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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2022 Tiwari comes inside and Anu asks him to have a seat. Tiwari tells Anu that, from now on, he will come when Vibhu isn’t home because he doesn’t like him probably. Anu disagrees and tells him that instead Vibhu loves it when someone comes in his home.

Tiwari disagrees and asks her, how’s her life going? Anu replies that her life is going pretty well. Tiwari asks Anu that how does it feel to live with a “sher” (lion) ? But Anu thinks that he’s talking about “sher” (poetry) and says that loves to live with it. Tiwari gets surprised and asks her, isn’t she afraid of sher!?

Anu replies, no…sher is not a thing to be afraid of instead it’s a thing to love. Tiwari gets even more surprised and trash talks about sher(lion). Anu gets irritated and says that she even feeling ashamed to call him her neighbour. Tiwari gets scared and leaves.

David is giving Happu a massage. Happu doesn’t likes and says that he will teach him. Happu makes David sit on the seat and starts to give him a massage as a demonstration. TMT walks upto David’s salon and sits outside. Happu asks TMT why are they looking upset did they got beaten up some lady?

Tillu asks Happu why is he thinking like that? Happu tells them that they deserve that. Thats why. Tillu says, everyone can see who deserves what ( while happu is giving David a massage). David tells them to be quiet. TMT confesses quietly that if they should tell them about the whole situation?

Malkhan says that they don’t have any other choice. Dr. Gupta also shows up and sits beside TMT. Tillu tells everyone that Tiwari has seen Vibhu becoming a lion by his own eyes. Everyone gets shocked. Happu and David says that they dont believe them. Vibhu casually walks in. TMT gets scared.

Vibhu asks David how did he made since morning? David pulls out 100rs note. Vibhu snatches it and leaves. David asks TMT what did they see in Vibhu he seemed pretty normal. Tillu tells him that hasn’t seen his real avatar.

Tiwari is sitting in his house, reading newspaper. Happu walks upto him and sits beside him. Tiwari gets very scared and throws newspaper up in the air and also shouts LION! Happu calms him down and says that he’s says right, everyone in the modern colony calls him lion. Tiwari starts to cry.

Happu asks him what happened? Angoori also rushes towards him and asks him why is he having a break down? Happu tells him to spit out whatever he’s going through, he will take care of it. Tiwari tells Happu that he saw Vibhu transforming into a lion and proceeds to explain the whole situation.

Happu says that why didn’t he told him this thing before? Tiwari says that he was traumatized. Happu gets worried about Anu and asks if she knows about this? Tiwari says that she said that she loves lions and even loves to sleep with them. Happu also starts sobbing and says what if Vibhu attacked her.

Vibhu is daydreaming about him and Angoori dancing in the woods dressed as lions. David walks in and sits beside him. Vibhu is still dreaming and doing gestures like lion. David asks him when did he became lion?

Vibhu replies that it’s a long story and he will tell him some other time. David tells him that everyone knows that you’re a lion. Vibhu gets shocked and tells him he became lion to surprise Anu. Anu walks upto them and asks David how’s his salon doing? David says it going very good, and even queued right now.

Anu asks him, what is doing here then? David gets and goes in to get some water. Anu asks Vibhu is David always here disturbing their privacy? Vibhu says, he must be hungry. He tells Anu to sit near him. Anu sits beside him.

Vibhu asks her if she likes lions? Anu gets excited and says YES. Vibhu tells her that he will cosplay a lion tonight. Anu gets even more excited. David calls Vibhu to make some food. Vibhu gets up and goes towards kitchen.

Tiwari, Happu and Angoori are spying on Vibhu’s bedroom from Tiwari’s bedroom. Happu is seeing through binoculars. Tiwari snatches binoculars from Happu to see Anu. He sees Anu and Vibhu ( dressed as a lion ) and gets worried. Happu takes back the binoculars from Tiwari. Anu and Vibhu are doing their romantic play.

TMT, Angoori, Tiwari, Dr Gupta and Angoori are sitting together at Tiwari’s house. Dr. Gupta says that it’s not possible for a normal human being to live in here. Happu says that it good for him as he’s an animal’s doctor.

Angoori tells them to calm down, nothing’s going to happen. Tiwari tells her that she will know someone will die. Angoori says that Vibhu would never do that. Tiwari replies, a lion can his mind whenever it want. Teeka says that he has also seen that a lion ate his own master. Tillu says that teeka is right, and this lion enemy is Tiwari.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori says to Vibhu tonight I have kept a pooja and for that I’ll require a lion will you come? Vibhu says I’ll come.Vibhu and Anu having romance in bedroom.Vibhu disguised as lion call Angoori says I’m here. In pitch dark Tiwari and Happy come with net and trap him.

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Telecast Date:14th July 2022
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