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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th September 2020 Vibhu greets to Angoori in garden, and asks how is she, Tiwari and Anu on walk, Tiwari praises Anu for her stamina, Anu asks Tiwari to watch a show she and Angoori will air on, and it is on women protection, Angoori says and also if we respect other men then our husband and I’m going to talk about Vibhu, Vibhu says thank you so much, Anu says and I’m going to talk about Tiwari, a Angoori invites Anu to come look at her saree, Vibhu says Anu knows who to respect first and its me.
Prem joins them, Vibhu asks where are you going he says band, to have tea, they always invite me because they know I am rich, Tiwari says which bank will be open at this hour, Prem says I’m visiting a Baba who helps reach any goals, and he has helped me a lot, and Vibhu I think you should go, Vibhu says I don’t need.
Teeka Malkan Tilu pass by making announcements That they will do any work.

Angoori and Anu at chat show, Anu is asked what does your husband do, Angoori answers her husband does all household, he is very nice and corrects my English too, he is very sweet, Anu is asked so your husband who is house maker does it so happen that he is waiting for you like a wife, Angoori says no no you will find him at ours, he likes to have food and I like to cook, Anchor says to Anu your neighbour knows. A lot about your husband, Anu says yes he is very friendly, Anu is asked who does she respect other then her husband, Anu says her husband Tiwari.

Tiwari visits baba, Baba says tell me what love problems you have Tiwari says bhabhiji, Baba says you are shameless man, And your face tells me other than your wife no one likes you, and I know your wife’s and that lady’s name both start with A, Tiwari says you are great, Baba says on,y way to her heart is creat hatred first, turn to a worst human and your work will be done.

Anu says I respect Tiwari because he is very gentleman, he never crosses the line, Anchor asks Angoori what does her husband do, Angoori says he owns a shop, Anu says he owns a shop named Chameli lingerie shop, and he is big hearted man, Anchor asks Angoori who does she respect other than her husband, Angoori says Vibhuti, Anita’s husband.

Vibhu visits baba, Baba says bless you unemployed tell me why are you here and how is your beautiful wife, Vibhu says how do you know all this, Baba says I can see you and predict all this, Vibhu tells about love with neighbour, Baba says I know both your wife and love have name from A, Vibhu says wow you are too good, Baba says to win her heart, you have to turn into a very disrespectful man, she should hate you.

Angoori says Vibhu is very nice man and he is very gentleman, and very poetic and respects me a lot.

Happu helps boys put their poster, Malkan says don’t tell me, Happu says I will have invested in this business, Teeka scolds Malkan. Happu says I have given you boys money and doesn’t mean you will do any work g work u der this business it has my name, Tilu says we promise we won’t cross lines, Happu says profit will be 50% shared, Boys say yes, Happu says I don’t want any problem in calculations. Tilu says don’t worry we will follow all your guidelines.

Malkan says to boys later why did you agree to Happu, Tilu says go with flow or else we won’t fund us. Vibhu walks to boys and ask what is this will you do any work, Teeka says it’s not for you because you have to pay 1000₹. Vibhu says I will pay you 1000₹ and hire you.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Angoori says to Vibhu that she won’t consider him good man. Anu says to Tiwari that she hates him.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2020
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