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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2021 Angoori writing lyrics for her songs, and says I write so well but Tiwari doesn’t like it, Tiwari walks in and said who said it, Angoori says you, Tiwari says I realised my mistake I am sorry, Angoori says I will never sing again, Tiwari says I will be in crore loss, Angoori says you have hurt me a lot, Tiwari says what should I do to encourage you, Angoori says nothing can help me, you use to get so angry, so I will never sing again, Tiwari says then I will never eat food, then tell people why did I die, in long of his wife to sing, Angoori says okay I will sing.
TMT in Darga, pray for their marriage and swear that they will never marry and always be single for whole life, Tiwari walks to them and says no my son, I am there for you, Tilu says stop this nonsense, you are the reason we have taken this oath, its ate now, Tiwari says break this oath, I brought 3 lakhs for you, Malkan says sorry we don’t want your money, Tiwari says I have realised my mistake, and wont ask money back too, Teeka says its late now as we have taken oath, Malkan says and if we and if we have to break this oath we have to as a submission give kheer chicken and lavish spread here, Tiwari says okay you go ahead, and hands them 3 lakhs.
Teeka visits Anu, and says if I have your blessings I will settle, Anu says sure you will, and says see I will guide you and support you but you will have to put efforts as marriage life has too many restrictions and if you don’t follow marriage wont sustain, teeka says so Vibhu sent us to your grooming classes, Anu says I charge fees for it, and since you are people I know I will charge 5000 per hour per person, Teeka hands Anu money, Anu says you are so smart, Tiwari walks in, and says I will join too, Anu asks why, this is no event or play, its my session with teeka its professional grooming, Teeka says because he paid, Tiwari says yes I thought of helping them. Anu says look you need to pay if you want to join, and humiliates Tiwari, and scolds him and asks him to leave, and not to disturb her student as she needs to take lot of efforts, Tiwari leaves.
Anu begins her grooming session with Teeka and says first impression is very important and so first time when you will meet her she should be very impressed and fall for you, so tell me what you will ask her, Teeka says her name, Anu says she is your would be wife,you will know your name, Anu says remember respect her and she will give you respect, so tell me what will you call her, Teeka says I will ask her if she needs foot massage.
Vibhu tells Angoori that he will sign her for 10,000 per wedding, Angoori gets very excited, Angoori presents her new Bana song to Vibhu, Vibhu says dance along with it, it will be very presentable, Angoori says okay I will try, Tiwari sees them and asks what all is this, Vibhu says Bana song with dance makes it presentable and there will be lots of money, Tiwari says so nice, make her all songs with dance, Vibhu asks Tiwari to get him Tea, Angoori asks for coffee.
Saxena on call at tea stall, says get caterers from Mumbai, delhi or France but I need best, Tiwari walks to him and says I will get you the best, Saxena says my budget is 2.5 Cr, and ready to increase too and will pay staff separately as Saxena family weddings are lavish.
Vibhu gets a call to marry his buffalo, Vibhu disconnects the call, Malkan walks in, Vibhu says you look so smart and im sure after marriage you three will be very sorted, Malkan says I would like to see my wife, Vibhu calls Pinki, Saxena walks in dressed as Pinki and greets them, Malkan asks her to show her dance, Vibhu says dance on your fav song, Saxena dances.
Tilu visits Anu, Tilu says Vibhu sent me for grooming classes and here are your fees, Anu says good, Tilu says just give me your blessings and my family will be set, Anu says my blessings are always with you and I have an compliment you have better control over language and sensible of three. Tiwari walks in.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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