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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2022 David is packing his clothes. Vibhu comes upto him and asks him, if they can start their act. David tells Vibhu to hurry up! Vibhu calls Anu. Anu arrives. Vibhu tells Anu that David has packed his, and is now leaving. Anu starts acting sorrowful and says that she wants him to stays here for ever

Vibhu stares at Anu. David tells Anu that he has to leave because he doesn’t to be a liability to them. Anu asks David if he is upset from her. David says, no. Vibhu tells David to write a letter when he reaches London. David tells him that he will call him. Anu tells David to don’t forget them. David tells her that he will never forget them, as they are like his kids.

Vibhu tells David to get married soon. David gets up and gets a heart attack. Vibhu and Anu gets worried. Vibhu calls for help. Saxena rushes in and asks, what happened? Anu tells Saxena that David got a heart attack and urgently need medical assistance. Saxena tells Vibhu pick up David and take him to his ambulance.

Saxena is driving the ambulance and Vibhu and David are at the back of it. Saxena is rash driving and taking sharp turns. Vibhu and David are screaming for help.

Anu is worried about David and roaming around the room. Tiwari comes in and sits with her. Tiwari asks Anu why is she looking so worried? Anu tells Tiwari that David got a heart attack. Tiwari asks Anu is he’s alive? Anu tells him that he’s alive and currently in hospital. Tiwari asks Anu, how can he help her? Anu tells Tiwari that she can’t take care David anymore because she also has to go to grooming classes.

Tiwari tells her that he can help her in that situation. Anu asks him, how? Tiwari tells Anu that Angoori is craving to help an old man. Anu asks Tiwari that where is Bhoore? Tiwari says that he’s in Bangkok, living is best life. Anu again asks Tiwari, how can he help her? Tiwari asks Anu if he can take David with him at his house? Anu says, sure, why not. Tiwari says, okay. Anu gets excited and tells Tiwari take David with him as soon as he returns from home. Tiwari agrees with her.

David and Vibhu are at hospital and Dr.Gupta is treating him. David is screaming in agony. Dr.Gupta tells him to shut up and says that he didn’t got any heart attack. Vibhu shouts at Gupta and tells him to check properly. Dr.Gupta again says that David didn’t got may heart attack. Vibhu again shouts at him and tells him that David got an heart attack. Gupta gets angry and tells Vibhu that he can take him to a heart surgeon, and if he says that David got an heart attack, he will burn his doctor’s degree.

Vibhu tells him that he was just testing and he passed the test. Dr.Gupta asks him that what is he getting after passing it? David says money. Vibhu explains the situation to Gupta. Gupta tells Vibhu that he cannot lie about this. David tells him to shut up. Vibhu asks Gupta that how much money does he want for this? David says that he will give 500rs and tries to take move his arms, but he couldn’t.

Dr.Gupta takes the blanket off David and tells him that both of his arms are fractured. David asks Vibhu that when did this happen? Vibhu says, on the way to this hospital, inside the ambulance all because of Saxena. Vibhu tells Dr.Gupta to remember everything he said. Tiwari comes in and asks Gupta, how’s David’s health now? Gupta tells him that David’s heart is fractured.

Tiwari gets confused. Gupta tells Tiwari that he calls heart attack, heart fracture and invented this word. Tiwari asks David, if he will come to his house, he and Angoori will help him a lot. David denies. Vibhu whispers David to say yes so that he can also meet Angoori regularly. David tells Tiwari that he is ready to go with him. Saxena comes in and brings the bill of his ambulance. Vibhu slaps him.

Tiwari brings David to his home on a wheelchair. Tiwari calls Angoori. Angoori shows up and gets excited to see David. Angoori tells David they she wanted to help an old man. David asks Angoori how can he eat food? Angoori tells him that she will make him eat by her own hands. Tiwari tells David that he will bring some servants for him. Angoori tells Tiwari to not get any servants, she will do all the work.

Tillu and Teeka brings fruits to sell inside Tiwari’s house. Teeka tells Angoori that these fruits are imported. David asks Teeka if they bought an airplane? Teeka tells him that these fruits are imported through trains. Tiwari shouts at them and tells them to take these rotten fruits and get out of his house.

Angoori stops them and says that she will all the fruits for David. David asks Angoori if she will make if eat rotten fruits? Angoori tells David that these fruits look fresh. Teeka also tells David that the fruits are fresh just like them. Tiwari again orders them to get out! Angoori asks Tiwari that why is he so selfish? David also agrees with Angoori.

Vibhu and Anu are sitting together at the dining table and drinking together. Anu tells Vibhu that she is feeling very relaxed now. Vibhu tells her that she was relaxed even when David was here. Anu asks Vibhu that how is she looking?

Vibhu says, beautiful. Anu tells him to complement her by a poetry. Vibhu starts reciting a poetry to complement her beauty. Anu appreciates his poetry. Vibhu thinks that he wrote that poetry for Angoori. Anu gets a call from Tiwari. Vibhu picks it up and tells him that Anu is busy in drinking wine.

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