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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2021 Malkhan in market having tea. Tiwari going somewhere. Malkhan gets up bump into Tiwari and put wallet in his pocket. Tiwari says don’t you have eyes cant you see. Malkhan says sorry I was just going therr was no trick in this and leave. Tiwari ask for tra. Vibhu come with Manohar and says he is the one. Tiwari says why are you catching me and for what crime.

Vibhu says you have a good business a beautiful wife after that to you are stealing things. Tiwari says what did I steal someone wallet. Saxena come and join them. Vibhu says yes you stole ky wallet. Tiwari says why will I steal your wallet. Vibhu says I don’t know and ask Manohar to catch him. Saxena says to Manohar before catching Tiwari just think how Vibhuti is so first search Tiwari then catch him.

Vibhu says alright everything will be clear. Manohar search Tiwari and says here is the wallet. Tiwari says that’s my wallet. Manohar says okay if that’s your wallet then whose wallet is this. Vibhu says this wallet us mine it belongs to me. Manohar says how can I believe that its your wallet. Saxena ask him to check how much money is in that wallet. Manohar says 10rs. Saxena says its his wallet.

Tiwari says but I didn’t steal his wallet. Saxena says his wallet cannot walk and come into your pocket, you are not good character for Ram-Leela. Vibhu says to Saxena I don’t want someone file a police case against him, how he might be but still he is our neighbour and asks Manohar please leave him you can go. Saxena says I’ll give you 30 points for your kindness and disqualify Tiwari. Tiwari says listen its a conspiracy against me and I should get points for being victim.

Saxena looks into Tiwari’s eyes and say I can see moisture in your eyes I’m feeling bad for this so I’ll not disqualify you I’ll minus 30 points of you. Vibhu says you are lucky that you didn’t got disqualify, thanks to Malkhan that he saw you when you were stealing wallet. Malkhan come and says you called me. Saxena says good you are here I’ll give you 30 points for having eagle eye.

Anu on phone talking to Rohini and says you will give your best in your exam and tell Rohini her trick to give exam and hungs up. Tiwari come and walks to Anu. Anu says I have never heard so much stupid question then this why you always ask Bhabhiji is in house, I’m always in house.

Tiwari says sorry, do you know where I can get bus for Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur or chennai. Anu says what I look like a person at bus stop and who wants to go. Tiwari says nobody wants to go I was just asking because I don’t feel like being here in colony so thought of going out till Ram-Leela. Anu asks why what happen. Tiwari says I cannot handle the conspiracy done against me to get role in Ram-Leela, Vibhu made a plan and put his wallet inside my pocket with help of Malkhan and ask police to catch me in front of Saxena and he deducted my points.

Anu in shock says how can he do this. Tiwari says yes he did this to me. Anu says he is not that bad but I don’t know what happen to him. Tiwari says to Anu, Vibhuti asks Saxena are you giving Sita’s role to Anu. Anu asks then what happen. Tiwari says Saxena also keep eagle eye like me and he said yes Sita’s tole suite you the Vibhu came in between and says are you out if mind Surpanakhs is best character suites her.

Anu shouts and says stop it and says sorry to Tiwari, you cane to tell me about Vibhuti and I shouted on you, if you wouldn’t have told me then how would I know its okay if you are backbiting about Vibhu and overall you are perfect for being backbiter of mordern colony and let Vibhuti come its gonna be a war in bedroom.

Angoori in hall cleaning rice and throwing it everywhere. Ammaji come sees it and says Angoori. Angoori gets shocked and says when did you come and greets her. Ammaji says if you want to feed birds then do it outside how will they know you are giving them food inside. Angoori in shock says I was cleaning rice how did this rice come here. Ammaji asks what happen are you lost somewhere.

Angoori says yes I was thinking something and didn’t understood what I did to rice. Ammaji says if you were thinking that how I gonna beat Tiwari then its okay but its not good to disrespect food. Angoori says yes you are right but I’m not feeling good because Tiwari is unable to get Shri Ram role in Ram-Leela. Ammaji asks why did everyone give him monster role. Angoori says no its all because if me I did something which deducted his points. Ammaji says no need to worry if everyone would have seen him in that role nobody will come from next time. Angoori says but I feel bad for him.

