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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2020 Tiwari on call with Rajveer praises him a lot, and invites him home. Tiwari asks Angoori to get him some sweet and tells her that he spoke to Rajveer, Angoori says oh the man who owns 50 stalls of food, Tiwari says yes and he has risen from a one chinese stall to so many I’m so proud of him, Angoori says i think even you should start new business, Tiwari says even i think i should start new business and thinking of Chinese food, Angoori says its enemy countries food, Tiwari says no one has right over food, even they eat our chole bhature and pani puri, so now we will have chinese food business, Tilu walks in and says i heard you starting a new business eating all my salary, Tiwari says how about i let you run a food stall and share profit, Angoori says this is good idea, Tilu says yes it is but i dont think he will share profit, Angoori says i will ensure he wont do, Tiwari says i will give you 5% profit, Tilu says im agreeing just because of Angoori bhabhi.

Vibhu gets a call from Anu, Anu says where were you, Vibhu says i was busy, Anu says do a favor there is a suitcase in bedroom it has beautiful saree of my nani, wash it properly, Vibhu says why me, why do you want me to wash saree, Anu says its my fav wash it bye.
Helan asks what happened, Vibhu says forget it what will you have, Helan says cook something yummy good, or do a thing order food Chinese food. Vibhu asks for money, Helan says buy lemon juice from remaining.

Angoori performs pooja of their new stall, Tilu says to Angoori with your blessings we will rule, Angoori Tiwari says you will have to work hard, Gupta passing by comgratulates them, and asks why is it named Padosi Desh food corner you can call it chinese food, Tiwari says because it is Indian.

Angoori singing songs, Vibhu walks in and asks her how is she doing, Angoori says very happy because Tiwari has new business, Tiwari walks in, and invites Vibhu to have food at stall, Vibhu asks what all variety, Tiwari says lolipop,fried rice etc etc, Vibhu says thats nice and thinks i will get all food from their stall free, Vibhu says but road side stall food makes me uneasy,

Teeka and Malkan at tea stall, they hear master yelling at a boy for.missing classes and going to movie, Teeka says help us Tilu always gets job but we don’t, master says keep doing good first it will be hard but you will go heaven. Teeka Malkan take advise wrongly and think its good to behave worse now.

Vibhu on call, Teeka Malkan dash him, Vibhu scolds him, Vibhu walks to Tilus stall, and gives him order, Teeka Malkan run away with Vibhus purse, they think they will find nothing and see 2000₹ in it.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2020
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