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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2022 Tiwari and Anu are exercising together. Tiwari days that it’s very cold nowadays. Anu tells Tiwari that, it’s November already, what you can expect. Tiwari agrees with her. Anu says that she thinks winters will be extremely cold this year. Tiwari asks Anu, what are her plannings this year?

Anu mocks him by saying that she’s thinking that she should go to Mars. Tiwari gets confused. Anu says most she will do is get new blankets and clothes. Tiwari says that she can go abroad, as her relatives must be there. Anu tells him that only his elder brother lives in America.

Tiwari says David also lives in London, right? Anu tells him that he never lives the home. An old man comes upto them and asks if David is their uncle? Anu says, yes, he is. He tells them that he owns Chhamiya Restaurant and Bar, and comes their and never paid for his drinks. Anu gets shocked.

He handover the bill to Anu and asks her to pay it. He tells them that if they don’t pay it soon, then he will have to get few men to get the job done. Anu tells him that it will be paid. He leaves. A lady also walks upto Anu and asks her, if David is her uncle? Anu says, yes and asks her, who is she?

The lady tells her that David used to see her perform dance, but never paid. Anu gets shocked. The lady handover the bill to Anu and tells her to pay 15k. Anu tells her that she will pay it soon. Again a random man comes up and gives Anu a bill of the “pan” David has eaten. Anu tells him too that she will pay the bill soon.

Vibhu goes up to Angoori in the morning and greets her. Angoori is sad and starts crying. Vibhu asks her, what happened? Angoori tells him that she’s really missing her father. Vibhu asks Angoori if he passed away? Angoori denies and tells him that he has gone on Pilgrimage. Vibhu asks, where?

Angoori says, Bangkok, and he’s offering his prayers there. Vibhu says that he’s definitely not there for prayers. An ambulance comes in and stops in front of then. Angoori asks Vibhu, why is this ambulance here? Vibhu asks Angoori if Tiwari if healthy? Angoori tells Vibhu to stop the nonsense. Saxena comes out of the ambulance and greets Angoori. Angoori asks Saxena if he was driving that?

Saxena says, yes. Vibhu asks Saxena if he bought the ambulance? Saxena says, yes. Vibhu asks him, why did he buy that? Saxena says, to carry people. Vibhu appreciates his work. Angoori also agrees with him. Vibhu asks Saxena, what are the specialties of these ambulance? Saxena tells him that it’s very comfortable. Vibhu says then patients must be comfortable in this thing? Saxena tells Vibhu to fall severely sick and then he will can experience it. Vibhu slaps him and leaves.

Anu calls Vibhu. Vibhu comes out of the kitchen and brings coffee for her. Anu asks Vibhu to sit with her. David is drunk and comes up to the main gate. Anu tells Vibhu to asks David to pack his bags and leave. David listens them while standing at the main door. Vibhu asks Anu, why is he talking like that? He is old.

Anu tells him that he is enjoying his best life here. Anu takes out all the bills and gives it to Vibhu. Anu tells him that she cannot pay all his bills, so asks him to leave the house for good. Vibhu gets surprised.

David listens to them and starts crying at the door. Vibhu tells Anu that they will get all the David’s wealth. Anu says that they will never get that and again asks Vibhu to asks him to leave. Vibhu says that it’s very positive when an elder person is in the house. Anu tells Vibhu to choose either her or David.

Vibhu and David are drinking together. Vibhu asks David, when is he getting all his money? David tells him that his aunt is sitting on his wealth there. Vibhu tells him that he chose wrong woman. David tells him that she trapped him by her beauty. Vibhu tells David that he has to be in London to get all his wealth back.

David asks Vibhu for 2 crore. Vibhu says that he is not giving anything. David says that he doesn’t even have place to stay there. Vibhu says if he had the money, he would have gave the money. David tells him to stop saying unnecessary things. Vibhu suggests David that he should go to Shimla. David tells him that he’s doing alright in Kanpur.

Tillu and Teeka are sitting together and drinking. Teeka tells Tillu that only business is profitable. Tillu tells him they don’t have any money fir that. Rusa shows up and greets them. Tillu tells her that they are nit doing good. Rusa asks them, what happened? Tillu tells her that they need money to establish fruit business and asks her for 10k rupees. Rusa says that she doesn’t have any money and leaves.

Teeka and Tillu gets even more sadder. Masterji and Gupta comes up and sits with them. Teeka asks MasterJi break his FD for them. MasterJi tells them to shut up and leaves. Prem shows up and asks Teeka and Tillu why are they sad? Teeka asks Prem for 10k rupees. Prem says that he will give them money but will take 60 percent of their profits. Teeka and Tillu agrees with him.

Vibhu tells David that he remembered a story. Vibhu narrates a story related to his life. Tiwari also shows up and joins them. David also gives him seat. Tiwari starts to point out things in story. David and Tiwari starts to discuss their own story.


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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
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