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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2021 Angoori in kitchen saying to herself this time Ammajis ritual are not working well I lost 3 chains. Vibhu come and asks what’s happening this time Anu was with you she is black belt but still. Angoori says to Vibhuti she was right till the time she was with me no one came, but then one goon came and Anu was busy beating him till that time 2 goons came to me and looted my chain.

Vibhu says this mean these gang members are smart and they disguised you two to for chain, do you remember there face do they look like me. Angoori says no and I don’t remember there face I got scared when they came and closed my eyes till that time they snatch my chain. Vibhu says did someone snatch your chain. Angoori says no they requested me join there hands in front of me saying Bhabhiji give me chain so I gave him and after that I cried a lot. Vibhu says you should have resisted. Angoori says what can I do I’m emotional.

TMT sitting near in market. Teeka says look at me I’m looking handsome in this jacket. TMT flexing over stolen things. Malkhan says keep quiet if someone will hear we will be in trouble. Tillu says no need to worry Vibhu stole everything. Malkhan says we made Vibhuti steal from his chacha. Tillu sees Malkhan says why are your eye brows and moustache white. Teeka says you look old. Malkhan says I put on London cream which I got from chacha’s bag. Tillu says now I now why are they white.

Teeka says I swear chacha was having lot of stuff with him. David joins TMT, they ask him why is he upset, David says once a lions nephew befriended some donkeys, Malkan says who was nephew, Tilu says obviously a lion not a donkey, David says this time nephew was donkey, and he stole his own uncle, will go bathroom and tell you remaining story later.

Vibhu asks TMT did you see uncle, Tilu says yes he just left, Vibhu says dumb people couldn’t you wait wearing his stolen clothes, Tilu says he didn’t understand anything, Vibhu asks Malkan what happened to his face, Malkan says I used fairness cream from uncles bag, Vibhu says it was hair removing cream and is there any other Gulzar gang, Tilu says who is it, Vibhu says there is someone. David walks to them with Happu, and ask him to arrest TMT and Vibhu, Happu says let me investigate, David asks you want bribe, Happu says stop it, David says look my own nephew has stolen me, Vibhu says I am innocent, Happu says shut up, David says TMT remaining story is bad deeds have bad consequences.

TMT and Vibhu arrested and in colony, David says my property was your why did you do it, Vibhu says you are responsible for this, I never got any money, all this is out of frustration and arrest him and not me, Happu says you are under arrest David, Vibhu says lets go uncle have fun together, David whispers Happu lets go tonight you will have lot of fun. Happu starts laughing. TMT says how long will we stand here, Happu says till whole public see you, TMT says god public doesn’t spare hit where ever they want to, Teeka says god, Vibhu gets scared,

Tilu says call bhabhiji she will help you, Vibhu calls Anu for help, Happu says people of colony we have Gulzar gang in front of you, Anu, Angoori, Tiwari walk out, Anu asks what’s wrong, Happu says Anu I respect you but don’t support, Everyone asks Anu not to support them. Prem says you abused me and look at your husband. Anu says actually all 4 are innocent, Prem says she is trying to save him. Master says I won’t allow. Anu says listen to me first, me and Vibhu had bet that, Vibhu will groom TMT and I thought no one can groom them, Angoori says I have taken care of all of them and look what they did, Anu says I asked TMT to do it, David says I knew she was behind them.

Tiwari starts crying, and says arrest me bhabhiji is innocent, Anu says shut up, they all did this to make Vibhu realise and value my grooming class, once while I was grooming a student and Vibhu wanted to spend romantic time and we fought and Vibhu challenged me that he will groom TMT and so I called TMT for help and all stolen things are with me. Happu says give it to police and all collect it tomorrow.

Vibhu says Anu just for a challenge you did all this, Saxena walks to everyone and asks a riddle and gets beaten.

TMT together, Tilu says this gang and all is so risky, like someone will attack us anytime, Malkan says requires lot of dare, they hear some voice and men in white walk to them, Tilu asks who all are you, They say we are real Gulzar Gang members, and this gang was to explain Gulzar poem but you insulted us, and we will leave you only when you explain us some poems, TMT unable to.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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