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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2022 Angoori is cleaning rice in her garden. Vibhu walks upto her and greets her. Angoori asks Vibhu is he’s doing alright now? Vibhu says that hunger strike’s scars are causing him pain. Angoori says that she also feels bad for, and what happened there shouldn’t have happened.

Vibhu says that he was only trying to help everyone. Angoori says it was all done by that letterman. Angoori and Vibhu gets a letter from letterman. Letterman tells Angoori to tie Rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist. Letterman tells Vibhu that if he doesn’t get Rakhi tied, he will amputate both ears of David. Angoori tells Vibhu to wait till she gets Rakhi. Vibhu shouts, no! And leaves back to his home.

Tiwari goes to Anu’s house. Anu asks him to sit. Tiwari starts making cat noises and greets her. Anu greets him back and barks like a dog. Tiwari gets surprised. Anu tells him that she also got a letter. Tiwari says he chose wrong animal, she should have gotten goat. Dog’s voice doesn’t suites her.

Anu tells Tiwari that dog suites him more. They keep on making noises. Vibhu comes in and tells Tiwari cat’s voice doesn’t suite him. Anu asks Vibhu what happened? Vibhu tells Anu that Angoori got a letter and she was told to tie a rakhi on his wrist. Twari thinks that letterman can also Anu to tie a rakhi in his wrist too,

so he gets scared and starts shouting. Anu asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari says, nothing. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he will scratch letterman’s face with him own hands. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he has never even seen his face. Anu says that need to take actions against letterman. Tiwari also agrees with her.

Vibhu, David and Anu are sitting together in their garden. Vibhu and David are drinking. David tells them both that he thinks that, letterman is trying create a panic situation between people so that he can rob them easily. Anu says that she has red a novel like this called “The Milkman”. Vibhu tells her that it’s completely different, they haven’t even seen his face. Saxena shows up and says that he will catch the letterman.

David asks Saxena how can he catch him? Vibhu also asks him the same. Saxena tells them that this person can be a mad psychopath. Vibhu asks if he’s both mad and psychotic? Saxena says, yes. David says then who will catch him? Anu tells them that he have an idea, but Saxena has to help him.

Everyone is watching news at the tea stall. The news reporter says that the letterman is finally caught and all the thanks go to Happu Singh. Everyone at the tea stall gets surprised. News reporter calls Happu for the interview. Happu shows up and tells everyone that he single handedly caught the suspect.

Happu brings Saxena and says that he’s behind all the cases, but now cannot do anything. Everyone gets shocked to see Saxena. News reporter asks Saxena, how is he feeling? Saxena says that he’s excited. A stranger was also watching the news, he turns off the TV and gets frustrated and says that the news reporter was lying.

The stranger shows up to the police station. Everybody is watching him standing wearing bright clothes. Anu and Angoori asks, if he’s the letterman. Vibhu says, yes. Vibhu asks him if he’s the letterman. He replies, yes, he’s the letterman. Saxena says that he knows him and asks him if he’s Mr.Bakshi?

Letterman says, yes and asks how did he know that? Saxena says that he has spent 5 years in metal asylum of Agra. Letterman asks him if his name is Saxena? Saxena says yes, and shakes his hand. Saxena asjs him that why is doing all this? Letterman says that he was bored. Tiwari says that there are plenty of ways to kill boredom. Vibhu says that he should have grabbed electric wires like Saxena.

Tiwari also says that could also have gotten slapped. Letterman says he finding a person who can beat him but unfortunately, found no body. So he decided to do this. Happu says that he was also scared of this letterman. Letterman starts laughing. Angoori asks Happu, why isn’t he arresting him? Happu says he can’t do that. Anu tells Happu that he should put him in mental asylum. Happu orders Manohar to put him in the mental asylum. Lettermen gets excited and starts laughing.

Vibhu is preparing food. Vibhu realises that he has no tomatoes. Vibhu opens his fridge but finds nothing. Vibhu sees Angoori is standing right outside his kitchen with a tomato. Vibhu and Angoori starts flirting with each other. Vibhu realises that he was day dreaming and Pelu is sitting in place of Angoori. Vibhu asks Pelu that what is he doing here? Pelu leaves while staring at him.

Tiwari gies to his balcony and sees Anu talking on her phone. Tiwari starts gazing at her and appreciates his beauty. Tiwari also starts dreaming that he’s dancing with Anu. Tiwari is dancing alone and Anu asks him, where is he lost? Tiwari smiles at her and goes back inside. Anu says that he’s so weird.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2022
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