea you trying to understand me.

Anu says it means I’m cold drink. Vibhu says no you are hit chocolate I’m not talking about you its about requirements like if a couple is not emotionally connected then he will look for that connection and this lie to both men and women. Anu says really. Vibhu says after listing this don’t you feel how intelligent your husband is don’t you feel proud of me. Anu says I feel like choking you, you turned out to be an average husband.

TMT dressed as detective. Malkhan says to Teeka your head is totally empty I can see Tillu from your ears. Masterji, Gupta and Prem come and reads TMT detective agency and ask what is this. Teeka says think you are out in school and want to know what your wife is doing behind you. Malkhan says or Bhabhiji want to know why Master is always late coming back to house. Rusa come and greets TMT and ask Commissioner to come. Commissioner says to Rusa where did you brought me. Rusa says they have opened detective agency and I want you to do inauguration of there agency.

Commissioner says to Rusa do you even know them. Teeka says we have changed now. Tillu says now we are responsible we will be the first person who will support police. Rusa says you always say to everyone to do something new in your life and they consider you as your idol please do the inauguration. Commissioner says okay but its all because of you so that you don’t get angry and asks for scissors. Commissioner cuts the ribbon.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu asks Anu who are you chatting to. Anu says I was chatting to Meenal.Meenal says to Vibhu Anurag us angry on me. Vibhu says if Anu is not chatting with Meenal then who is she chatting and smiling

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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