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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st July 2021 Anu and Vibhu talking to eachother. Vibhu says I burnt your saree which your mom give you, don’t keep your anger in you here take the belt and beat me. Anu says Vibhu forget it whatever happen and talks to herself Saxena told me to give him relaxation. Vibhu says I was ironing your saree TMT whistles so I went down and start playing board game with them. Anu says to Vibhu you already take care of this big House so no problem if you take a bit break here take your belt. Angoori come and says you should be ashamed how nice is your wife and what were you saying about her you messed everything bye bye.

Saxena in his house Tiwari come and greets and says I heard you handle mind related issues. Saxena says yes tell me what’s your problem. Tiwari says its kind of personal don’t tell anyone. Saxena says I promise you I’ll not tell anyone. Tiwari says there is someone who wants to make me brother but I don’t want to be her brother because I don’t have that kind of feelings for her and from time I got to know I’m unable to sleep whenever I try to sleep her face come and says I want to tie rakhi. Saxena says then why don’t you let her tie rakhe. Tiwari says I don’t want to be her brother I want to be her husband. Saxena shouts on Tiwari and I won’t let you do this and if Angoori will know about this she will not spare you.

Tiwari says calm down I ment to say I want to be her husband in some era but now she want to be my sister so that will be wrong. Saxena mocks Tiwari and Tiwari try to beat him. Anu come to Saxena house and says Tiwari what are you doing. Tiwari sees Anu and remember rakhe scenario he shouts and leaves. Anu asks Saxena what happen to Tiwari. Saxena he was talking about his problem but can’t tell because of client confidentiality issue, well say how did you come. Anu says Vibhu burnt my favourite saree I was thinking to burn his hair but I remember what you said and did nothing now where should I take out my anger. Saxena says consider me as Vibhu beat me take out all your anger on me. Anu says won’t you feel bad. Saxena says that will be prashad for me. Anu start shouting and beating him.

Angoori, Tiwari and TMT in Tiwari’s bedroom. Angoori says to TMT that Tiwari is unable to sleep. Tillu mocks Tiwari. Malkhan says don’t worry we will mske you sleep forever. Angoori says if you make him fall asleep I’ll be greatful. Teeka says ok lets start therapy and says to Tiwari lie down on bed and start singing there lullaby. Tillu says he is not sleeping and sing there other lullaby. TMT and Angoori slept but Tiwari still up.

Vibhu in balcony calls Angoori and says she got to know about last time so she was becoming sweet. Angoori says she is sweet. Vibhu says she is my wife I know very well she is coming go and hide. Anu come and Vibhu greets her. Anu says we will not fight today and will not discuss anything because my day went bad. Vibhu says its good your day went bad and why did you come this odd time. Vibhu says why are you shouting at me you always try to push me down so do it. Anu says what are you saying. Vibhu ssys do you remember someone stole 30000 rs 2 months back I was behind that heist. Anu says why did you do that.

Vibhu says because I want to gamble with local gangster and I’m gang member too, dont keep your emotions inside say them spit it out beat me I have an idea here take this belt beat me. Anu talks to herself and says exactly same thought I was having but I have to obey what Saxena said, Anu says I don’t understand why should I shout at you. Vibhu says because I don’t do anything I’m unemployed. Anu says why are you saying like this when I’m out you do all household work, infact what you told ne shows you have sports men spirit which is good I’ll pray to god that you should be my husband in any life. Angoori listen this and leaves. Vibhu says what happen to her.

Saxena saying to his snake bite properly. Anu come Saxena says come sit here don’t be scared. Saxena says how’s you everything okay. Anu says nothing is right. Saxena says its okay beat me I was saying hold my neck and bang my head into wall nobody has beatun me like this from so long. Anu says I’ll try my best and start shouting snd beats Saxena and says I’m calm know feeling better. Saxena sasy I heard everything now Vibhu does anything like this beat Vibhu or else he will go out of your reach so don’t control your emotions do whatever you want to do beat if you want. Anu says what kind of counselling you are doing. Saxena says this is science.

TMT sitting near tea stall singing. Tiwari come snd says you all slept well. Tillu says from our side there were no issues. Teeka says I swaer my girlfriend lucy if we have tried on someone else he wouldn’t wake up before 2 to 3 months. Tiwari says I was unable to sleep because of you and shouts on them. Malkhan says we are embarrassed but still we didn’t lost hope. Teeka says give us one more chance we will make you asleep. Tillu says in this case we need to know about the roots why aren’t you able to sleep. Teeka asks from when aren’t you able to asleep. Tiwari remember and shouts.

Teeka says case is complicated. Tiwari says I have a question for you if some lady want to make you her brother snd you don’t want to be so what you’ll do. Tillu says any lady who knows us in second or third meet they tie rakhi on our hand. Teeka sasy some beautiful girl never made us brother. Malkhan says they want to make us there son and they put up application for that. Teeka says this problem will be solved so how will you pay in cash, check or RTGS. Tiwari says I’ll pay in casha and slaps them and leave.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari and Anu in balcony. Vibhu says something about Annu’s father Anu beats him with belt.Vibhu lying in Angooris lap and Angoori singing song for Vibhu

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Telecast Date:1st July 2021
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