Ammaji says uf you are feeling that much bad for him then why you deducted his point. Angoori says I didn’t do that, I’ll tell one thing don’t say to anyone, God came and told me that don’t let Tiwari become Shri Ram. Ammaji says some god came and yold this to you, who was that god and where did you meet him Angoori says when I was doing pooja in morning and he appeared in front of me. Ammaji when god appeared didn’t you ask him why Tiwari will not do that role and who will do it.

Angoori says I didn’t came into my brain. Ammaji says next time when he come ask hima nd do let me know so that I can meet gid. Angoori says he told me his name his name was neighbour god. Ammaji says I think so I know who is that god lets meet gim tomorrow and ask Angoori to cook Biryani.

Vibhu listing to songs and having snacks hitting his music player with leg to stop disturbence. Anu come and stops music and ask him what you will give me in breakfast. Vibhu asks what you want. Anu says anything you like. Vibhu says okay I’ll give you juice, fruit platter or bread with jam and cup of coffee. Anu sayd every alternate days you give me same breakfast I need something else.

Vibhu says okay I’ll cook aloo paratha for you with butter..anu says you want to make me fat, give me something that you like. Vibhu says vermicelli. Anu says who eat this. Vibhu says everyone in my family eats this okay I’ll cook pakoda for you. Anu says deep fried you want me to get fat, give me something you like. Vibhu says do you want to eat poision. Anu cries and says you want me to die.

Saxena come and says I’ll deduct 50 points of your. Vibhu says its not like that she asked me what you will serve me for breakfast so in joke I said I’ll give you poision. Anu says to Saxena I asked Vibhuti to give me something and he said me for poision. Saxena says I’ll cut nore 50 points of your for troubling bhabhi maa, now I’ll leave because want to cut points of other people. Vibhu says now happy you did this on purpose. Anu says no, it because of mood swings.

Vibhu says stop it there is something you are behaving like this, I’m talking like Surpanakh. Vibhu says but why are you calling yourself Surpanakh. Anu says I’m not saying its you who are saying me Surpanakh and Tiwari told me everything. Vibhu says I swear on mom I didn’t call you and Tiwari is lying so that you stop me for taking role of Shri Ram. Anu says really now I’ll see that you become Shri Ram. Vibhu says I like that.

TMT in there house having dinner. Malkhan says to Teeka you remember one time you were in fever and we thought you died. Teeka says remember when you and Tillu had fight and you said whoever died the other one will wear costly shirt. Malkhan says you remember this small thing but don’t remember when you were about to die we thought of giving you our Kidney to save you.

Teeka looses his calm and shouts on Malkhan. Malkhan also looses his calm. Teeka says you eve-teased neighbour’s wife, I came and saved you. Malkhan says there is big difference in giving kidney and getting beaten up. Teeka asks what’s the difference tell me and says you both want I shouldn’t become Ram you want me to loose this race. Malkhan says listen one day or other you have to repay me and today is the day. Teeka mocks Malkhan and they both start arguing.

Tillu says nobody from two will sacrifice because you didn’t kept that kind of relation, there was a time in mordern colony where people use to tell about our friendship, story was told about us but due to greed everything ruined, I swear Teeka, Malkhan we cannot be Ram but I’ll remember because of Ramji role we turned our back to eachother and became Ravan, we became enemy because of Rusa its disgusting. Malkhan says to Tillu you are right. Teeka says I’ll do everything all right. Malkhan and Teeka hugs eachother, Tillu joins them.

Angoori in garden doing pooja. Vibhu come disguised as god. Angoori gets shocked after seeing him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells Saxena how Tiwari helped poor children in there education. Saxena says to Tiwari you are perfect for Ram role Anu says to Vibhuti infront of Saxena that I didn’t know you dont want to spoil my image in front of Saxena that’s why you lie. Saxena says I’m giving you 50 points and extra 100 points

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Telecast Date:14th October 2021
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