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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2021 Angoori and Anu talking on Phone with Tiwari and Vibhuti discussing about holiday. Anu asks Vibhu where you went to buy land on mars why is it taking so long to crack deal. Vibhuti says we are looking for a good piece of land. Angoori says please finalize your deal fast. Tiwari says bye and hungs up call. Vibhu says to Tiwari stop talking rubbish and think how we can save ourself from our wifes.

Anthony taking Anu to her room while singing. Anu says don’t sing, and ask where are you from. Anthony says I’m from Goa and ask where are you from. Anu say I’m from Kanpur. Anthony start talking about her marriage and ask about his husband. Anu says his name Vibhuti Narayn Mishra. Anthony says to Anu if your husband has Vibhu in his name he must be unemployed. Anu says how do you know my husband is unemployed. Anthony says I’m very interested in astrology so he must trouble you alot and doesn’t care much I have a suggestion for you divorce him it will be better for you and your life. Anu says get lost and shut the door. Akhbar takes Angoori to her room. Angoori says brother keep that bag over there. Akhbar throws his bag and says stop calling me brother you can say my name Akhbar. Angoori takes his name correctly and Akhbar says you are right. Angoori gets shocked and asks what you said you said you are right. Akhbar says yes I said that and its world famous now. Angoori says for a moment I thought Vibhuti was here. Akhbar says who is Vibhu what is your relation with him. Angoori says he is my neighbour but his wife is my good friend. Akhbar says if you need anything let me know and start flirting with Angoori and leaves.

TMT and Gupta sitting in hotel having tea. Malkhan asks where is Shakeh sir. Teeka says teel me one thing when we became son in law of Shakeh we still call him Shakeh or something else. Malkhan says we will call him daddy. Teeka says I’m excited when we will have som they will also be Shakeh. Gupta watching them. Tillu says what are you looking at call Shakeh sir. Saxena come disguised as Shakeh. Gupta says these are the boys. TMT greet Shakeh. Shakeh asks Gupta what breed are these boys. Teeka says what you are talking about breed are we buffalo. Teeka says yo Gupta we are family person if you want to tell say something about our family. Gupta asks what family. Malkhan says okay tell him about our work. Gupta says stop talking doy you wanna get married or not. Shakeh asks what are you all talking about. Malkhan says please get us married. Shakeh says I’ll get you married but first I’ll give you task. Teeka ask what is task.

Anu and Angoori sitting in dining area. Angoori says I’m very worried, Anu says there call is not getting connected. Angoori tries for one more time says its not reachable and ask Anu to try, I’m feeling veru suffocated now. Anu says relax stop worrying about them. Angoori says should I tell you one thing everyone says to me Tiwari looks simple but he very clever.

Tiwari and Prem walking in corridor gets bumped into eachother. Prem asks where is Vibhu I cannot see him. Tiwari says he get a call on intercom did he ran away. Prem says its not that easy to run from here. Vibhu gets bump into Tiwari says you are here im searching you everywhere. Tiwari says who was on intercom. Vibhuti says it was Noori Madam was saying she want to do romance with me and after that she will leat us go. Tiwari says this is the best offer. Prem says did you accept this offer. Vibhuti says no. Tiwari says it was best offer you should have accepted this. Vibhu says I’m loyal to Anu. Prem says stop talking nonsense this is the right chance Vibhu go or else I’m going to her. Vibhuti says dont think of going you what she says about you, she calls you frog.

TMT Shakeh and Gupta in ground. Shakeh says to TMT camel is national animal of Dubai and I want to drink Camel milk while sitting on camel go here and there what you people do in jungle i do on camel. Teeka asks why is he talking about camel. Tillu says to Teeka and Malkhan Shakeh has relation with camel and we are getting married to his daughter so we have to also build relation with camel. Malkhan says it will cost us. Shakeh says what are you three discussing. TMT says sorry and Tillu says what were you saying. Shakeh says if you wnat to get married to my daughter and live in Dubai you have to be friends with camel. Teeka asks how can we be friends with camel. Shakeh goes to Gupta and says something. Gupta says Shakeh is not able to tell in hindi so I’m telling you he wants you to train like camel, Camel can live without water for 36 hrs in desert. Tiilu says he is camel we are human. Shakeh says I’ll give keep you for 24hrs without water and if you three pass this test then I’ll get you married with my daughter and take you three to Dubai. Gupta says to TMT boys start. TMT start taking out camel voice


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori talking to Anthony says I’m not happy with my married life.Anu talking to Akhbar says my husband name is Vibhu but I never saw him going to temple or attending any kind of puja. Akhbar says why are you talking bad about your husband. Anu says don’t know why but you look familiar

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
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