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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2022 Angoori gives the bag back to the owner of it. He asks her, if she’s an angel? Vibhu tells him that she’s not an angel, she’s Angoori who lives right opposite his house. Vibhu tells Angoori that he is Mr.Narang. Narang asks Angoori how can he help her. Vibhu whispers to Angoori to ask for job for herself. Angoori asks Narang for a job. Narang tells her that he needs a security bouncer for his club. Angoori tells him that she can do it. Narang confirms her job. Vibhu congratulates Angoori.

Angoori is talking on her phone and Tiwari walks upto her sits at the dining table. Tiwari asks Angoori to serve the food. Angoori tells him to do it himself, as she has to leave for her job. Tiwari get surprised and asks her, what job is she talking about? Angoori tells him that she got a job in a club.

Tiwari asks her if she’s going to serve drinks there? Angoori tells him that she is now a security guard there. Tiwari gets angry and asks her what was the need of doing a job, you don’t even know anything. Angoori says thats why she’s doing a job, so that she can know about the society. Tiwari shouts at her. Angoori ignores him and leaves.

Angoori is standing at the door of the club along with Teeka and Tillu as they are also working as security guards there. A person tries to enter without entry band. Angoori grabs him by his collar and asks Tillu and Teeka to do their work. Tillu and Teeka kicks him out. Tillu and Teeka’s friend Sheela shows up. Tillu and Teeka tells Angoori the she’s their friend Sheela. Angoori replies, what she can do in that? Tillu asks Angoori if she can let her go inside without checking.

Angoori agrees with them and lets her go in.
Tillu tells Teeka that his body is aching. Saxena also shows up and greets Angoori. Angoori asks him, why is he here? Saxena tells her that he’s here to have few drinks. Angoori tells him not to drink. Saxena tells her that he’s here just to acting like he’s drunk just to get beaten up by MasterJi’s stick. Angoori says then it’s okay. Saxena gives the fees of the club and goes in.

Vibhu walks upto Angoori and tells her that he’s feeling so proud of her. Angoori tells her that she’s also wants to feel proud and tells him to find a job. Prem also shows up. Prem asks if Angoori is she’s doing a job as a security bouncer? Angoori says, yes. Prem asks Vibhu to inside with him. Angoori stops them tells that they need to do the Rakhsha Bandhan and get their wrist bands. Vibhu doesn’t wants to do that and starts acting like his stomach is hurting.

Tiwari is sitting alone in his bedroom, and realising how alone he is without Angoori. Tiwari goes to the balcony and sees Anu in her balcony. Tiwari greets her and she greet him back. Tiwari tells Anu that he is feeling alone without Angoori. Anu tells Tiwari that Angoori decided to do the job just because of his taunts and starts to scold him. Tiwari decides to go back inside.

Prem and Saxena are drinking inside the club. Prem asks Saxena, when did he start to drink. Saxena tells him that he can even drink poison to get beaten up. Two strangers are sitting together and decides dance and tease the bar dancer. She calls for the help. Angoori, Teeka and Tillu arrives. Angoori tells the lady to leave the room. Angoori tells them that she will break their hands. They tells her that, she might break her hand while trying to fight them. Angoori climbs up the stage and starts beating them.

Tiwari is sitting alone in his garden. Vibhu comes in and asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari is drunk and tells him that his wife is doing bouncer’s job and you’re asking what happened. Vibhu asks Tiwari if he’s jealous of Angoori? Tiwari asks Vibhu what he would do in the same situation?

Vibhu tells him that he will support her. Tiwari says that he’s lying and tells him that he would live a suffocating life. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he’s out of his mind. Tiwari starts shouting at Vibhu. Anu also shows up and asks what happened? Tiwari is drunk and tells her that Vibhu made Angoori to work and now he’s alone and suffering. Anu calls MasterJi. MasterJi shows up and starts beating Tiwari with his stick. Anu warns Tiwari if he repeats again, MasterJi will beat him again.


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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
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