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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th May 2022 Anu, David and Vibhu in hall. Vibhu give photo of commissioner to David and says I have to murder him. David looks at photo and laugh. Vibhu ask why are you laughing. David says who gave you contract to kill Dev sir. Anu says this photo is if commissioner. David says say him no.

Vibhu says if I said no then he will kill my wife. David says best is we should leave, I’m going London you two should also go somewhere. Anu says no we are not going anywhere if we get scared of small goons then how we will live. David says okay then I’m leaving. Anu says no you are not going anywhere.

David says right now you said you can go my work is done and says to Vibhu tell your wife I can easily understand between fake tears and real one. Vibhu says if I didn’t kill commissioner they will kill my wife. David make fun of him. Vibhu says it’s not funny and show them gun say’s he gave me that.

TMT, Prem, Gupta and Master together at tea stall. Gupta says to everyone that Goli Mishra nonsense was done by Manohar. Tillu says because of him we thought and innocent guy as killer. Teeka make fun of Vibhu and David. Vibhu walks to them greet everyone and sit. Prem mocks him. Vibhu says stop overacting. Teeka and Tillu make fun of Vibhu. Vibhu says it’s all about power and leave.

Tiwari says to Vibhu because of you Anu is in danger. Vibhu says it’s all just because of Happu and Manohar. Tiwari says if something happens to Anu I’ll kill everyone. Angooriask Tiwari to calm down. Vibhu says I can take care of Anu and if it’s necessary I’ll kill commissioner. Anu says what are you talking,

you know how scared I was for few days just because of one misunderstanding but now you are innocent so I won’t let you be criminal anymore. Angoori says being criminal don’t suit you and don’t kill commissioner. Vibhu says I don’t understand what should I do, one side is my wife or love and other side is that mafia where should I go. Tiwari ask what do you mean by wife or love,

Anu and Angoori also agree. Vibhu says stop it and if I have to kill commissioner I’ll do it. Angoori says if he goes in jail then who will take care of Anita. Tiwari says I’ll take care of Anita. Vibhu ask are you his brother. Angoori says don’t worry if you go in jail Tiwari will take care of her as his sister.

Tiwari says to Angoori don’t make me his wife. Anu says stop this and think what we have to do. Vibhu says I’ll kill commissioner. Commissioner walks in and greet everyone and he ask why you all are in shock after seeing me, understood you did not expected me, anyway I came here to invite you all for my birthday party. Vibhu says a poem. Commissioner praises him for his poem.

TMT, Vibhu entering the venue. Security guard stop TMT and check them. TMT says do we look thief, commissioner gave us invitation to come. Guard says that’s okay but Commissioner is threatened to kill so we need to check, he check TMT, Vibhu walks to guard says I need to talk something important to you and tells I got the contract to kill commissioner and I have gun. Guard says I know that and do your job or else your wife is on our target now go.

Manohar cheering for commissioner everyone joins him. Commissioner greets everyone and says love you all. Happu walks in but fall because of TMT he slaps them and greet commissioner. Commissioner says atleast you should have come today on time. David mocks him. Happu says your security guy took time. Manohar mocks Happu. Anu says because of you whole environment ruined.

Happu apologies to Anu and says you look beautiful in black gown here a red flower for you. Anu says birthday is if commissioner. Vibhu says you can only bring one flower. Happu says I bought bouquet but security guard that there could be bomb so didn’t let me bring in and give that flower to Commissioner. Angoori says no worries you have a kind heart. Tiwari mocks Happu.

Security guy take Vibhu with him and says why aren’t you firing goli Mishra. Vibhu says first of all I’m not Goli Mishra and I never killed anyone. Man says you have to kill him because your wife is on my target. Vibhu says leave her alone. Man says I’ll leave her first you have to kill commissioner and if you fail then I’ll kill your wife. Vibhu says what should I do know.

Tiwari ask Anu are you okay. Anu says yes I’m good and don’t feel pressure I believe in God if he wants me to die then I’ll die any how. Angoori says nothing will happen to you I pray to God for you. Tiwari says no need to worry her blessings always work. Anu says why not she ia a good lady. Angoori thanks her.

TMT discussing about Rusa. Commissioner says till now Rusa ans her sister are not back from beauty parlour. Manohar says please cut the cake I’m feeling hungry. Commissioner says to him if I cut my cake without my wife she will cut me. Rusa walks in and wish Commissioner. His wife walks in says no need to get cosy so much now let’s cut the cake. Commissioner says no first we will enjoy and have fun.

Vibhu take Happu with him and says I need to tell you something important and try to tell him truth. Happu says walks away. The man walks to Vibhu says nobody will listen you so listen what I say now party will start then he will cut cake after that you have to kill him and if you fail I’ll shoot you wife.

Vibhu get’s scared says I’ll kill him. Everyone applauds. Commissioner says wait a minute now we will cut the cake and light goes off everyone hear gun shot and see commissioner on floor. Man show thumbs up to Vibhu. Teeka ask who shot him. Happu Singh crying. Commissioner’s wife slaps him. Vibhu scared.

Man walks to Vibhu says you did your work so where are dead bodies. Vibhu says they are right infront of you. Man says I ask you to kill commissioner who ask you to kill Happu. Vibhu points gun at him says because I want to finish crime from this world for ever and points gun at him. Man laugh says you are a murderer and you killed two policemen. Commissioner and Happu wakes up.

Man try to run but Manohar brings him. Commissioner praises Manohar. Manohar says I never did encounter please give me one chance. Vibhu ask Man where will you run now. Happu says we already knew about you from that time we were planning to catch you. Commissioner ask Manohar to remove his beard. Manohar remove his beard.

Happu says to commissioner he is Goli Mishra and scolds him and ask why did you ask Vibhu to kill him when you are already professional. Goli says I got 10 lakh rupees to kill Commissioner and he was already famous as Goli Mishra so I thought of giving him 1lakh rupees and rest I’ll keep with me. Vibhu says because of you I was in lot of trouble and says I’ll kill him. Happu says hold your emotions. Commissioner says law will punish him Vibhu and ask Manohar to take him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says to Prem in lost 73,000/-. Prem ask when will your return my 75,000/- rupees.Anu says to David your nephew is always ready to have fun he just need a call from his friend, tell me one thing who is more close to Vibhu me or his ediot friend.Angoori says to Vibhu I wrote poem on every dishes. Prem with his scooty says to Vibhu come sit fast. He sit with him. Angoori says this is wrong.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
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