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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th January 2021 Angoori gardening, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, and says you sing so much nice Banna you are unbelievable singer, Vibhu says you ran away and married and so he doesn’t know the feel, Tiwari walks to them and says what noise is this and you don’t have any work why waste time, Vibhu says its my marriage bureau inauguration today, Tiwari says it’s a way to fool people, Angoori congratulates Vibhu, Tiwari takes her away, Prem walks to Vibhu says good news is your office is ready and will take rent from you.

Vibhu in office talking to a old man on a phone regarding his wedding, says we will do everything you keep money ready. TMT walk in, and say to Vibhu girls are stocked here everywhere, Vibhu says that’s my business you will get everything, Malkan points at a girl and says I want to marry this girl, Vibhu says she is Paris MLAs daughter, she is out of your league, Teeka says show what is in our league, Vibhu asks them their education and details, Tilu says no school no family, Teeka says he is right,Vibhu asks what job do you do, Malkan says we haven’t decided yet, Vibhu says there is girl for you three as well don’t eb disheartened, Teeka asks who is she, Vibhu calls Rinki, Saxena walks in dressed as girl and sits on Vibhus laps, boys shocked to see Rinki, Vibhu introduces Rinki to TMT, Rinki says they are so handsome, specially the one who looks like dog, Vibhu says Rinki baby go inside, Teeka says she is so naughty, Vibhu says she has 2 younger sisters as well, TMT request Vibhu to set them, Vibhu says first deposit 1 lakh each and join Anu’s grooming glasses to match their standards, TMT leave confused.

Tiwari on call with Agarwal and ask for his 12 lakh pending, TMT walk in, Tiwari ask them why are they here, TMT tell him they need a favour as they are getting married, Angoori and Tiwari congratulate them, Angoori asks who is the girl, Malkan says we are marrying well educated girls, Angoori says im happy you three are marrying and will sing Bnna Bani song in your wedding and tell me your wedding dates will start practising, Tiwari asks Angoori to get breakfast she leaves. Tiwari says will give gifts as per your standard, Teeka asks Tiwari for a favour and give them 1 lakh each for their marriage, Tiwari says I cant invest 1 lakh each but can give you three something else and start hitting them and humiliates them. TMT sing a song calling him heartless kindless person and leave.

Vibhu tells Anu that she has to groom TMT, Anu says they are very stubborn, Vibhu says they are manageable, and you will make around 35,000. Anu says okay then I will manage, TMT walk in, Anu says we were discussing about you, Vibhu asks why are you upset, Malkan starts crying, Vibhu hits them TMT, Malkan says we asked Tiwari for money and he kicked us out of the house,and tells whole story, Tilu says he humiliated us a lot and abused us too. Anu says to Vibhu look your plan is in mess, Vibhu says go and sleep TMT, tomorrow Tiwari will walk to you and ask you for your wish.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Tiwari asks him about his business and its viral stories and he finds it a joke, Vibhu says you will be jealous when you will see my success, Saxena walks to them and tells them about his three sisters, and he is looking for boys for them, Vibhu asks them what all will he give the boys, Saxena says my father had deposited money in my sisters name and so will give each boys around 1 Cr, a luxury car, around 2.5 Cr just for catering and if food is good will give 50 lakhs tip, Vibhu asks Tiwari does he know any caterer, Saxena says to Vibhu here is advance and deal will be final when you will hit me with belt, Vibhu hits Saxena, Saxena leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari lets count 50 Lakh advance together.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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