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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2021 Angoori upset due to Rajus death, Tiwari tries to convince her to have food, Angoori says she doesnt feel like having food, i just see his face, Tiwari says you will have to for sake of Raju, im so jealous, Angoori says don’t be, he said you are good man, Angoori says i will pray to god that i find Raju again next life, Tiwari asks what about me, Angoori says i will pray you become Goat abd Raju my husband, Tiwari says okay have food, Angoori says i cant i will sleep and dream about him.

Angoori balcony crying missing Raju, Vibhu sees her and feels bad, Angoori sings a sad song, Vibhu says im so over whelmed and says for first time im not jealous seeing her love someone else and i will reduce her pain.

Malkan crying at tea stall, Tilu asks what happened, Malkan says he got 2000 and forgot my friendship, Tilu says change my name if i dont get that money from him and hides seeing Teeka. Teeka walks to tea stall with alcohol, Malkan asks him to share, Teeka denies, Tilu calls Teeka saying its his garndpa from heaven, Vibhu watching them. Teeka says Grandpa all good, Tilu says all good and i can see you handsome, Teeka asks where are you but, Tilu says heaven, anyways how are you, Teeka says very good and what about you, Tilu says i am being shifted from heaven to hell because of you, took 2000 from road and enjoying alone, share it with your friends, i see your friend beside Malkan, share with him give him that bottle, Teeka says okay and hands bottle to Malkan, Tilu says hand the change too, Teeka says okay and hands to Malkan. Tilu says okay i will call you again bye miss your grandpa and beautiful ladies are waiting for me.

Tilu walks to Malkan and both leave. Teeka emotional that his grandpa called and then thinks when did my garndpa died and figures its Tilu who fooled and runs away. Vibhu says i got an idea.

Tiwari visits Anu, and asks you called me urgently whats the issue, Anu says remember you told me about after 40 affairs of men, so i think Vibhu has an affair, Tiwari asks how do you know, Anu says i made him his tasty kheer and Meenal told me this is clear sign that he has an affair, Tiwari says but doesn’t have good looks nor money, Anu says my Vibhu is so handsome, and i have to do something, Tiwari says you do an affair too, Anu says shut up, TMT walk in, Tilu says come aside we have to tell you something, Tiwari says tell me here, Tilu says give me my salary, Tiwari has an idea and asks Anu can he appoint TMT as spy, Anu says good idea.

Tiwari asks TMT to spy on Vibhu, Anu says i will pay 10000 each, Tilu says your work will be done, we will inform every detail, Tilu asks Tiwari for advance, Anu gives them cold looks they leave.

Vibhu visits Angoori and sees she is very upset, Vibhu says if you stay upset his soul wont be peaceful, Vibhu tells Angoori that he had made friends with a lizard and misses her and then he mate a baba and told about Angooris case too and baba said yes and gave me magic phone, its magical phone this will connect you to Raju, just press the green button and just keep it between us or the connection will break, and call at 1.30 am, Angoori says okay, and i feel like doing something with you, Vibhu gets shocked and says we will cross lines, Angoori says how does touching your feet makes crossing line, Vibhu says okay do call bye.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori asks on call do you have last wish, Vibhu says when Tiwari came to our village he poured cold water on me you do that to Tiwari, Angoori says I can’t he is my husband,Vibhu forces, Angoori goes pours water on him.

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Telecast Date:19th January 2021
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