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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2022 Everyone is discussing, how are they going to catch the lion. Tiwari says that he got an idea.

Angoori is in the kitchen cleaning vegetables and Vibhu walks upto her and greets her. Angoori asks Vibhu for a favour. Vibhu asks tells that he he’s ready to complete to favour but what is that? Angoori tells him she is organising a religious ritual tonight and she requires a lion for that. Vibhu replies, he will definitely come there.

Anu is sitting and using her laptop while David tries to sneak out of the house but Anu calls him and asks him, why is he leaving like a thief? David makes an excuse that, if Vibhu gets to know that he’s leaving, he will force him to have breakfast. Vibhu shows up, gives Anu her coffee and sits beside David.

Vibhu asks David why is he lying? He already ate plenty of food from the kitchen. David gets embarrassed. Anu says, he should be ashamed as he’s also making money and she wants his contribution.

David says that his business is not working properly. Vibhu suggests him to do something else. David mocks Vibhu and leaves. Anu tells Vibhu to come as a lion tonight too. Vibhu replies, that he got some other work tonight. Anu says, she doesn’t care.

Everyone is still sitting at Tiwari’s house and Happu is explaining the plan and how to execute it. Angoori says that she didn’t get anything. Tiwari’s mocks her by saying, we have to call a professor from Oxford to explain to you. Everyone laughs. Tiwari tells her that they are planning to catch Vibhu.

Happu tells everyone to take their positions and tells Teeka to become lion for practice. Teeka walks down the stairs roleplaying as a lion. Happu gives signal to attack on him. Tiwari throws net on him and Tillu and Malkhan beats him with wooden stick. Dr. Gupta also comes and injects him with an injection. Everyone celebrates.

Saxena is cleaning his vehicle. Rusa walks upto him and greets him. Rusa asks if Saxena got new vehicle? Saxena replies, its not his. Rusa asks if he has opened any import/export business? Saxena says yes…

something like that, he has to export someone. Rusa asks really? Who? Saxena tells her that his inner lioness has woken up and Vibhu is a lion, so as soon as he gets out and he will kidnap him and will take him Kali pahadi and will also eat 2 sheeps. Rusa leaves.

Anu is waiting for Vibhu. Vibhu comes in and Anu screams. Vibhu asks him why did she screamed he’s a loving lion. They proceeds to dance and love eachother.

Everyone is prepared at Tiwari’s house to catch Vibhu. Happu asks Tiwari if they should check out whats wrong?

Vibhu gets out of his house. Saxena(in lioness avatar) is waiting for him in his van, as soon as he approaches the van Saxena opens the door and pulls him in. Vibhu asks him what is wrong with him? Saxena replies that, those sheeps are waiting for them. Saxena grabs him forcefully.

Vibhu gets in Tiwari’s house but see noone there, so he calls Angoori. Everyone rushes towards him and Tiwari and Happu puts a net over him and catches Vibhu. Everyone gets happy. Happu says that he already had a talk with zoo to keep him. Tiwari says that they should sell him. Tillu says that they will get very rich.

Vibhu tells Angoori that she betrayed him. Angoori says that she won’t let them hurt Vibhu and warns everybody. Vibhu says that he’s isn’t any lion. Angoori gets sad and asks him if he was fooling her? Vibhu says that he wanted to please her. Anu also shows up and asks Vibhu what is he doing here?

Happu says that they have caught him. Vibhu again says that he became lion just because of Angoori. Happu says that Anu really likes lions and even dances with them. Tiwari tells Anu if she likes lion so much, why don’t she go to the zoo?

Anu gets angry and tells him that she like sher (poetry). Tiwari gets surprised. Anu asks Vibhu is he so unemployed? Dr. Gupta suggests Anu to let Vibhu be like this only, people will give heavy amount of money to see him. Anu finds it a good idea and asks TMT to grab Vibhu. Tillu also mocks Vibhu.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Tiwari my neighbour near grooming classes is trying to capture my property tell me if you a good lawer. Tiwari says yes.Prem tell Vibhu Nagra Nigam is giving contract to clean drainage this can help you in your unemployment.Vibhu talk to nagar nigam official. He says give me 5 lakh for contact. Vibhuti says done. Official says contact is also yours.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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