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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2021 Tiwari, Vibhu and Prem sitting together and having drink in store room. Vibhuti says it feels so suffocated over here is there any way for air over here, I wish to go from here. Prem says to Vibhu its not possible. Anu and Angoori listing yo them from outside the door. Vibhu says to Prem its all because of you. Prem says I brought you here to help you but you are so unlucky I didn’t know that. Vibhu says forget this think about how we will go from here and it should be short cut way. Manager come and says think of any shortcut but there is no way out, I do have same situation like you 10 years ago I was with my girlfriend but some people from here made me do gambling and madam Noori made me slave here for my life. Vibhu says I’m sorry we do believe your story and mocks him. Manager says shutup you will wrote here and if you try to run from here, Manager call Shakal and ask him tell them what you do if someone try to run from here. Vibhu, Prem and Tiwari gets scared. Angoori and Anu listing to everything. Angoori says so this is the reason. Anu says to Angoori I have a plan.

Angoori goes to counter and talks to herself saying I know everything Tiwari but need to check how long can you hide your situation from me. Angoori calls Anthony and ask tell me are you married. Anthony says yes I’m married, and ask why are you so interested in my marriage. Angoori says there is no fun in my marriage now. Anthony says is there any issues with you husband. Angoori says why are you looking there look at me talk to me, tell me how’s your married life going on. Anthony says till now it was good but know god is owner. Angoori says my marriage is also boring my husband is very bad person. Anthony says you should not say about your husband like this and its not good to say something bad about your husband in front of somebody unknown. Angoori says you are not unknown you feel like someone close, have you ever did romance. Anthony run away.

Vibhuti disguised as Akhbar cleaning glass. Anu come and says hi and ask according to your name how many fort you build. Akhbar says to Anu by keeping name person doesn’t follow the same personality. Anu says you are right my husband name is Vibhu and I never saw him attending any puja. Akhbar says if he doesn’t do any puja so he must be devotee to his wife. Anu says yes he is devotee and insults him. Akhbar says why are you insulting your husband. Anu says I don’t know why but you seem familiar. Akhbar says let me keep these glass.

TMT sitting together in there room. Teeka says I’m feeling very tiered. Tillu says you are right becoming camel is so exhausting. Malkhan says to get something you have to lose the lure. Teeka says lets have one drink. Tillu says he said not to drink water for 24hrs. Teeka says but its drink and TMT start arguing on drink. Malkhan says drink fast so we will feel relaxed. TMT agrees and drink. Tillu says it was good and Teeka says lets drink ine more. Malkhan says wait we have to work for Shakeh tomorrow morning.

Prem says to Tiwari and Vibhuti I’m feeling good over here when I was home everyday in evening after being exhausted I go to my home and be slave of my wife, but here I feel good and you should also change your habit, am I mad here talking alone. Vibhuti says Anu was saying to Akhbar that she is fedup with her husband. Tiwari says Angoori was saying she is bored from her marriage. Vibhu and Tiwari start fighting. Prem says stop fighting shutup. Prem gets call on intercom and says to Tiwari you need to go in room no. 502. Tiwari gets shock and says that Angoori room. Prem gets another call on intercom and says to Vibhu you have been called in room no. 501 he gets shocked and says that’s Anu room.

Angoori in her room drinking juice doorbell rings Angoori says come in room in unlocked, Anthony I’m thinking of calling you different name. Anthony says what name. Angoori gets romantic and calls him darling. Anthony says you are forgetting that you are married. Angoori says so married women don’t says darling. Anthony says yes they say but not to unknown. Angoori says you consider yourself unknown. Anthony says you have husband. Angoori says my husband is a kind of item to be kept in home or shop, I want to do romance with you.
Gupta come to TMT room and says Shakeh is coming. Teeka ask why is he coming now. Shakeh enters the room and ask what you three boys are doing. Tillu says we were taking rest. Shakeh says camel dont take rest in night they play during night time, they dance on tree, you three are camel right now you should know how camel goes on tree and dance now show me how camel go on tree and dance. Teeka start dancing seeing him Shakeh says bear dance like this and ask Teeka to dance. Shakeh says dog dance like this and ask Malkhan to dance. Malkhan start dancing, Shakeh ask him to stop and says Chicken dance like this. Teeka says you only tell me how camel dance. Shakeh gets up and start dancing.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori having romantic time with Anthony but he feeling awkward.Akhbar says to Anu I’ll do romance with you, should I massage your legs. Anu start dancing and throws him on sofa

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Telecast Date:17th June 2021
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