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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2022 Tiwari look out of his door and says god please save me from Goli Mishra, when he can kill people like animals then who am I to him. He walk out of his house and stumble into Vibhu. He shouts cant you see and walk and get’s scared after seeing Vibhu. Vibhu sars it looks like you saw a ghost.

Tiwari says no and praises him. Vibhu take put his gun and says why are you praising me do you want me to do work. Tiwari says no it’s not like that, if you want I can do something for you. Vibhu mocks him and says how can I ask you to fo work. Tiwari says come I’ll give you jalebi and rabdi. Vibhu says why not.

Angoori talking to her mom and phone, says I’m scared of Vibhu what if he come and shoot me. Ammaji says don’t worry he respect you, I’m scared for Tiwari. Angoori says yes they both already fight so much what if he shoot him.

Ammaji says then why are you living with criminal, just sneak out of there to me. Angoori says how suddenly we can leave this house and come to you what if Vibhu took over the house. Ammaji says law will help you. Angoori says he keep law in his pocket he is a big criminal. Ammaji ask then what should you do.

Vibhu walks to Angoori and greet her. Angoori get’s scared. Vibhu ask what happen why are you scared. Angoori says no I’m not scared I’m cooking. Vibhu ask okay what is going on. Angoori says give my phone Ammaji asked me to bring something I need to go to field and leave.

Anu in hall walking. David walks to her says I’m leaving. Anu shouts at him says sit down and what is this, just stuck to one thing that I’m going, you know that we are with criminal. David says that’s why I’m leaving. Anu get’s emotional. David says he won’t say anything to you hut he will surely take revenge from me, he thinks I’m not transferring my will in his name purposely.

Tiwari walks to Anu says Vibhu is contract killer Goli Mishra. Anu says say something new and I cannot believe Vibhu is a killer. David says I don’t know how he turned out to be so different from whole family. Tiwari mocks David and they both start arguing. Anu says shutup don’t argue. Tiwari says we are not arguing I came here to take away you from contact killer. Anu says I’m not going anywhere and David is here to save me. Tiwari mocks David. David think why is Anu seeing me this way.

TMT, Tiwari sitting near tea stall. Malkhan ask Tiwari are serial killer looks like Vibhu. Tillu says to Malkhan now you are scared first you were the one who like to talk to him. Malkhan says this Teeka use to gamble with him. Teeka says you two also use to play with me. Tiwari says jow try to save your life or else he aill shoot you. Malkhan says why police is not doing anything.

Tillu says police is also scared of these people. Teeka suggest for encounter. Tiwari says when he will come infront then you won’t be able to press the trigger. TMT and Tiwari start mocking Happu Singh. Happu walks to them and listen and says very well is anything left to say, I’m very happy. Malkhan make him sit. Tillu says when did you come.

Happu says when you all were mocking me and ask who was the other person you were talking about. Tiwari says Goli Mishra. Happu ask how do you know him and points gun at him. Tiwari says remove your gun and mocks him again. Happu ask tell me how do you know Goli Mishra. Tiwari ask tillu to show him newspaper. Tillu show him article. Happu in shock getup and run away.

Anu on phone with Meenal says no I can’t run. Angoori walks to her and Anu disconnects call. Angoori give her tea and says I’m worried about you. Anu says I cannot understand anything. Angoori ask Anu tell me one thing don’t you ever thought that Vibhu is criminal and living with him. Anu says no I never thought and I still can’t believe that Vibhu is criminal, he gets scared of mouse and how suddenly.

Angoori says it’s not suddenly he is doing his crime from many years. Anu says I don’t know what should I do, should I save my heart or my life. Tiwari walks to them and says to Anu I’ll handle your heart, you must get out fast from Goli Mishra’s clutches. Angoori ask Tiwari first tell what Happu said.

Tiwari mocks Happu and ask Anu should I talk to Commissioner. Anu says it’s printed in all the newspaper, he must have already seen that news and this means he knows everything but still didn’t took action and ask Tiwari what this situation tells you. Tiwari says this means Vibhu is having connection and even commissioner is scared of him.

Vibhu at tea stall thinks why everyone is behaving so wierd to me. Prem walks to Vibhu and talk to him very politely. Vibhu says what happen to you how are you talking with so much of respect to me. Prem says I always show you respect and says I’m leaving now. TMT walks to tea stall while talking about a girl and sit. TMT see Vibhu and gets scared. Vibhu ask how are you.

TMT rush to Vibhu and start messaging him. Vibhu asl what are you doing and why are you doing. Gupta and Master also walks to Vibhu touch his feets and greet him. Vibhu says what are you doing stop touching my feet and shouts at them. TMT start scolding Gupta and Master. Teeka ask Vibhu tell me how can I help you. Vibhu thinks when they are ready to give you service then why jot take it. Master ask Vibhu how can I help you. Vibhu ask him to get alcohol. Gupta ask what can I do. Vibhu ask him to grab snacks.

Manohar and Happu in police station. Happu having samosa and Manohar typing an application to commissioner asked by Happu. Happu says your loving Manohar is not working with attention. Manohar apologies and says it won’t happen again sir and tells the story what happen.

Happu ask what are you trying to say. Happu says by mistake I shared Vibhu’s envelope because envelope given by you and Vibhu both were white. Happu says then why didn’t you checked first. Manohar says I was busy with few cases. Happu shouts should I check CCTV. Manohar says I’m sorry please give me one more chance I’ll ask all news channel to tell that Vibhu is not Goli Mishra.

A news reporter says on TV whole media is going on strike for misbehaving with a reporter. Manohar says I have a small matter can you solve. Anchor ask what is the matter. Manohar says by mistake an innocent guy photo was printed in an article of serial killer. Anchor says this is jot my problem it’s yours and mocks Manohar and Happu.

Happu shouts why are you bringing me in between. Anchor says your constable is saying. Happu try to explain him and tells police and media work together and they both start arguing about Jagatpal case. Manohar says first we should solve photo matter and ask Anchor to show the news about Vibhu then go to strike. Anchor mocks him.


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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
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