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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2022 Vibhu in bedroom calls Anu and says I’m waiting and you know I don’t like it. Anu walks to him and apologies. Vibhu ask where were you. Anu stumbling says I was out. Vibhu ask why are you stumbling, I’m feeling like you are scared of me as if I’m a killer. Anu says no what are you talking.

Vibhu says I’m seeing you are not getting romantic to me. Anu says because I don’t feel like. David walks in. Vibhu says what are you doing in my bedroom. David stumble and says I’m in fear. Anu says he must be scared while sleeping. David says yes I was scared when sleeping alone. Vibhu ask then why are you here. David says because I was scared. Anu ask do you sleep in London also alone.

Vibhu says when chachi left you how did you manage. David says my society security guard was sleeping with me in my bedroom. Vibhu ask what are you trying to say, you were sleeping with security guard I hope he was clean. David says actually it’s she. Anu says to Vibhu give him break he is old. Vibhu says you are very worried about him, you don’t use to like him. Anu says no I love him like my father in law. David says yes she is my favourite.

Tiwari and Angoori sleeping. Vibhu in there bedroom he looks at Angoori says she look so innocent while sleeping. Tiwari start making noise. Vibhu mocks Tiwari, he take out his gun and he sneez. Angoori wakes up and gets scared after seeing gun and wake Tiwari up. Tiwari wakes up and gets scared.

Angoori ask Vibhu what are you doing. Vibhu says I’ll free you from Tiwari. Angoori says I don’t want freedom why are you giving me. Vibhu says Tiwari is bad guy he teased Anu. Angoori ask Tiwari did you teased Anu. Tiwari says no he is telling lie. Vibhu says that Goli Mishra will decide. Tiwari get’s scared and stand up. Vibhu press trigger, Angoori shouts in her dream.

Tiwari wakes up and ask Angoori what happen who shot. Angoori says Goli Mishra shot you. Tiwari ask why someone will shoot me. Angoori tells him story. Tiwari ask what’s the time. Angoori says it’s 3am. Tiwari says this dream could be true. Angoori ask now what we will do. Tiwari says we will go to Ammaji in morning. Angoori says okay and go back to sleep.

Next morning. Tiwari come out of his house with luggage and calls Angoori saying everything is clear. Angoori come out with luggage says I cannot pick up this bag please you handle this, it has very important stuff. Tiwari says we are not going there permanently, we will live till the Goli Mishra is here after that we will return. Vibhu walks to them and ask Angoori,

where are you going without telling. Angoori says I did a big mistake we should have asked you first. Vibhu says forget about asking tell me why are you going. Tiwari says to Angoori, see how much he mean to us if he is asking not to go then we will cancel our plan. Angoori says yes you are right and they both get inside house. Vibhu says they are behaving strange.

Anu ask David why Vibhu is not here. Vibhu walks and greet them. Anu ask him to sit and says I have made breakfast for you. David says actually she just put on and off the gas rest I did. Vibhu says I know that. Anu start crying and apologise to him. Vibhu says I cannot understand what you are talking, I’m doing my breakfast. Anu says wait I’ll give you to eat. Vibhu says okay I would love it.

He takes one bite and says it’s too spicy. David and Anu apologise. Happu and Manohar walks to them. Vibhu ask what you are doing in morning. Happu says to Vibhu I did a mistake. David mocks Happu. Vibhu ask Happu first tell me what about my passport verification. David ask what is the issue. Happu tells the story what happen with the photo and how it went to Media.

Anu shouts at Happu, David and Anu says because of you we were living in fear because of Goli Mishra. Vibhu says oh god now it’s clear that everyone was scared that I was Goli Mishra. Happu says yes you are right. Vibhu says someone could have encounter me. Manohar says I’m sorry. Happu shouts at him says shut up everyone was suffering because of you. Anu says immediately ask media to says Vibhu is innocent and it’s all your constable fault.

Happu says okay but media is on strike. Vibhu says you will have to pay the damages or I’ll file a case. David says stop talking to him it’s of no use. Anu ask will you take something. Happu says now I can only take poison. Anu ask vibhu to make tea for him with poison and listen one cheese sandwich for me with coffee. Vibhu says sure and leave. Anu ask David to leave your work is done here.

Tiwari on phone with an uncle says house should be jear police station so that they can come in 5 minutes if we call them, no I’m not scared of antique piece. Angoori walks to him and ask where are you going to see house. Tiwari says quiet I won’t tell you where I’m going to see because you cannot hide anything.

Vibhu walks to them. Angoori and Tiwari get’s scared. Angoori says contact killer is here. Vibhu says to Angoori no I’m not contract killer. Angoori ask then why are you roaming with weapons. Vibhu says it’s just a lighter without gas. Angoori ask then what about photo. Vibhu says it was a mistake by his constable. Tiwari start mocking Vibhu after listening truth. Angoori says I’ll get tea. Tiwari takes his lighter and start playing with it and he burn himself.

Vibhu at tea stall talking to David on phone. A man walks to him. Vibhu disconnects call and ask who are you. Man give him money and photo and ask him to kill that person. Vibhu says you have an misunderstanding. Man says I know your are not contract killer. Vibhu says then why are you troubling me then. Man says you have to kill that guy. Vibhu what if I don’t kill him. Man says then I’ll kill your wife and give him gun and leave.

David with luggage says to Anu I’m leaving. Anu says okay leave now you don’t have any work. David says what behaviour is this not greet or good bye. Anu says I’m busy having coffee. Vibhu walks in and mocks David. David says I’m leaving for London. Vibhu says it’s a big trouble a man has asked me to murder someone. Anu ask who. Vibhu give the envelope and says it has money and photo. Anu sees the photo. David ask is this my photo. Vibhu show the photo and says I have to kill him. David looks at the photo of commissioner.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :David looks at commissioner’s photoEveryone in party. Angoori singing song. Vibhu points his gun at his target. Other man pointing his gun at his target. Light goes off and everyone hear gun shot.

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Telecast Date:12th May 2022
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