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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2022 Tiwari disguised as singer at Anita’s door and ask her in musical tome is this Anita’s house. Anita says are you singer Shri Jhannu Lal ji. He says yes and who are you. Anu say’s I’m Anita please come in.

Tiwari says a kind person told me that his neighbour want to learn singing. Anu says he must be Tiwari. He says yes he was and he was saying if I said no then he will kill himself. Anu says he is si stupid person if you not then someone else would teach me. Tiwari thinks she turned my plan in different direction. Anu says forget all this,

make me your student, let’s start. Tiwari says close your eyes and ask her to say I love you music. Anu says is this necessary. Tiwari says yes and you will be blessed. Anu says music I live you. Tiwari says I love you three time and ask her to repeat I love you music in different languages.

Anu says let’s do one thing teach me only Hindi music. Tiwari says okay he take out garland and ask her to make me wear this to get married to music. Anu confused. Vibhu walks to him and says what are your intentions. Tiwari says who is he throw him out
Vibhu says I’m her husband.

Anu says to Vibhu don’t talk like this and ask him to teach music. Vibhu says wait and ask him about his fees. Tiwari says I’ll take 1000rs. Vibhu go away from here. Anu says don’t talk like this and let it go because I’ll pay him. Tiwari mocks Vibhu.

David, Tiwari and Vibhu drinking together. David you both have artist at your house so I’m thinking of taking singing lessons. Tiwari laugh and make fun of him. Vibhu also joins him and says to David have you ever heard your voice. Both of them make fun of his voice.

TMT at home making salad. Teeka says do fast I’m feeling hungry. Tillu says to Malkhan do you remember what we use to talk about salad. Malkhan says yes we use to says give it to animal. Tillu says we have also changed with tike now. Man walks to them and says a parcel is here for you.

Teeka says I didn’t gave any order did you two give. They says no. Man repeat the contact number on order. Teeka says it’s my number but I didn’t gave any order and ask man what is in this. Man says it’s chicken burger. Tillu recognise him and says to Malkhan he is that samosa guy.

He says yes it’s me and I work at restaurant at night and Teeka told me on phone not to tell about parcel. Teeka says are you out of mind. Tillu and Malkhan start scolding him. Teeka says I don’t know anything he is lying. Malkhan says it’s not good yo return food . Tillu suggest him to take it. Man give them burger to eat and leave.

Vibhu disguised as tabla master in Angooris house. Angoori dressed as classical dancer walks to him and welcome him. Vibhu greet her back. Angoori bow down to touch his feet. Vibhu says don’t do this instead you can hug me and ask to start practice. Angoori says yes let’s begin. Vibhu says I’m singing my family song which I have tweaked a little and start flirting with her in song.

Angoori confused and ask how did love you bhabhi vome in between. Vibhu start telling a made up story to her. Angoori says okay and says you are great. Vibhu flirt with her again and ask her to say I love you. Angoori says I love you Ustaad ji. Vibhu enjoy the moment. Angoori says let’s start the practice. Vibhu says okay and they start practicing. Vibhu imagine Angoori dancing for him.

Anu says to Tiwari you sung very well guruji. Tiwari says keep loving. Anu says I also love. Tiwari ask who. Anu says to my husband. Tiwari says no you don’t have to love your husband. Anu ask them who. Tiwari says me and turn ths topic. Anu says I love everyone all of my relatives. Tiwari says other then your relatives who do you love. Anu says my friends. Tiwari says other then them.

Anu says my neighbour. Tiwari get’s happy and says a song by his guruji on neighbour. Anu get’s happy and says you sing so well and what do you mean by romance with your neighbour how is that relatable to music. Tiwari says it’s deeply related and tells a made up story of his guruji about loving his neighbour. Tiwari imagine singing with Anita.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu invite Tiwari and Angoori for dinner with teacher. Angoori says okay no problem and I’ll get chance to meet your guruji too.Vibhu says to David and everyone let’s have dinner. Angoori says no. Anu says let guruji come. Vibhu hit David amd he start acting. Vibhu says I’ll take him to doctor don’t you all worry.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2022
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