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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th May 2022 Angoori in her bedroom reading her poem on her food, says what have I written and laugh and says Tiwari will get happy after hearing my poem. Tiwari walks to her and ask what are you telling, don’t says any song because I’m not in mood. Angoori says I’ll tell you poem, I have written on my food. Tiwari mocks him. Angoori says you are disrespecting me for my poem. Tiwari mocks him and says a funny poem and goes to sleep. Angoori get’s angry.

Vibhu and Prem gambling. Prem says my bet of 5000 rs. Vibhu and Prem show there card. Vibhu says I lost total of 73,000rs and congratulate him. Prem says that’s okay but when will you return my total 75,000rs. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll give you your money, I’ll call waiter. Prem says he will ask for tip and this hotel is costly. Vibhu says I’ll get something from outside. Prem ask him to bring snacks and get a pan for me.

Anu cursing Vibhu for his behaviour. Angoori busy with her poem and call Anu to tell her poem. Anu picks call and greet Angoori. Angoori says now a days I’m writing poem. Anu says this is great. Angoori tells her poem.

Anu says wao that was great and says to Angoori I’m getting an urgent call. Angoori says okay is Vibhu there. Anu says no he is not there, when he will be here I’ll ask him to call you, he will be here soon. Angoori says okay and hungs up. Someone rings doorbell. Anu open door and see David, she walks in.

David walks to her and ask what is this behaviour, I came from London and bo greetings. Anu says this is not your first time and I doubt you go to London or not because I never saw you sitting in flight. David that I have also not seen myself flying, I go to airport and drink a lot then when final call is announced few people come and make me sit on my seat.

Anu says I don’t understand your character, why don’t you get fresh and I’ll get something to eat and she leaves. David says I also don’t understand her character. Angoori says I’ll catch Vibhu out and tell him poem.

David and Anu having coffee. Anu ask do you want anything. David says I’m good, you gave me coffee after dinner I’m okay, sometimes your nature is very different towards me. Anu says if you transfer your will to us nothing will go bad for you. David ask are you threating me. Anu says I cannot do this to you or your nephew.

David ask where is Vibhu. Ani says you might know him about Vibhu and sometimes I doubt is Vibhu your son. David says Vibhu is my nephew but few of our habits are similar so people think he is my son. Anu ask what all habits are similar. David tells about his habits. Anu says yes he have same habits and says I don’t understand both of your characters and calls Vibhu.

Vibhu picks Anu call and ask what happen is something wrong. Anu says nothing is wrong, David is here. David shouts where are you. Vibhu says I’m on the way. Anu says come fast. Vibhu outside Angooris house.

Angoori stop him and tells him I wrote poem on food. Vibhu says I got an important call from Anu so I have to leave I’ll listen to your poem in morning. Angoori says you will hear my poem tomorrow morning. Vibhu says don’t worry if I die my soul will come tomorrow to listen your poem. Angoori says okay then we will meet tomorrow.

Anu in her bedroom calls Vibhu. Vibhu in cricketers uniform walk to Anu and ask her how are you. Anu says what is thisyou are just wearing hat and gloves where is rest of the kit. Vibhu says I’m not a cricketer I got gloves and bat so I came with that. Anu says from next time wear kit and come to me.

Vibhu flirt with Anu and says you want to romance with cricketer so you have bring the kit. Anu says let’s restart again. Vibhu makes faces. Anu scolds hi. Vibhu say’s sorry and start again. They both start acting. Anu praises Vibhu and flirt with him. Vibhu get’s call from Prem. Anu says keep it says we will talk tomorrow. Vibhu says tvis must be important, he picks up phone and ask him why are you crying.

Prem says I had a fight with my wife. Vibhu says I’m having romance with my wife and she don’t want to be disturbed. Prem says atleast ask me why we had fight and says I told her that one person lost 75,000/- to me then he ask where is money, I told her that he will give later then she start cursing and ask who is he, she beat me a lot but still I didn’t give your name.

Vibhu ask are you alright, don’t worry I’m here, you deserve more better women then your wife. Prem says I just tease her and they both start talking to eachother. Anu waiting for him to disconnect call. They both talking about there wife’s and start gossiping about other people wife’s. Anu goes to sleep. Prem and Vibhu talking to eachother till morning.

Next morning. Tiwari and Anu in market having coconut water. Tiwari says to Anu will you mind if I ask you a question. Anu says ask. Tiwari ask her why are you sad. Anu ask how do you know that, you are right I’m sad. Tiwari ask is Vibhu is the reason. Anu says yes. Tiwari says divorce him.

Anu scolds him and says give me a way to clear things out and tell we were in good mood last night but then Prem called him and he got busy with him till morning and I went to sleep. Master and Gupta walks to them and ask vendor to give them coconut water. Master says I was talking to one of student and you ran away. Anu says you don’t jog you take baby steps. Tiwari and Gupta laugh.

Gupta says you are right Anu. Tiwari and Gupta mocks Master. TMT walks to them and greet Anita and Tiwari. Anu ask them wait a minute did you guys went to temple and why are you taking blessings.

Tillu says we filled to form for Kanpur cricket club. Malkhan says they are about to announce there result so we need blessings for that. Teeka says we will be selected for cricket team. Anu ask do you know how to play. Teeka says I’m spinner, Tillu is batsman and Malkhan us fielder. Tillu says I swear we will break everyone’s record and TMT will be famous. Tiwari mocks them.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu looks at saree says tis is gorgeous. Tiwari says only one is left from three saree. Anu ask what did you bring for Angoori. Tiwari says I bought something for her. Anu says but you said this is only one piece available.Vibhu says to Angoori says your poem. Angoori about to tell her poem but Prem come in between and ask Vibhu to come and sit with him. Vibhu says Angoori is telling her piem. Prem says do you want this poem to cost 75,000/- rs to you. Vibhu sit with him. Angoori says to Vibhu this is wrong.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
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