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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st December 2021 Tiwari and Angoori sleeping in bedroom. Tillu and Malkhan sneaks into there room from window. Tiwari snoring loudly. Malkhan says he is roaring like elephant. Tillu says lets find necklace, you look around I’ll check in cupboard. Malkhan says Bhabhiji is wearing necklace, they walks to them and Malkhan says I don’t feel like taking necklace from Bhabhiji.

Tillu says we came up from using pipe and you want everything to waste. Malkhan says you are right yo change our luck we need to steal this necklace. They both hear something, Tillu says someone is here and they hoeth hide under the bed. Vibhu step into room from window. Tillu says who else know about necklace.

Tiwari in sleep calld Bhabhi and snoring. Vibhu grab his nose and mocks him. Malkhan says this voice is of Vibhu. Vibhu walks to Angoori and flirts with her, he grabs fork and steal necklace says I’m sorry and go out of window. Malkhan says he took necklace with him. Tillu says now what will happen of us. Malkhan says Tiwari is snoring so loudly I think something is stuck. Tillu stops him from speaking and they both go out of bed.

Next morning Tiwari come inside house says jogging with Bhabhiji io so wonderful sometimes she is in front sometimes I, he gets call from Agrawal says how can I help you, he gets shocked says yesterday you gave me order, don’t do this shouts at him. Angoori walks in in tension says we are robbed. Tiwari says where is necklace and he gets call from Gupta, says factory got burn. Angoori says someone stole the necklace.

Tiwari gets call from Jimmi Chandani and he also cancel his order. Angoori says why did Surat party called. Tiwari says I send them sample of undergarments so he was wearing that undergarments and eating dhokla, it fall and left mark and now it’s not going out so he cancelled the order. Angoori says who eat like that and says ask Jimmi don’t he have pants. Tiwari shutup, you cannot handle a lucky necklace and giving me suggestions. Angoori says I was sleeping don’t know who came in and took. Tiwari says who sleeps with necklace you should have kept it in locker. Angoori cries and leaves.

Anu calls Vibhuti. Vibhu walks to her says I was making chapati. Anu says did you brought necklace. Vibhu thinks she is still stuck at necklace, if I give her and she went out wearing that necklace, Bhabhiji will see it and feel bad. Anu ask did you go to Prem for necklace. Vibhu act’s sad says what can I tell Prem’s wife died yesterday. Anu says she was young, fit use to go gym. Vibhu says but who can stop the future, we cannot help it and I cannot ask him for necklace. Anu says this is so unfortunate for Prem.

Prem walks in house and greets Anu. Anu says I’m good and how’s you. Prem says I’m happy because I’m rich. Anu says but money can’t replace human. Prem says you can do anything from money. Anu says but I thought you mist be in pain. Prem says what pain. Vibhu looks at him says yesterday night bhabhiji and give him signals. Prem says yes yesterday night I was in pain but I had drink little bit and got relief from pain. Anu says but your wife. Vibhu give him signals again.

Prem says yes she went. Anu says aren’t you sad. Prem says now what we can do but now I feel free and can live like bachelor’s. Anu says we always wanted you yo be happy but today I cannot digest your happiness. Prem says you both come to my house tomorrow everything will be clear. Vibhu says what’s tomorrow. Prem says I’m throwing a party at my house. Anu says don’t you think it’s not good time to party. Prem says this is the time for party and what’s wrong in that says to Vibhu now I’ll leave I need to invite others too and leave.

Anu says how bad person he is, his wife died and he is throwing a party, I’ll not to his party, yoi will go and bring necklace. Vibhu says his wife died recently and if I’ll ask for necklace. Anu says when is not feeling anything then why are you. Vibhu says he is depressed, he is trying to divert things. Anu says if I die then will you also party. Vibhu says don’t ever talk like this next time and they both leaves.

Malkhan and Tillu enter Vibhuti’s bedroom. Tillu says to Malkhan this is master key we can open any lock from this now see how it works and try to open cupboard. Malkhan finds the necklace in cupboard and gets excited. Tillu says shush someone will hear and they hear voice of someone coming. Malkhan says I can hear voice looks like they are coming. Tillu says wait I’ll see, says we need to hide they both are coming and hide under bed.
Anu and Vibhuti come to bedroom gets romantic and sing and get on bed. Tillu says to Malkhan is this time to do romance.

Tillu and Malkhan on street. Tillu ask him did you kept necklace or not. Malkhan says no need to worry it’s safe with me. Tiwari gets out of his house see Malkhan and Tillu stops them and says thankgod I meet you here I have work for you. Tillu says we will not do because you don’t pay us. Tiwari says listen to me first. Malkhan says talk fast we are in hurry. Tiwari says listen first someone stole necklace of Angoori and she is sad.

Tillu says I have solution buy necklace from my salary. Tiwari slaps him and says it was of gold and ask can you do something. Malkhan says what we can do. Tiwari says you a friend with thief so you might know something. Tillu whispers to Malkhan he is calling us thief. Malkhan says we cannot do anything. Tiwari says I’ll pay you how much you demand, gets call from Mittal about cancelling order, he says do something. They say yes and leaves.

Tillu and Malkhan ask Rusa to open eyes. Rusa see necklace and says it’s so beautiful from weher did you buy. Malkhan says we steal it. Tillu change the topic. Commissioner walks in they both salute him. Commissioner says to Rusa you are here I was looking for you there is a good news for you, Kanpurs collector has send a relation for his son.

Rusa get’s excited and says today is lucky for me they both gifted me necklace. Commissioner says that’s very good brother have already bought necklace for sister and ask Rusa to leave. Rusa thanks them and says you are invited to my marriage. Commissioner ask Rusa to stay away from boy’s like them and they leave. Malkhan says we steal that necklace to change out luck but Rusa’s luck change and she got proposal for marriage. Tillu says don’t worry we will steal that necklace. Malkhan says I’m ready to steal back.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amma says to Tiwari your order are been cancelled. Tiwari says yes. Ammaji says that’s why you have to sit inside vessel wearing underwear and meditate and Angoori will light fire below.

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Telecast Date:1st December 2021
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