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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2021 Vibhu and Prem in car, Vibhu driving, Prem asks how is my new car, Vibhu says its so good, how much did it cost, Prem says 10,000. Vibhu asks how come, Prem says the guy who bought this car, I had loaned his dad money and he forgot and so he had to give me this 10 lakhs car, Prem tells Vibhu he has a job of match making for him, Anu calls Vibhu and says she isn’t finding slip for the saree she gave for dry cleaning, she checked everywhere, Anu says it must be in your pocket, Vibhu says its not there, while doing so, Vibhu meets with an accident.
Vibhu visits Angoori next day, Angoori asks how are you injured, Vibhu thinks of lying and says I save a girl, she was being troubled by few boys and in argument and fighting I got hurt, Angoori says you did such good job, very good, Angoori tells Vibhu she is writing Banna song, and when she was kid she was called in marriages to sing, Angoori says bye now its breakfast time. Prem walks to Vibhu and scolds him, and says yesterdays accident has brought lot of problems, the goon you met with accident has sued you for 3 lakhs.
Anu reads accident news in newspaper and reads Vibhu being called unemployed, Tiwari walks in, Anu says good you came, I was so tensed and bored I wanted to do something different from my grooming classes, Tiwari says I had same thoughts, Tiwari says if you have any new business ideas let me know we will become business partners.
TMT at tea stall, Teeka asks how long does it take for Gupta to come from Bavrale, Tilu says he is a small guy takes time, Gupta walks to them, Tilu says look he is here with hope of our marriage, Gupta says sorry all denied to marry you, and one girl burnt Teekas photo, Teeka feels bad, Gupta says look god gave face its not your fault, so don’t feel bad, god will help you out, Malkan says thanks for making us realise we have bad faces. Gupta says god will help you don’t be sad, I have work in clinic bye. Teeka starts crying. Vibhu walks to them and says who says you cant be married, Tilu says Gupta, Vibhu says I will arrange your wedding, this is my motto to arrange weddings for people who are not accepted by society, come to my office tomorrow, Teeka asks where is your office, Vibhu says I must say you really have bad face, don’t cry, specially Teeka you look more bad.
Angoori singing songs in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori says I dreamt about you last night, Vibhu says it’s like a dream to me, what did you see, Angoori says I saw you are running from bog scandal and people are behind you and you hide in my kitchen, Vibhu says why do you think so bad, anyways I am into matrimonial business, Angoori says so nice, Vibhu says you will sing in weddings I arrange, Angoori says but Tiwari, Vibhu says I will pay you lakhs and Tiwari will agree for sure, Angoori says done let me inform Amaji and leaves. Saxena walks to Vibhu and hears Vibhu saying sorry im helpless, Vibhu says to Saxena I need a favour from you, work as I say and shocks as you say, Saxena agrees.
Vibhu walks to Anu in bedroom, Anu says sorry finally you are home from timepass, Vibhu says I am in good mood lets cut it out, I have started new business of matrimonial, so the guy has to give 1 lakh advance, Anu asks from where will you arrange girls, Vibhu says when guys will come so will girls and girls I will send to you and you can groom them and earn, Anu says this is interesting idea, Vibhu says just because you see profit, Anu says there is brownie in fridge, Vibhu says its mine, Anu says not anymore bye.
Vibhu gets a call from gangster and he says I will beat you to death in front of your wife the same way you hit my car, Vibhu remembers Prems warning, Vibhu apologise, gangster doesn’t listen and says my father is this cities biggest don and so pay 3 lakhs or else you know what will happen. Vibhu gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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