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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2021 Tiwari visits Tiwari during Tilu’s grooming session, Anu asks is there any drama here, why don’t you understand my time is so understand what is your problem, you just don’t understand, Tiwari leaves. Anu says Tilu lets begin session and you are very smart of 3 but your personality always have affairs, Tilu says what, Anu says calm down, see I am pre informing this will help you deal with the problem, and lets say your wife is having an affair what will you do, Tilu says I will shoot that man, Anu says I just called you well mannered, so you will have to call them and say to that girl go live your life with that man, Tilu surprised.
Angoori singing Bana Bani song, Tiwari walks to her and tries giving her nick names, Angoori says I didn’t like them, Tiwari says look I got you papdi chaat, Angoori says I hope it is made in India, Tiwari says yes and asks why so nationalist today, Angoori says I was always and the neighbouring country has taken us for granted, Tiwari gives her Papdi chat.
Vibhu greets Angoori next morning and asks why isnt she singing today, Angoori whispers and says I ate papdi chat last night, Tiwari got me and so this happened, Vibhu says oh god I will kill me, Angoori starts crying, Vibhu says don’t cry and abuses Tiwari, Tiwari asks whats wrong, Vibhu says you made crores loss, Tiwari says I didn’t know this will happen, Vibhu scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says even my money is invested, Vibhu says you were going to make profit upto 10 times, and remember party said they will give crore per song, Tiwari says I will look after it asap.
Malkan visits Anu for grooming classes, and hands her fees, Malkan says make me human now, Anu says you are just you are not cultured, Malkan says quickly make us, Anu says you three need to be patient, stop crying, you are young and it is going to be 1 hour session. Anu asks Malkan what will you do on first night, Malkan says I will talk to her about corruption, inflation, immunity, Anu asks what else, Malkan says and how I use to steal to survive, Anu says this will lead to divorce, so let me tell you what to do, so compliment her, Malkan says I will call her good stuff, Anu gives Malkan cold looks.
Vibhu gets a call for husband aged 40 years, Tilu walks to him and advices him to hire a receptionist and requests him to let him introduce him to his wife, he has got Jalebis for her, Vibhu calls Tilus wife, Saxena walks in in one piece and starts acting like a monkey, Vibhu says this is because she was lost in Jungles anyways she is no harm and if you don’t like we will look for someone else, tilu says no ways she is mine.
Model colony celebrates Lori, Angoori explains everyone Lori is celebrated in Punjab and framers pay tribute, Tiwari says I am so proud of you, Vibhu says we wish we could say same thing.
Tiwari walks to Angoori and says have this kadha and this will soothe your sore throat, they see news that as per Morona virus guidelines, this is virus immerged in neighbour country and guidelines are no weddings, birthday parties or gatherings for coming next 1 year, also husband wife to sleep away, keep washing hands and sanitise yourself, Tiwari in shock.
Tiwari visits Tiwari and informs him about Morona virus, Anu walks in and says you are right and if someone doesn’t abide by rules they will be jailed, Tiwari says I will be at loss, Anu asks how, Tiwari says I made investment, Vibhu says get money back from TMT, Tiwari says do marriage in jungle or somewhere else, Anu says are you mad, Tiwari leaves. Anu asks did TMT give you money, Vibhu says yes, Anu says give money back, Vibhu tells her about accident issue and 3 lakhs, Anu says okay but do return his money, Vibhu says okay.

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